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Why do we need a Promotion Network?
Sometimes times, organizations and businesses need a promotion for their events, courses, products and good services. A good promotion will be benificial to both sides: local community and the promoters. With our promotion network, the promoter's expectation will be delivered to the local communities in a friendly non-bothering way. We are always trying our best to benifit the potential customers and audiences who are interested on local services, products and events. We hope both sides will be favorable from the network.

Local Promotion Network

The Local Promotion Network is the extension of the Biz/Org Network. When you get a Biz/Org Account you are auto granted to access the network. You do not need to apply for it additionally. The Pro Network consists of two components: Local and Internet Promotion.

Application - Promotion On Your Local Cities
A Local Promotion Network is a media that businesses and ORG can delivery promotions and expectations to potential local audiences throught internet. Your Promotion would be likely noticed by most nearby members who are living in your city.

Editor Tool
You will have a HTML/TEXT editor tool to help you edit your Promotion contents.

Linking To Our Social Network
The Local Promotion Network is linking to our social network. All our members who are living in your pointed city will be able to see your promotion. Your promotions could be benificial to those potential audiences.

Linking To Our Biz/Org Network
During pomotion time, your business and ORG will get more attensions from local members. If they are interested on your service and products, they will follow you. You will get audiences for your future products and services.

Internet Promotion Network
Some businesses may not fit the local promotion category that they may likely focus on internet promotion only.

An Internet Promotion Network is only focusing on the intenet promotion. The message will not be delivered to local members and it is likely the online e-commerce activity.

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