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Why do we need a Local Job Network?
Most people likely are preferring to work in nearby cities because we would like to spend less hours in commute. Some local businesses also like to hire localers because localers are more fimiliars with their businesses than others. To hire a localer for business is likely benificial to both parties. If you do not want to spend too much time on the job searching though an unboudary way then our job network would be one of your best choices. We may have a suitable local job for you at any time so why you are still looking around? Join us now, why not?

Job Network (For Job Seekers)
The Job Network has two major components: The [Job Account] for Job Seekers and the Recruitment Application for recruiters who has the [Biz/Org Account] because two networks are linked. For recruiters, you only need a Biz/Org Account. The [Job Account] is for local job seekers. There are several key elements on Job Network: Job Account, Profile, Resume, Job Alert, Job Application, Job sharing tool and job network linking. You can apply for it after you register a primary member account. It would take less than 5 minutes.

Job Account
A Job Account is similar to a social network account. It has all basic social network functions plus job related applications. It was designed for the connections of co-workers, job agents and recruiters. A job account has user info, friend connection, follow, like, activity, blog, forum, local events and other sharing applications. With a Job Account, your friends can be seperated into two groups: Social Network and Job Network. In that way, your connections are more organized.

Job User Profile
A Job User Profile is the primary page of a job account. It allows user to communicate others in a media that everyone can share their ideas and expectations with others in a trusted platform. There is a Job List on Job Profile page. When a preferred city is selected, all curent availible jobs on that city will be shown up on user's profile. That makes things easier.

When you are applying for jobs on our job network, your resume will be auto submited to recruiters. You do not need to do anything except your need to make up a resume on [Resume] page before you go to apply for a job.

Job Management Tool
The job account has a Job Management Tool that shows your applied job history, job alerts and resume. You will have a clear idea on the job application process.
The Job Alert Tool allows you to receive your preferred jobs that you have been defined on the alerts. It will auto send you the new job messages when the jobs are matching your defined cetegory.

Job Application
All posted jobs by recruiters will be displyed on this application. You will be able to search and apply for jobs through this media. When you are applying for a job, your resume will be auto submited to recruiter by our program. The recruiter will receive an alert when the applicant applys for the job.

Job Sharing
We provide a job sharing tool to everyone so outsiders can share their jobs to our job network from their sources. You may need a password to import a job. Note: This task required a IT guy to impletment the codes.

Linking to Businesses Network
When the business users post their jobs on their profiles, all the posted jobs will be auto imported to our Job Network. Job account users will be able to see them on their Job Profile when their living cities are matching the job locations.

Easy-Use Interface

Wusit netowork has the most convenience interface design for the Job Account. The major navigation links are located on the DIRECTORY page. Users can always click on Directory icon and go back to where they come from. You should not get confused on your job exploring.

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