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Profile Visibility

User Info Visibility Setting
  • Your public profile is including your personal information. Please remember to fill it out so your friends can identify you easily when they are searching for you.
  • Your public Profile Visibility setting is on the [Profile Visibility] page. Profile Visibility setting decides what personal info you will share with your friends.
  • To set Personal Info visibility, press the green button on [Profile Visibility] page button to display the info you want to show. If you do not want it to be visible to public then press the button to make it private. If you set it to "public" then everyone can see it.
  • By default setting, your profile personal info are on "private" status.
  • If you already signed in, click here - Go To [Profile Editor] Page Now

Activity Visibility Setting
  • Your activities are located on the [Public Profile] page. It has its visibility setting too.
  • You can decide which activity to be visible to the different group of people . Click on the dropdown list on the right top corner and select viewer's group. This visibility is divided into five groups: self, family, friends, wusit members and public.
  • For instance, if you select the "public" group, then the whole world can see your activities and photos.
  • If you select the "members" group, then the wusit members, friends, family can see activities and your photos.
  • If you select the "friends" group, then friends, family can see your activities and photos.
  • If you select the "family" group, then family and yourself can see your activities and photos.
  • If you select the "self(private)" group, then only you can see your activities and photos.

  • In addition, the activity photos has the visibility setting too. You can show and hide any photo on an activity. This function is located on [Activity Edit] page.

Resume Visibility Setting
  • [Resume] Page has its own Visibility setting. It can be set to [all WUSIT members] or [private]. Private means it is visible to yourself only.
  • However, when you are applying for a job on our website. Your resume will be auto displayed to recruiter but it will not be displayed to other members. After 60 days, your resume will be hidden again from recruiter.
  • You can change resume Visibility on [Job Editor] page.

Followers and Friends Activities Visibility Settings
  • [Friends Activities] page is set to visible to "All Wusit Users" by system so it can not be changed. [Followers] page is set to visible to "Public" by system. It can not be changed.
  • For Biz/Org Account visibility, it is same as Member Account setting as we descripted above.