Our safety, our liberty, depends upon preserving the Constitution of the United States as our fathers made it inviolate.
The people of the United States are the rightful masters of both Congress and the courts,
not to overthrow the Constitution, but to overthrow the men who pervert the Constitution.
― Abraham Lincoln

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# 1
Media & News

Freedom Breaking News Alert ( 10/18/2020 )

Joe Biden has always claimed that he never spoke to his son about his overseas business and deals! However, a smoking-gun email found in a Macbook reveals a detail on how Hunter Biden introduced Ukrainian businessman to VP dad in May 2014. This disclosure was reported by New York Post today!

 A Delaware computer repairman received three broken Apple Macbook laptops in 2019. But, no one picked them up after 90 days so it auto became the property of store by the agreement! The shop owner found some emails and files in the hard disk later on and he believed they are criminal related materials so he sent the hard disk to FBI. But, at same time, for personal security consideration, he made two copies for backup use. After several months, he did not hear anything back from FBI so he decided to send one copy to former New York mayor Giuliani. The other copy was sent to New York Post. 

 In one of the emails that was sent from Vadym Pozharskyi, an adviser to the board of Burisma, to hunter, it reads, “Dear Hunter, thank you for inviting me to DC and giving an opportunity to meet your father and spent some time together. It’s really an honor and pleasure...” The email was dated on April, 2015.

Eight months later, during a trip to Kiev on 12/7/2015, after VP Biden met Mr Pozharski, he admittedly pressured Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko to get rid of Prosecutor Viktor Shokin who was investigating the corruption of the company, by threatening to withhold one billion US loan guarantee.

It proves that VP Joe Biden has been lying to Americans about his involvement in his son’s businesses in Ukraine and also likely in China! This release will have serious impact on Presidential Election!  

# 2
IT & Computer

Terry Cohen ( 10/15/2020 )

The files (source codes) are downloaded from the other users, they may be "locked" when you try to open it because by default MS Windows considers the files can not be trusted. The simplest solution is to right-click the file in Windows Explorer, select Properties, and along the bottom of the dialog, you should see an "Unblock" option. Remember to click OK to accept the change.
# 3

Stefan SZE ( 10/05/2020 )

# 4
Society & Culture

Sussie Wojcicki ( 09/12/2020 )

9/11/2001 - 9/11/2020
# 5
General Life and Style

Terry Cohen ( 09/03/2020 )

# 6
Politics & Government

US observation Org ( 07/31/2020 )

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo gave a July 23 speech on U.S. & China relations at the Nixon Library. He said the free world must change China or “China will change us.” 

Any Comments?
# 7

Stefan SZE ( 07/13/2020 )

All MMORPG has a big problem. It requests players to spend tons times on the leveling. That is the reason I never play those games. 
# 8

Andrew Lin ( 07/13/2020 )

Our Asian Americans are Americans and we are not foreigners! We are American citizens and we are loyal to our country America! The most important thing is we are standing for democracy and freedom! Most Asian Americans are born in here and they are not from overseas! 
# 9
IT & Computer

WUSIT LLC ( 07/08/2020 )

1. One improvement on version V4.6 is to block the Spam Registration on our website. We have discovered this issue long time ago but we did not pay attention to it until recently we found out that they could use our Registration System to send out the Junk emails.

According to our records, a spam company in UK (with IP 196.52.84.xxx and 89.238.154.xxx) are abusing our Registration page by using a HTML auto submission technique to send out the JUNK EMAILS through our email server. Although it is only several emails every three days, we just still do not like it.

As a result, we blocked it all. From now now, our program will monitor the junk Registration and Contact Us and it will block all suspicious accesses.

2. To protect our members, we have also changed the Privacy Policy. If the user is located in a non-democracy country or we believe that the user could be prosecuted by the political reason, we may refuse to release any info to the request of the government.
# 10

John Adler ( 07/01/2020 )

Motion Picture Academy Invites 819 New Members, but three quotas that have been given to thee Chinese Mainland actors are now in controversial! 

Jing Wu(吳京) , the actor of movie “Wolf Warrior”, is believed that he is playing a role as representative of the propaganda of CCP and PLA! The movie Wolf Warriors series are definitely considered as a propaganda of Chinese Liberation Army (PLA) which has a long list of human rights abuse history! For instance, PLA was anticipating  the June 4th massacre in Beijing 31 years ago! 

The other two got the same problem as they are representing the soft power of Chinese Communist regime! 

What is the problem? Oscar puts these people on the voter list, it is an insult to the people who have been killed by PLA! It is a shame to human rights and humanity! 

