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How to Send a Message
  • Before you get hands on this service, you need to connect to at least one friend first. However, you still are able to receive messages from others.
  • To send a message to your friends, select a friend on the "Receivers" drop down list. After selected, the receiver will be auto displayed on "To Whom" list. You can continue to select second friend and so on if you want to send a message to several friends. Finish the subject and content then click "SEND" button.

  • This is not an email application. It is an internal text messaging tool for members's communication use.
  • Our servie alerts are sent to you through this application so it is a very handy communication tool on our networks. You may need to check it oftenly because you may get an important alert sometimes.
  • If you already signed in, click here - Go To Message App Now
  • Note: The program will auto alert your friends when you are doing some public activities. It would save a copy of message on your [Sent] folder after it sent out an alert. For instance, you have published or uploaded a photo, then the program would auto alert your friends about the uploaded photo.

Chat Room
  • It is a chat room application. It allows several people chating at same time like a net meeting.
  • To access "Chat Room", simplely click [Chat Room] icon live chat on the top of the menu bar. It will redirect you to the chatroom page. On the chat room menu, there is a " Add a Participant " selection. Select a friend you want to invite then it will auto send out an invitation message. Your friend will need to click on the "LINK" to join your chat room.
  • If you are invited by your friend to a chatroom, you will receive a same invitation message LINK on [Message] box. Click it to log on your friend's chatroom.
  • Your Chat Room may have a password protection setting. If it is locked with a password then everyone will need the password to join in. If you do not set up a password then your Chat Room is public.
  • If you already signed in, this function is located on Chat Room page

Live One-On-One Chat
  • It is a web chat application. It is designed for two persons chatting in One-On-One scenario.
  • To access "Live Chat", simplely click [live Chat] icon live chat on the top of the menu bar if your friend has sent you a chat message. Otherwise,
  • Go To your [Profile], on [Friend List] page, you will see a "Chat" Link on the top left corner of each of your friend's list.
  • Click on the "Live Chat" link, it will open the chat application.

Chat & Chat Room Messages Auto Clean Up
  • All Chat Messages that are older than six months will be auto deleted permanently. Please keep it in mind.
  • Chat Room messages are deleted within one month. It is depending on the program running time.
  • This clean up job does not apply to "Message Application". All messages in your Message Box will be kept unless you removed them by yourself.