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How Does a Local Biz/Org Network work?
In WUSIT, the Local Biz/Org Network is connecting to Social and Job networks. In that way, everyone will be benificial from the communications and contributions. The biz/org will have a wider vision on their activities and plans. Our platform empowers the local businesses/org to reach out local potential audiences in an effective way beyond the physical barriers. The network is designed to present every business/org/group/school to the front tier of the local community.

A Biz/Org Network
There are several key elements on the Biz/Org Network: Account, Profile, Followers, Customer Feedbacks, Recruitment Tool, Promotions and Local Events. You can add an Biz/org account using your "Primary Member Account". It takes less than 5 minutes.

Biz/Org Account
A Biz/Org/School Account is similar to the 'Primary Member Account'. It has all basic social network functions plus business related applications. With a Biz/Org account, you can post jobs, adv, events and promotions on our networks.

Note: Non-Commercial Entities are including organizations, schools, governments, churches, charities and ETC.

Biz/Org Profile
A Profile is key element of the Biz/Org account. It is served as a media that a Biz/Org can disclose its ideas and expectations to potential local audiences. In here, the local users who are interested on your services will be able to follow your Biz/Org. They also can connect with your Biz/Org through our connections.

Biz/Org Promotions
You can promote your services/products by putting those info on your profile. Our program will auto import all your stuffs to local social network.

Anyone who interests on your services, jobs, events and products, they can follow you by using "Follow" tool. Your shared information will be auto shown up on "Local Promotions" tag on followers' profiles.


The Job recruitment tool is specific designed for Biz/Org use. It is a key element of a Biz/Org Network. When your job location is matched the user's preferred city, the local job seekers will be able to see your posted jobs on their profiles.

Local Advert
Your Biz/Org may need an adv service. The adv application is a part of promotion network.

Local Events
Your Biz/Org may hold an event sometimes. Our event application will auto grab your events and post them to the local network so you might have more expected audiences.

Customer Feedback
A sucessful Biz/Org/Group needs feedbacks. You will learn more about your business from customers' feedbacks. From there, you will know how to improve your services and products.

Easy-Use Interface
Wusit network has the most convenience interface design. The navigation links are all located on the DIRECTORY page. Users can always click on Directory icon and go back to where they come from. You would not get confused on your navigation.

How To Get A Biz/Org Account

To apply for a Biz/Org Account is very easy. You just need your Biz/Org name. You will be able to add more info later on. It takes less than 5 minutes.

See The Demo Biz/Org Profile Here

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Note: The Biz/Org Account share same login credential with your Primary Member Account (Social Network Account) so you do not need a password to sign in. Please see [HELP] page for more details.