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7/8/2020 Status: Active

Anyone in mainland China including foreigners could be prosecuted by Xi’s government if they are criticizing Xi , the CCP government and the country! 

Stay away from Mainland China if you believe that freedom of speech and democracy are basic human rights!  

Region(s): 1. Beijing (Beijing, China, Mainland(中国大陆))  
Death Toll: 0
Injured | Infected (Estimation): 2

7/7/2020 Status: Active

The CCP and the Hong Kong government just implemented the new National Security Law in Hong Kong on July 1st! Under the new law, anyone including foreigners who are criticizing the CCP or the Hong Kong government will be treated as a threat to the security of Communist China! Offenders could be likely prosecuted without a juridical review!

Do not travel to Hong Kong and Communist Mainland China if you believe the freedom of speech and democracy! If you really need to be there, you should avoid talking anything about politics! 

Ten locals have been arrested and prosecuted by the new law!

Region(s): 1. Hong Kong Island (Hong Kong (SAR), Hong Kong (中国香港))   2. Kowloon (Hong Kong (SAR), Hong Kong (中国香港))   3. New Territories (Hong Kong (SAR), Hong Kong (中国香港))   4. The Lantau Islands (Hong Kong (SAR), Hong Kong (中国香港))  
Death Toll: 0
Injured | Infected (Estimation): 10

6/3/2020 Status: Inactive

Unmasked protesters are gathering in the small streets and with too close social distances will be causing a “worst than ever” virus spreading among the crowd. 

It is expected that In the following weeks the infected rate will be dramatically higher than before! 

Wearing the face mask and avoid the crowd please! 

Region(s): 1. Los Angeles (California, United States)   2. San Francisco (California, United States)   3. Washington (District of Columbia, United States)   4. Miami Beach (Florida, United States)   5. Orlando (Florida, United States)   6. Chicago (Illinois, United States)   7. Baltimore (Maryland, United States)   8. New York City (New York, United States)   9. Philadelphia (Pennsylvania, United States)   10. Virginia Beach (Virginia, United States)  
Death Toll: 0
Injured | Infected (Estimation): 5700

5/28/2020 Status: Inactive

5/30. Protesting are turning into looting in several major cities. It does not help to find the righteous. 

5/26. George Floyd, Houston Native, 46, was accidently killed on Monday while he was being arrested. Floyd's death quickly sparked outrage and led to protests across the city.

Region(s): 1. Minneapolis (Minnesota, United States)  
Death Toll: 1
Injured | Infected (Estimation): 20

5/6/2020 Status: Active

The Three Gorges Dam in Hubei province is observed recently that its tremendous straight line body has been twisted by hydraulic force into a “S” shape. Our evaluation report shows that it is likely to be collapsed sooner or later and the disaster will be turned into a reality just a matter of time.  Avoid traveling to that area!

The Humen Bridge in Guandong China was reported that it appeared an obvious vibration phenomenon during this week and it is believed that it was constructed under a poor quality control. The vibration implies an early sign of collapse of the bridge! Avoid traveling to the bridge!

From the observation of evidences, we are believing that many constructions like bridges and dams have structural  defeat issues in Mainland China. Be aware! 

Region(s): 1. Guangzhou (Guangdong, China, Mainland(中国大陆))   2. Humen (Guangdong, China, Mainland(中国大陆))   3. Yichang (Hubei, China, Mainland(中国大陆))   4. Wuhan (Hubei, China, Mainland(中国大陆))  
Death Toll: 0
Injured | Infected (Estimation): 0

5/1/2020 Status: Active

7/1/2020: 25780 infected cases. 

5/1/2020: 9001 cases.

Region(s): 1. Birmingham (England, United Kingdom)   2. West Bromwich (England, United Kingdom)   3. Wolverhampton (England, United Kingdom)   4. Dudley (England, United Kingdom)  
Death Toll: 1183
Injured | Infected (Estimation): 25100

4/20/2020 Status: Inactive

4/22. It was reported that 22 people were slayed in the rampage. 

4/20.  A dentist pretending as a policeman randomly shot 18 peoples to dead along Highway102 in Nova Scotia Canada.  It was believed that the suspect is named (Mr Workman). According to latest news, he was took down by RCMP in Enfield this morning when he was driving a police car with number “28B11”. 

Region(s): 1. Truro (Nova Scotia, Canada)   2. Shubenacadie (Nova Scotia, Canada)   3. Stewiacke (Nova Scotia, Canada)  
Death Toll: 22
Injured | Infected (Estimation): 0

4/3/2020 Status: Active

Northampton county PA covid19 alert


466 reported
10 dead

Region(s): 1. Bethlehem (Pennsylvania, United States)   2. Easton (Pennsylvania, United States)  
Death Toll: 10
Injured | Infected (Estimation): 466

4/3/2020 Status: Active

Allegheny county PA covid19 alert

2 dead

Region(s): 1. Philipsburg (Pennsylvania, United States)  
Death Toll: 2
Injured | Infected (Estimation): 477

4/3/2020 Status: Active

Luzerne county PA covid19 alert

484 reported
5 dead

Region(s): 1. Wilkes-Barre (Pennsylvania, United States)   2. Hazleton (Pennsylvania, United States)  
Death Toll: 5
Injured | Infected (Estimation): 484

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