Ignorance is one source of disasters.

― Observer PF SZE

# 1
Politics & Government

International observation org ( 11/09/2022 )

Yesterday, Russian Gen Sergei Surovikin, said the troop in city Kherson lost supply due to the destruction of the bridges that are connecting to the city! The Russian troops have no choice but they have to withdraw from the city! 

The withdrawal means Russian forces will pull out entirely from the western bank of the River Dnipro and Russian forces are running out of resources and supplies! 

War is about the supplies! But Russian soldiers run out of supplies! 


# 2
Media & News

UK observation Org ( 11/09/2022 )

King Charles III and Camilla, the queen consort, were egged by protesters in the northern England city of York on Wednesday. 

The young male protestor who looks like in his mid 20s shouted to the king, "This country was built on the blood of slaves" as he was being detained.


# 3
Politics & Government

News and Alerts ( 11/09/2022 )


House - republicans: 202 seats; democrats: 184 seats

Senate - republicans: 49 seats; democrats: 48 seats


# 4
Home & Garden

SKY Review ( 11/07/2022 )

The tools that you can buy from local home improvement stores.

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8. Wheelbarrow


# 5
Politics & Government

News and Alerts ( 10/24/2022 )

As expected, Xi successfully starts his third five-year term  as the leader of Communist China ( the people’s republic of China) ! It is also believed that Xi will remain in power for the rest of his life. He is the king of Communist China now! 

In China, The Politburo Standing Committee (PSC) is the first supreme power center of Chinese government! The seven members of this committee will become the head officers of Chinese government! After this CCP’s 20th congress meeting, Xi has his men occupying all seven positions of the PSC! They are all members of Xi’s gang and they only have their royalties to Xi ! Even in the party's Politburo which is the second supreme power center, it has 25 members on board but most of them are the followers of Xi! They are all appointed by Xi! The election is just a drama that is a pre - arrangement of Xi’s gang! 

Xi has fully controlled the entire communist party and now the party becomes the Xi’s party! The power of Xi is unrestricted and it is likely that he will use it to invade Taiwan in the foreseeable future! The communist party thinks the Taiwan is a part of China! To unify the country is the duty of all members and this duty must be completed with any costs including bloods! 

Xi believes that Democracies can not be sustained in the 21st century. Autocracies will run the world. This is not a surprise to western countries - Xi was educated under the traditional Chinese education system that is admirable to the autocracy and totalitarianism! Xi is like Putin who thinks autocracy is the wave of the future; democracy can’t function in an ever-complex world. ( Xi and Putin are two most known barbarians in 21 century!)

President Biden had spent hundred hours with Xi when he was the vice president of Obama administration! Biden commented Xi as a man who has none of democratic-with-a-small-d bone in his body, but he is a “smart” guy.

Let us see where this smart guy leads china to! Putin has invaded Ukraine with his unstoppable ambition ! When will Xi take a step forward to conquest Taiwan territory!? The answer is it will be engaged in one day not far away ! Be prepared! The severe conflict is coming and it likely has become a crucial reality that we have to deal with! The autocracy and democracy can not coexist in this world if the world is civilized, free and ordered! 


# 6
Politics & Government

News and Alerts ( 10/12/2022 )

(117th Congress )To hold themselves accountable, Democrats and Republicans in both chambers have shown rare signs of agreement on introducing a bill that would stop federal legislators (and their family members) from trading individual stocks while in office. 

More than 40 percent of members of Congress own individual stock shares, amounting to $225 million in assets.

High level lawmakers and officials should be banned from trading stocks, not only to prevent potential conflicts of interest but also to restore public trust in government agencies and decision making.

In one survey, 95 percent of voters said they believe that members of Congress should not be allowed to trade stocks.


# 7
Politics & Government

News and Alerts ( 10/12/2022 )

(Reported by Wall Street Journal) No matter in what reasons and circumstances, federal officials in the executive branch must not involve in any interests with the companies that are supervised by their regulation! However, during the last two presidential administrations, thousands federal officers have involved in trading stocks in companies that their agencies oversee! These behaviors are representing potential criminal offenses with conflicts of interest! It is another form of corruption! 

“The Wall Street Journal analyzed over 31,000 financial disclosure forms dated between 2016 and 2021, which included information on over 315,000 trades in stocks, bonds and funds by officials and their immediate families. These documents showed that over 2,600 senior officials across 50 federal agencies have disclosed owning stock in companies that have lobbied the agency that they work in. This represents more than one in five senior federal executive branch officials, the report found.” - Wall Street Journal. 

“These stock holdings reveal that not only do officials have personal financial interest in companies they are responsible for regulating, but also that they may be trading stocks at seemingly opportune times.”- Wall Street Journal. 

“Nearly one in three Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) officials have reported owning investments in companies lobbying the agency, holding up to $2 million in shares in fossil fuel companies on average yearly between 2016 and 2021.” - Wall Street Journal. 

Michael Molina, a senior adviser to the deputy EPA administrator, had owned oil and gas stocks that could have benefited from Trump’s policies favoring fossil fuel companies.In another potential conflict of interest, 

Malcolm Bertoni, Food and Drug Administration (FDA) official, owned a number of stocks in food and drug companies that he said the agency gave him permission to own - despite those companies being on the agency’s no-buy list. 

