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Date ReleasedApplicationsVersionsVersion Descriptions
12-12-2022WUSIT.COM Websitev4.6.2blog and forum
03-25-2022WUSIT.COM Websitev4.6.1blog and layout
06-30-2020WUSIT.COM Websitev4.6Improvements
05-31-2020WUSIT.COM Websitev4.5Improvements
04-25-2020WUSIT.COM Websitev4.4Enh - interface
04-14-2020WUSIT.COM Websitev4.3Enhancement: directory
03-30-2020WUSIT.COM Websitev4.2New Applications: Safety Alert (add tracking function for Convid19 Virus) and Hong Kong Version. Improvement: Free Adv , Promotion, Chatroom and son on
06-04-2019WUSIT.COM Websitev4.1.1 - betaEnhancement, API Disabled, DB, Registration Stored Procedures
02-16-2019WUSIT.COM Websitev4.1 - betaNew Development
07-31-2018WUSIT.COM Websitev4.0.2New Development - part2; Compatibility with IOS, Android, Windows: Browsers tested with Safari, IE, Edge, FireFox and Chrome. 五四网
06-29-2018WUSIT.COM Websitev4.0.1New Development - part1- NEW! 五四网
10-07-2017WUSIT.COM Websitev3.7More Enhancements, SSL, and open HELP and DEVELOPERS pages to public
10-06-2017WUSIT.COM Websitev3.6Functions Enhancement on business account, open LIKE to all memebers
08-31-2017WUSIT.COM Websitev3.5UI Enhancement, Bug Fixes and Add More Web Communication Applications
09-01-2016WUSIT.COM Websitev3.1Crossing platform browsers compatibility
08-27-2016WUSIT.COM Websitev3.0Layout and structure; mobile browser compatibility; mobile sites
11-13-2015WUSIT.COM Websitev2.7Admin Tools ; DB Logs; Developer API
11-12-2015WUSIT.COM Websitev2.6Advancing on UI Flow; Shorten Page Responding Time
11-11-2015WUSIT.COM Websitev2.5Member Images , registration process enhencements and bug fix; data tables structures
11-05-2015WUSIT.COM Websitev2.4Event Photo Album enhancements and photo related functions