# 11

Terry Cohen ( 06/22/2020 )

The Theodore Roosevelt statue will be removed from the front steps of the Museum of Natural History. 

My personal opinion: You can remove all slavery statues and history from everywhere but the problem is not resolved! We ca not remove history but we should learn from the history and do not repeat the same mistakes!

Removal of the statue is ok to me if you think it is a matter. But, will this action resolve the racism problem!? Or will it be the solution to the racism issue? 
# 12

International observation org ( 06/22/2020 )

# 13

Terrissa cooper ( 06/22/2020 )

It comes from a documentary that a Saudi man repeated a local saying: “My grandfather rode a camel. My father drove in a car. I fly in a jet. My son will ride a camel again”

The coronavirus makes it even worse! It is expected that the oil countries including Dubai will be deepening in the crisis soon. Be aware!
# 14
General Life and Style

Andrew Pelters ( 06/20/2020 )

We know it now that the high temperature has no any effects on coronavirus! It has been proved! 

That means it will not be gone by the end of summer! You guys take care yourselves! Stay alerted! 
# 15
IT & Computer

Stefan SZE ( 06/05/2020 )

There are several ways a real-time communication application or plugin might compromise security. For example: 

1. Unencrypted media or data might be intercepted between browsers, or between a browser and a server. 
2. An application might record and distribute video or audio without the user knowing. 
3. Malware or viruses might be installed alongside an apparently innocuous plugin or application. 

WebRTC has several features to avoid these problems: 

1. WebRTC implementations use secure protocols such as DTLS and SRTP. 

2. Encryption is mandatory for all WebRTC components, including signaling mechanisms. 

3. WebRTC is not a plugin: its components run in the browser sandbox and not in a separate process, components do not require separate installation, and are updated whenever the browser is updated. 

4. Camera and microphone access must be granted explicitly and, when the camera or microphone are running, this is clearly shown by the user interface.

If all these things are true, then WebRTC will be very handy!
# 16

Human rights obs org ( 06/02/2020 )

# 17
General Life and Style

Bobbie Copeland ( 05/31/2020 )

I just heard of that several shops got robbed by protesters in Philadelphia tonight and I was shocked! 

I am confused that what does a black dude who was killed in Minnesota have anything to do with the shops in Philly? Did the shops and the owners in philly kill the dude? No! They have nothing to do with this incident so why the protesters are robbing them? 

Give me a good reason please!
# 18
IT & Computer

Stefan SZE ( 04/25/2020 )

An error was detected on device \Device\CdRom1 during a paging operation. That is shown up on my Event Viewer and the Device is a LG blue ray external burner. The burner is able to read and write but it just generates many error messages in Event Viewer!

Can anyone help?
# 19
IT & Computer

Bill Carson ( 04/23/2020 )

Full format VS quick format.

As I know, the full format will erase all data and delete the content tables plus it will check the bad sectors in the disk. 
The quick format will delete files without checking the bad sectors. 

However, both of them still contain the data in the disk that it can be recovered by a recovery tool. 
Do we have a tool that can fully erase all data in a hard drive permanently ?
# 20
General Life and Style

Andrew Pelters ( 04/03/2020 )

It’s lethal rate is over 5% that is not a common virus’s character. 
# 21
Media & News

Freedom Breaking News Alert ( 03/13/2020 )

We really don’t know what is inside those people’s mind. What is wrong with you? People!

Are they going to wait for last minute to close the schools and put our kids in the life threatening situation? 

You can do the online video for teaching, can you?

# 22
Media & News

Freedom Breaking News Alert ( 03/13/2020 )

President of Brazil was suspected positive to Coronas Virus after one of his officer was tested positive this week. It is concerning that the virus may have been completely torturing the community of Brazil. When the infected numbers are rising, it is believed that the Brazilian medical system will be collapsed soon. That is the scary part of the virus outbreak! 

It is not a coincidence!  The wife of Justine Trudeau was tested positive yesterday after she was returning from UK with Trudeau and today both of them were immediately quarantined for 14 days. It was still unknown where they got infection from. 

In USA, it is believed that president Trump will declare the state of emergency today for the country. He has issued a temporary restriction on European Union that all citizens of EU are banned from entering USA for now except UK. 

Hollywood star Tom Hans was positive for coronavirus three days ago in Australia. He and his wife are both in quarantine now.
Ivanka Trump was meeting with an Australian government officer on last week and the officer was tested positive to corona virus yesterday. Outsiders are concerning her health. 

