WUSIT Sharing - Developer Instructions
*Before you get started, you need to register a member account first*
Two Ways Sharing to Blogs Application: <1> Sharing Page URL or <2> Sharing Page URL with Content of Web Page.

1. First Way - Sharing Page URL

Step1: Place the folowing JavaScript Code on the header of your web page or any where you feel comfortable on your web page. The web page is the page that you want to share the URL or the content.

<script type="text/javascript"> function get_sharing_url() { var url_test = "https://wusit.com/english/ap_blogs/blog_share_with_wusit.aspx?sharing_url=" + document.URL; return url_test; } </script>

What does it do? This script will call "WUSIT Sharing Tool" through API - HTTPS and tells it to grab your shared URL.
Step 2: Place below html code on your website page where you want user to click on the WUSIT Blog sharing icon: blog

<a href="#" onclick="window.open(get_sharing_url(), 'wusit_developer_window', 'width=1024px, height=600px'); return false;"><img alt="w" title="w" src="https://wusit.com/english/sf_images/i_wusit_sharing/wusit_sharing.png" height="25px" width="25px" /></a>

What does it do? This script will place a "WUSIT Sharing Tool" icon on your website. When an user clicks it, it will contact "WUSIT Sharing Tool" API.

Step 3: Test it. That's it.
Step 4: On sharing page that it pops up, if you can see all shared URL and content, then that means you are on right direction. Now, enter your WUSIT login credential, then it will open an editor for you. Save it. You did it.

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