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9/13/2021 Status: Active

All current cryptocurrencies are risky and unsecured. The issues are the poor of management, lack of supporting, technology limitation, equality, security supervision and complexity. Some people are using them for criminal purposes like money laundering! Stay away from the troubles so avoid them! 

1. Cryptocurrency has no real value! It has a value only when somebody are willing to pay a price for it. In that case, it is like an antique. It has not had a fixed value. But in real world an antique has a value because you can see it. It is a real artwork and has the ability to decorate a space that it occupies. Cryptocurrency doesn’t have these functions.

2. Cryptocurrency does not have a stability on price by any governments. Without stability, a currency does not work. Fiat money is managed by the government. Its central bank can go into the international monetary markets to perform “market operations", which is to buy or sell their national currencies in order to keep them stable. cryptocurrency s volatility makes it a terrible currency. If you know that you could lose up to 50% of investment after you purchase the cryptocurrency then you will not think it is a good investment! 

3. Cryptocurrency is an enemy of national currency. Will any country cancel its currency and just use cryptocurrency  which no one can control? The answer is no because this would be fatal to their monetary systems! Also, cryptocurrency will be less attractive when fiat money becomes fully digital.

4. No government will take its responsibility for the trading of cryptocurrency  There is no regulations for cryptocurrency . Anything happens in cryptocurrency trading that is not regulated by law! The consumer’s rights are not protected! 

5. Investing in cryptocurrency is not like the investment in technology company. cryptocurrency is not like a startup. You bought a tech company stock you will get return when the company grows up! But, cryptocurrency is a currency and it is not a technology company!

6. It has a software security issue. The cryptocurrency is created by a software! But, none of a software is perfect in this world! It must have a bug or a flaunt somewhere. If a hacker finds the security hole then the entire cryptocurrency technology will be in a disaster because investors will lose all their money within a second!

Region(s): 1. Chongqing (Chongqing, China, Mainland(中国大陆))   2. Shanghai (Shanghai, China, Mainland(中国大陆))   3. Chengdu (Sichuan, China, Mainland(中国大陆))   4. Hong Kong Island (Hong Kong (SAR), Hong Kong (中国香港))   5. Kowloon (Hong Kong (SAR), Hong Kong (中国香港))   6. New Territories (Hong Kong (SAR), Hong Kong (中国香港))   7. The Lantau Islands (Hong Kong (SAR), Hong Kong (中国香港))   8. Seoul (Seoul-teukbyeolsi, Korea, Republic of)   9. London (England, United Kingdom)   10. Alabama (New York, United States)   11. New York City (New York, United States)  
Death Toll: 0
Injured | Infected (Estimation): 635000

9/5/2021 Status: Active

Afghanistan crisis: it will be in serious conflict condition in future! Avoid to the area!

Region(s): 1. 'Alaqahdari-ye Kiran wa Munjan (Badakhshan, Afghanistan)   2. Kabul (Kabul, Afghanistan)   3. Paghman (Kabul, Afghanistan)  
Death Toll: 124
Injured | Infected (Estimation): 1000000

9/5/2021 Status: Active

9/1: The Duturte government announced a Enhance General Community Quarantine in the whole metro manila area due to serious delta outbreak! 

Region(s): 1. Caloocan (National Capital Region, Philippines(菲律宾))   2. Makati (National Capital Region, Philippines(菲律宾))   3. Mandaluyong City (National Capital Region, Philippines(菲律宾))   4. Manila (National Capital Region, Philippines(菲律宾))   5. Marikina (National Capital Region, Philippines(菲律宾))   6. Muntinlupa (National Capital Region, Philippines(菲律宾))   7. Niugan (National Capital Region, Philippines(菲律宾))   8. Paranaque (National Capital Region, Philippines(菲律宾))   9. Pasay (National Capital Region, Philippines(菲律宾))   10. Pasig (National Capital Region, Philippines(菲律宾))   11. Quezon City (National Capital Region, Philippines(菲律宾))   12. Tanza (National Capital Region, Philippines(菲律宾))   13. Bungoy (Quezon, Philippines(菲律宾))   14. Lopez (Quezon, Philippines(菲律宾))   15. Lucban (Quezon, Philippines(菲律宾))   16. Lucena (Quezon, Philippines(菲律宾))   17. Sariaya (Quezon, Philippines(菲律宾))  
Death Toll: 200
Injured | Infected (Estimation): 20000

9/5/2021 Status: Inactive

Roadways are flooding. Downed trees, broken power and damaged houses are everywhere. Tornados touched down in New Jersey and PA. Thousands houses still lose power!