Greg Zacharias, a Defense Department official, had bought stock in Lockheed Martin five times just before the Pentagon awarded it a new $1 billion contract.It’s possible that many of these trades were legal, even if there are conflicts of interest. 

Defense Secretary office officials collectively owned between $1.2 and $3.4 million in defense contractors or defense companies on average in the studied years.

Opinion: This phenomenon is a cancer to the integrity of the US government! 


# 8
Politics & Government

News and Alerts ( 10/09/2022 )

The bridge is a key supply route for Russia's invasion of Ukraine. Russia has used it to move military equipment, ammunition, and personnel to the battlefields in southern Ukraine. Now, the supply route has been cut off! 

Ukraine: "Everything illegal must be destroyed, everything stolen must be returned to Ukraine, everything occupied by Russia must be expelled."

Opinion: Good job! 


# 9
Electronic Devices

Internet technology ( 09/24/2022 )

If you have installed iOS 16.0 in iPhone 8, you will have tons of unstable app and strange phone delaying issues! 

It is not a good tested iOS! Avoid it! Wait until the next version! 


# 10
Safty & Security Alerts

News and Alerts ( 09/24/2022 )

Advice: Please disregard the email and do not call the number!

If you call the provided number, you will be answered by a scammer who will try to make you pay for his tricks. There are major three tricks that the scammer has prepared in advance. 

First trick, the scammer might ask you to provide your personal information for verification purposes! It is including full name, address, credit card details, social security number, and so on!

Second trick, if the victim does not want to provide any info and insists on cancelling the subscription, they might request a cancellation fee to be paid to them. You will be required to pay it now or to be sued! 

Third trick, the scammer might tell you that they have detected a big problem on your network and they may request to connect to your computer remotely for a fix! If you allow them to do it then they will pretend to fix it and you have to pay for the service! You pay by credit card so eventually they still get your info! 

Be aware! 


# 11
Human Rights

Human rights obs org ( 09/16/2022 )

Yesterday, Ukrainian police reported that they found 445 new graves at Izyum forest! But, some contain more than one body. It's unclear how all of them died. Many are said to be civilians, women and children among them. The causes of death are abnormal obviously! 


# 12
Media & News

News and Alerts ( 09/08/2022 )

The royal family: The Queen died peacefully at Balmoral this afternoon. 

 The King and The Queen Consort will remain at Balmoral this evening and will return to London tomorrow.


# 13
Business & Economy

News and Alerts ( 09/07/2022 )

All US tech companies that receive federal funding are not allowed to build "advanced technology" facilities in China for 10 years

US Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo: We're going to be implementing the guardrails to ensure those who receive CHIPS funds cannot compromise national security... they're not allowed to use this money to invest in China, they can't develop leading-edge technologies in China.... for a period of ten years!

Opinion: What is about the private US companies? 


# 14
Business & Economy

News and Alerts ( 09/05/2022 )

BBBY’s Chief Financial Officer (CFO) had allegedly just committed suicide yesterday.  The company is struggling for survival now! 

Be aware and avoid this company’s stock! Investors! 


# 15
Politics & Government

UK observation Org ( 09/05/2022 )

After a leadership contest, the former foreign secretary Liz Truss won the competition with 81,326 votes and the former chancellor Rishi Sunak lost the game with 60,399 votes. 

However, it is not a general election! She succeeds Boris Johnson as leader of the Conservative party, winning the most votes from members of that party. She also becomes the third female PM in UK’ s history.

Congratulations to liz! 


# 16
Human Rights

Human rights obs org ( 09/01/2022 )

GENEVA (31 August 2022) – The UN Human Rights Office today issued an assessment of human rights concerns in China’s Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region.The assessment was initiated following serious allegations of human rights violations against Uyghurs and other predominantly Muslim communities brought to the attention of the UN Human Rights Office and UN human rights mechanisms since late 2017, particularly in the context of the Chinese Government’s policies and measures to combat terrorism and “extremism”.

The assessment is based on a rigorous review of documentary material currently available to the Office, with its credibility assessed in accordance with standard human rights methodology. Particular attention was given to the Government’s own laws, policies, data and statements. The Office also requested information and engaged in dialogue and technical exchanges with China throughout the process.

The information was assessed against applicable international human rights law, and builds on the work of a number of UN human rights mechanisms.The UN Human Rights Office stands ready to support China in addressing the issues and recommendations articulated in the assessment.

Report link: https://www.ohchr.org/en/documents/country-reports/ohchr-assessment-human-rights-concerns-xinjiang-uyghur-autonomous-region


# 17
IT & Computer & AI

Internet technology ( 08/24/2022 )

If you want to scroll the next page to the top, then the JavaScript window.scrollTo(0, 0) is not working properly with Safari browser. But, it works with all other browsers. It is very strange. It is Apple OS, what can we expect? Nothing but Zero.

