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Account Upgrading Policy
  • The 'Social Network Account' is the Primary Account on WUSIT Communication Network.
  • The "Job Account" is a basic account for people who wants a job related functions.
  • The "Biz/Org Account" is a basic account for people who wants a business related services.
  • When you earn enough Rewards Points from your web activities, you can use them for upgrading your account. It is free of charge and it is only upgradable with "Rewards Points". WUSIT provides several types of accounts for members. Each account type has different tools and applications. Those tools are designed for the specific uses. For example, the "Social Network Account" has all social networking tools for communication; the "Biz/Org Account" is given the job recruitment tool for job publishment and submission. A "Job Account" has the Job Searching Tool, resume and job applying tools.
  • Note: Your rewards points will NOT be deducted on upgrading. You can keep your points and accumulate them to the next account upgrading.
  • Everyone can get at least one free Biz/Org Account for business use. Each account has one profile so each profile holds one business.
  • The upgrading is reversible. You can always go back to your original account type if you do not like your upgraded account. It can be changed on the same place on the [Settings] page.
  • You can switch "back and forth" to any account type that you are eligible to so it means you will not lose previous account during the switchings.