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Profile - Social Network

Profile Interface
  • Your "Primary Member Account" has a public profile page. That means it is a page that can be viewed by everyone. It is served as a media that you are communicating with your friends and others.
  • Profile page is divided into two parts: your personal information on top and your social network info on bottom.
  • Your personal information includes your facial photo, name, birthday, city, website url and about you. For visibility setting on your personal info please read the "Profile Visibility" section.

    Be aware: You must setup a preferred social city in order to get a better service and to connect to other networks!
  • In addition, there are several buttons on this part. The "Edit Profile" button is clickable for profile editor. The "message" icon on the page shows you the total messages that you have in your message box. A friend can send you a message when this icon is being clicked.
  • The social network includes these applications: activity, blog, friend list, friend activities, for sale, local advertisement, local event, local promotion and so on. They are grouped into one profile. They could be shown or hidden depending on user's account types.
  • If you already signed in, click here - Go To [Profile Editor] Page Now

Profile Editor - Personal Info
  • To edit your personal information, click the green "Edit" button on your [Profile] page. It redirects you to the "Profile Editor" page.
  • When you are on the editor page, fill out compulsory info and select NEXT button to setup the visibility of your info. Please fill out your info clearly so your friends will know it is your profile and they could be easier to find you on SEARCH.
  • For the Visibility Setting, please read the "Profile Visibility" section.

Profile Editor - Social Network Info
  • The social network info are activity, blog, friend list, friend activities, for sale, local advertisement, local event, local promotion and so on. For a member type account, a few of these applications have their own editors. Most of them are just for displaying prupose. They are not editable.
  • The activity, blog, for sale have their own editors in member account. The local advertisement, local event, local promotion are managed by the Biz/Org Account users so you do not need to worry about them.
  • To add an activity, click on the camera icon, it will drop down a date of your activity. You need to select a date to continue. Then, type in your activity info on the content box then save it. That is it. You has created a activity.

  • The activity page has a photo uploading function. This tool allows you to upload photos to your activity. To access this tool, click on the red camera icon. It will open an uploading page for you. Select a photo to upload or modify your activity content.

  • The Activity Photo has its visibility. Uncheck the checkbox next to a photo to hide it or check the photo to show it on activity page. After you have done your work, click "save" and "done" buton to complete the work.

  • Blog editor instruction is on the [Blog Application] section.
  • For-Sale editor is very similar to the blog editor. Click "Add a New Sale" button on the "For Sale" icon on [Profile] page, it will open "For Sale" page for you. Type in subject and then press "Add" button. It will show up a TEXT editor. Complete your remaining work and then save. Now, go back to your [Profile] page. Open the "For Sale" tag you will see your just added "For Sale" item.