Social Network
Why do we need a Local Focus Social Network?
Communication is useful to us. Information sharing is a key factor to gain knowledge and keeps our community growing. The idea of our local social network is to focus on local communities more than global because most our buddies are living close to us and our daily life is really just a local activity. Our goal is to link peoples to local communities through the network and encourage them to have more interaction with local events, safeties and activities. We hope that all members would be benificial from the services that we provided.

The Primary Member Account (Social Network)
The primary Member Account is a basic type of account that is used for social communication. This social account comes with a user profile, friend connection, FOLLOW, LIKE, daily life activity, blog, forum, live chat, chatroom, local event, local discount and other communication web applications. In addiction, we extend this network to the local Biz/Org Network so all users will be benificial from the local promotions and services.

Member Profile

A profile is like a member's home in Social Network. It is a social media spot where everyone can share their life activities and thoughts with friend and others. It is also severed as a communication platform where we can exchange information with other networks. You will be able to choose what info you want to share. These information are including your daily activities, photos, blogs, location, interests, for-sale products and other stuffs.

Friend Connections

With our network linking tool, you will be able to link to your friends, local organizations and businesses. You will be able to obtain local event info, safety alerts and breaking news. In your personal network, information can be fast exchanged through the media. You also will be benefitial from local Biz/Org Network by receiving promotions, discounts, recruitment info and services.


You will be able to follow your friends, local businesses & organizations or being followed by others. When you are following your friends, you will get all latest network news and activities from your friends. When you are following the businesses & organizations, you will get the latest local event news, discounts and promotions.


Our social communication network comes with a blog function. A blog is a best media to share your knowledge and useful info with others. Your opinion and professional knowledge may help them.

Messaging - Text Message Communication

The internal text messaging tool is used to send a text message to your friends. On our social network, it is used to receive messages from your friends, connection requests, service alerts, user's questions and so on. On our Biz/Org Network, it is used as a media that customers can use it to send you inquiries, feedbacks, questions and so on.

Chatroom and Group Meeting

A Chat Room is a multi-user web application. It is allowed more than two peoples chating at same time so it can be served as a group meeting place. Each person will have his/her own chat room. The chat room can be locked up with a passowrd.

Live Chat With Friends

The Live Web Chat application allows you to talk to a friend in on-on-one based. This application is suitable for a private chat.

For Sale (Garage Sale)

The "For Sale" tool is for members who want to sell or donate their used belongings in their friends circle. It is more like a garage sale. If you do not want to sell your used stuffs on the paid advertising network, you can sell them here with free of charge.

Local Promotions/Discounts

With the advantage of our network connections, social network users will be able to receive discounts and coupons from local businesses through our linked network. All business promotions will be auto imported by our program and they will be shown up on [Promotion] tag on all members' profiles. You need to setup your city in order to receive this benifit.

Local Events

You will be able to find local events that are posted by local businesses on "Local Events" tag on your [profile] page. When local businesses post their events on their Biz/Org profiles, all events will be auto imported to social network by program. It auto forwards them to all members' profiles.

Easy-Use Interface

Wusit network has the most convenience interface and design. The navigation links are all located on the [DIRECTORY] page. User can always click on the Directory Icon and go back to the primary account profile. You would not get confused on your navigation in here.

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