It is suggested that everyone must wear a face mask for meet up. It is not worthy to take a life risk in this situation, Is not it?
# 23
Media & News

Freedom Breaking News Alert ( 03/11/2020 )

It is already pandemic awhile ago but today WHO officially declares that the covid19 is on pandemic status. 
# 24
Media & News

Freedom Breaking News Alert ( 03/07/2020 )

Governor Cuomo just declared the state of emergency one hour ago due to the critical situation of covid 19 virus  pervasion.  Under state of emergency, it allows suspected infected persons to be tested more quickly and efficiently. 
# 25
Media & News

Freedom Breaking News Alert ( 03/07/2020 )

The virus outbreak of the world is coming soon, the gov should push out a regulation that everyone entering US must be quarantined for 14 days. This is one of the ways to stop the imported infected cases to domestic. 

The most harmful thing is that the covid19 outbreak will likely destroy the domestic medical system. Most local hospitals don’t have enough resources to take care the patiences. When it comes , the situation becomes even more critical. 

Domestic medical manufacturers must put the medical products in the highest priority production list. The 3M masks and so on should be produced now in domestic factories. Everyone should wear the mask because in some cases an infected  people just doesn’t have any sick syndromes. Please protect yourself and protect others!

Take it seriously now , no excuses for regressions.  

# 26
Media & News

Freedom Breaking News Alert ( 03/05/2020 )

In Asia, when all its surrounding countries are getting into the covid19 disaster, the Republic of China (RC-Taiwan) still remains a very small number of affected cases that is only 42. It is such an amazing sample to the world. How do they do it? It seems like the Taiwan Gov is probably the only one gov who has prepared for this disaster. It is probably the only country who has the situation under control so far. Keep going! ROC. Good Job to Taiwan. It is very impressive!

God Bless!
# 27
Media & News

International observation org ( 03/05/2020 )

God have gave three months to those countries to prepare for the Covid19 disaster but...most of them are totally ignoring the warning sign. Now it is time for they to pay for their negligence.

# 28
Media & News

International observation org ( 03/05/2020 )

In US, the death toll of infected has reached 11 and the number is likely going to increase for a certain period of time. Now, it is time for the gov/people to decide which thing is more important to them - money or life. Which one will they choose? The severity of disaster is depending on their choice. We will find out soon.
# 29
Media & News

International observation org ( 02/04/2020 )

The evidences which are collected from worldwide infected cases show us that the coronavirus was starting human-to-human transfer outside the PRC since last week. 

In Chicago, a husband was infected by his wife who was returning from PRC two weeks ago and it is the first human-to-human transfer case in USA. He was travelling to Ohio several days ago with no syndrome of infection until two days ago he got a fever. We do not know whom he was contacting during his trip to Ohio. A further investigation is still on going to trace down the contacted peoples. However, it is a hard job in this case and no one can guarantee its outcomes and consequences. 

In Hong Kong, an old man who was traveling from HK to Japan on a cruising trip was confirmed that he was infected by coronavirus after his returning. It was believed that he might not being infected in PRC but he was infected in Hong Kong local community.  We still do not know how many people could be infected in the cruise ship. 

In Canada, a Chinese oversea student who was returning from Wuhan PRC to Ontario last week was initially misdiagnosed by the local hospital as a non-infected person, but later she was tested positive by the national microbiology laboratory in Winnipeg. This story shows us that the coronavirus testing device has its limitation on accuracy. It may give us a wrong testing result and misleads us to believe that we are in a good safe shape but actually it leads us to the edge of cliff. 
More and more evidences show us that our current Medical Emergency Alert System was failing completely on this highly infectious disease. When we found out an infected case, it was already too late to stop the spreading.

A YouTube video token by a Wuhan resident named Fang Bin, shows a fact that eight to thirteen dead bodies were dropped in a van every two hours by a Wuhan local hospital. That gives us a clue that the death toll is almost 672 (8x12x7) per hospital since last week. There are 30 hospitals in Wuhan so what is the total number of death? The death toll is over 10 thousands. We have no official answer yet because someone is likely hiding the truth. However, it is believed that the total number of infected persons is close to 150 thousands. This figure is based on the infectious rate of returning citizens of worldwide countries including USA, Taiwan, German, France, Japan and South Korean. 

The death toll that was provided by PRC can not be trusted, they are not telling the truth as we all know the bad credit history of the Communist government of PRC. As a result, we can not count on their provided information and methods of resolution. We need to take some actions on our own. 

The outbreak is likely coming soon and we are forced to the edge of cliff, but are we ready yet? 

If we are not prepared seriously then we will(not could) fall off the cliff very likely!

# 30
Media & News

SKYMIN ( 02/01/2020 )

Congratulations to U.K. 

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