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Open Forum - Questions & Answers
  • Froum and Blog applications are open to the public. Every members can post their topics in Forum. You will have a forum Management Tool to manage your questions.
  • Each Forum thread/topic/question is assigned with an unique URL so it can be searched by users and internet search engines.
  • To add a question on Forum is very similar to Blog Application. First select a category and then add a subject , then it will show you a HTML/Text Editor. Type in your content then press "save" button. You should oftenly save your content during your editing. Our application has a time-out protection. The Editor will be staying on same page when yuo are saving yuor cotnent.
  • Note: In case of time-out, the program will ask you to re-login. You type in the password on the green bar and then contunue your editing. Please do not refresh your page. Refreshing will lose your unsaved works.
  • We are a communication network. We encourage everyone to post their questions or answer other's questions in the Forums. Keep it in mind, your knowledge and experience may help other peoples.

  • How do you mark a correct answer?
    When someone answers your question correctly, please mark it as a correct answer. It helps others to find the answer quickly. How to do that?
    Step 1. The correct answer is a green tick which is located on the "REPLY" block, click on it. It will show you a page that you can set a correc answer.
    Step 2. Check the checkbox to make it a correct answer.After an answer is marked as a correct answer, a green tick sign will be shown up on the right top corner.
  • You will get "Rewards Points" for your answsers and questions.
Open Forum - Discussion Rules
  • We do have FORUM rules for users to follow.
  • 1. Please do not harass, abuse or harm another user, including sending or posting unwelcomed messages and content to others.
  • 2. Please do not act dishonestly by posting inappropriate, illegal content.
  • See our terms of services for more details.