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Personal Blog
  • Our BLOG is a public application. It is open to the public and each blog essay has an unique URL for search engines. Each member will have their own blog.
  • The blog also has a visibility setting which is located on the [Blog Editor] page.
  • To add a blog, go to [blog editor] page. Select categories and give it a subject, then click "Add" button. It will show up a HTML/Text Editor for you. Then, you can work on your content.

  • The blog editor has an image uploading function. The uploaded image size can be ajusted on HTML mode if you know how to do it. For Example: An image on HTML mode will be like this below.
    <img id="02knkmB+9wA=" style="width:80%; height:80%; "src="">

    All you need to do is to change the width and height. The percentage number is from 1 to 100.
  • You will be rewarded with "Rewarded Points" for each blog you have published.
  • After you finished your blog essay, you could choose to publish it or archive it on your private folder if you do not have enough time to complete your blog. The default mode of blog article is public.
  • When you are writing a blog, you should oftenly save your work to avoid the loss of work. Our internet Blog Application has a time-out for security reason.
  • A blog article has a MAX word limitation. It is limited to 100000 words. See "HTML/TEXT Editor" section for details.

Open Blogs
  • When you set your blog to be "public", your public blog will be shown up on two places: your profile and the open blog application.
  • Each article of your blog is attached by an unique URL so it can be searched by users and the internet search engines. Your knowledge may help others.
  • If you already signed in, you can access it now with this link. Access [Bolg Editor] Application Now
  • This is for the public access. Access [Open Bolg] Application Now

Importing Third Party Content Or URL Link To Your Blog
  • Sometimes, you would like to share an article with friends which is outside WUSIT network. In that case, the "Blog Sharing Tool" can help you out that it imports the article to WUSIT blog application. If are a programmer, read the [Developer] page for more instructions.
  • You can always post your question on our Forum. Many people would like to help you out.