Region(s): 1. Blairstown (New Jersey, United States)   2. New Brunswick (New Jersey, United States)   3. Hamilton (New Jersey, United States)   4. Milford (New Jersey, United States)   5. Hopewell (New Jersey, United States)   6. North Wildwood (New Jersey, United States)   7. Clinton (New Jersey, United States)   8. Hillsborough (New Jersey, United States)   9. Passaic (New Jersey, United States)   10. Toms River (New Jersey, United States)   11. Morris Plains (New Jersey, United States)   12. Morristown (New Jersey, United States)   13. Elizabeth (New Jersey, United States)   14. Salem (New Jersey, United States)   15. Bridgewater (New Jersey, United States)   16. Clifton (New Jersey, United States)   17. Brooklyn (New York, United States)   18. Flushing (New York, United States)   19. New York City (New York, United States)   20. Clifton Park (New York, United States)   21. Clifton Springs (New York, United States)   22. Clinton (New York, United States)   23. Bensalem (Pennsylvania, United States)   24. Bethlehem (Pennsylvania, United States)   25. Blue Bell (Pennsylvania, United States)   26. Bristol (Pennsylvania, United States)   27. Bryn Mawr (Pennsylvania, United States)   28. Buckingham (Pennsylvania, United States)   29. Warminster (Pennsylvania, United States)   30. Warrington (Pennsylvania, United States)   31. Washington Crossing (Pennsylvania, United States)   32. Wayne (Pennsylvania, United States)   33. West Chester (Pennsylvania, United States)   34. Yardley (Pennsylvania, United States)   35. Mansfield (Pennsylvania, United States)   36. New Hope (Pennsylvania, United States)   37. Newtown (Pennsylvania, United States)   38. Philadelphia (Pennsylvania, United States)   39. Richboro (Pennsylvania, United States)   40. Summerdale (Pennsylvania, United States)   41. Chester (Pennsylvania, United States)   42. Croydon (Pennsylvania, United States)   43. Downingtown (Pennsylvania, United States)   44. Fairless Hills (Pennsylvania, United States)   45. Jenkintown (Pennsylvania, United States)   46. Mammoth (Pennsylvania, United States)  
Death Toll: 16
Injured | Infected (Estimation): 2550000

6/16/2021 Status: Active

An increase in radiation levels was detected in Taishan's Unit 1 reactor. The increase was caused by damage to the cladding of a small number of fuel rods. Fuel rods are sealed metal tubes which hold nuclear materials used to fuel the nuclear reactor.

There are 60,000 fuel rods in the reactor and the damaged ones are accounted for less than 0.01 percent. However, it really depends on what part of damage it occurs! 

The fuel-rod damage during the operation of nuclear power plants is unavoidable but the plant will need to shut down and proceed a repair on a certain period of time! 

If it has not been fully repaired then the situation will be getting worse! To be safe, stay away from the region! 

Region(s): 1. Taishan (Guangdong, China, Mainland(中国大陆))  
Death Toll: 0
Injured | Infected (Estimation): 100

6/4/2021 Status: Active

By our observation, a serious health issue is needed to be addressed for millions houses! 

In North America, almost all houses are insulated with fiberglass but the ductworks are not sealed in millions houses that may cause a serious health issue! 

Many builders are using the room between two poles of the wall as a returning air duct, it may cause a lung cancer because ducts suck insulation fiberglass dusts into the house every day! 

Think about it, the air filter can not block these tiny dusts so you are breathing these harmful dusts every time when the fan is turned on. 

When time passes by, like 10 or 20 years, people may have a risk for a lung cancer! 

Death Toll: 0
Injured | Infected (Estimation): 0

5/19/2021 Status: Active

(India) Just one month in April,  the number of confirmed cases of the new variant of coronavirus in India approached 20 million, and the death toll was extended by nearly 250,000. Since the end of March alone, the number of confirmed cases has surged by 8 million.

The Indian situation is very serious.

Region(s): 1. Guntur (Andhra Pradesh, India)   2. Chipurupalle (Andhra Pradesh, India)   3. Delhi (Delhi, India)   4. New Delhi (Delhi, India)   5. Bangalore (Karnataka, India)   6. Mysore (Karnataka, India)   7. Ernakulam (Kerala, India)   8. Thiruvananthapuram (Kerala, India)   9. Kodungallur (Kerala, India)   10. Malappuram (Kerala, India)   11. Mumbai (Maharashtra, India)   12. Pune (Maharashtra, India)   13. Telhara (Maharashtra, India)   14. Nagpur (Maharashtra, India)   15. Solapur (Maharashtra, India)   16. Chennai (Tamil Nadu, India)   17. Chengalpattu (Tamil Nadu, India)   18. Coimbatore (Tamil Nadu, India)   19. Thiruvaiyaru (Tamil Nadu, India)   20. Thiruvarur (Tamil Nadu, India)   21. Kanpur (Uttar Pradesh, India)   22. Lucknow (Uttar Pradesh, India)  
Death Toll: 111500
Injured | Infected (Estimation): 7853000

5/19/2021 Status: Inactive

(Gaza) Gaza health ministry: At least 227 people in Gaza have been killed, including 64 children.

1,620 have been wounded as of Wednesday afternoon. 

Avoid travel to these Middle East regions: Gaza, Israel, Egypt, Iraq and Iran! 

Region(s): 1. Dayr al Balah (Gaza, Palestinian Territory)   2. Gaza (Gaza, Palestinian Territory)   3. Rafah (Gaza, Palestinian Territory)  
Death Toll: 306
Injured | Infected (Estimation): 1535

12/25/2020 Status: Inactive

 Anthony Warner is responsible for the Christmas Day bombing in Nashville Tennessee.

Region(s): 1. Nashville (Tennessee, United States)  
Death Toll: 1
Injured | Infected (Estimation): 0

12/23/2020 Status: Active

12/23/2020: Colorado’s state lab confirmed the presence of the new strain in Elbert County after a man tested positive for the B.1.1.7 variant. The patient, who has no history of traveling, will remain in isolation until he’s medically cleared.

Region(s): 1. Elbert (Colorado, United States)  
Death Toll: 5
Injured | Infected (Estimation): 1000

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