# 18
Politics & Government

News and Alerts ( 08/09/2022 )

Federal Investigation Bureau agents were conducting a house search in Trump’s Florida home Mar-a-Lago on Monday. It is a part of investigation into whether Trump took classified documents from the White House when he left office. The result could leads to the disqualification of Trump’s presidency run in 2024 if FBI found any illegal evidences. However, this case looks like an unprecedented political act more than a legal activity. 

Kevin McCarthy, the Republican leader in the House, was among several GOP representatives who tweeted out that the incident shows the DOJ is being “weaponized.” He said US Attorney General Merrick Garland should preserve his documents and clear his calendar because a Republican-majority House will conduct immediate oversight of the DOJ. 

Trumps told media yesterday that it looked like a political suppression! Well, it could be both political suppression and legal investigation. 

The question is who took the classified documents from the White House? Where is it now? Why does FBI think the documents are in Florida house? 


# 19
Human Rights

Human rights obs org ( 08/03/2022 )

In 1991, House Representive Pelosi visited Tiananmen Square and displayed a banner honouring the deceased demonstrators of June 4th Tiananmen Square massacre! 

In May 1996, Pelosi wanted President Bill Clinton to pressure China to live up to its agreement to protect US software and copyrights 

In 1999, Pelosi pushed China's trade status to be linked to its human rights record, and objected the China's entry to the World Trade Organization.

in 2002, Pelosi tried to pass Chairman Hu four letters expressing concern over the detention and imprisonment of activists in China and Tibet, and calling for their release.

In 2008, Pelosi urged US President George W Bush to boycott China's Summer Olympics opening ceremony for human rights abuse in China. 

In 2009, Pelosi delivered another letter to Chairman Hu and calling for the release of political prisoners including prominent dissident Dr. Liu Xiaobo - the winner of Nobel Peace Prize.

In 2010, Pelosi delivered a house speech expressing her views over Tiananmen Square massacre in 1989 as she did the same thing for many years. 

From 2008 to 2018, Pelosi among with other politicians thought the Communist China’s autocracy could be gradually changed to democracy if we helped them to grow economy, but China eventually did not come out as they expected! China goes to opposite way of democracy!
The crack down of Hong Kong’s student protest reminded Pelosi that the same fear of Tiananmen Square massacre was still there and the threat of dictatorial Red China never was gone! It is a part of its traditional culture! 

We suddenly realized that the Red China could not be changed in this way! The chinese communist party is our real enemy and challenge in future! 

In 2019, Pelosi and Chinese dissident Yang Jianli unveil the "Tank Man" statue during a rally in Washington, DC, to mark the 30th anniversary of the Tiananmen Square massacre.

In 2020, Pelosi signed the Uyghur Human Rights Policy Act. The bill would impose sanctions on Chinese officials involved in the mass surveillance and detention of Uyghurs and other ethnic groups in the western Xinjiang region.

In 2022, House Speaker Pelosi visited The Republic of China Taiwan despite the threat from Beijing! The Republic of China Taiwan is a free country and it is not a part of the People Republic of China! It is a fact and a reality! We need to face the real world from now and on! 


# 20
Politics & Government

News and Alerts ( 07/29/2022 )

(HONOLULU ) — A U.S. defense contractor and his wife are charged with identity theft that were stolen from two deceased infants yesterday! According to the court papers, FBI have found two significant photos that shown up the couple wearing authentic Russian KGB uniforms. An expert determined the snapshots were taken in the 1980s.

The Russian Spy suspect, Bobby Edward Fort, was retired from his Coast Guard job in 2016, and applied for a U.S. Department of Defense contractor job in 2018. However, his identity was failed on federal government background check! Since then, he and his wife were under FBI’s monitoring and investigation for three years and until this month FBI persuaded a criminal charge again them. 

Primrose and Morrison, both born in 1955! In 1987, Primrose took on the identity of Bobby Edward Fort, an infant who died in 1967 in Burnet, Texas. Morrison took the identity of Julie Lyn Montague, who died in 1968 at the same hospital as Fort. 


# 21
General Life & Law

Internet technology ( 07/27/2022 )

The Dynata, headquartered in Texas and Connecticut, tracks people’s activities to try to understand their purchase behavior and political views. 

The company may call people to complete survey questions about specific brands, or even about their political views. Calls may become more frequent as an election approaches.

If you no longer wish to be contacted by Dynata, in North America you can call 1-833-757-1746 and ask Dynata to exclude them from its contact list. 

If you're outside North America, you can opt out of the contact list by calling 1-801-341-0764.


# 22
Politics & Government

US observation Org ( 07/25/2022 )

The former Speaker of the House, Newt Gingrich Twitted about Pelosi visiting to Taiwan on yesterday, “

What is the Pentagon thinking when it publicly warns against Speaker Pelosi going to Taiwan? If we are so intimidated by the Chinese Communists we can’t even protect an American Speaker of the House why should Beijing believe we can help Taiwan survive. Timidity is dangerous.

Our Comment: Good point! 


# 23
Safty & Security Alerts

News and Alerts ( 07/23/2022 )

The World Health Organization (WHO) has declared the monkeypox outbreak a public health emergency of international concern. 

In US, according to data from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, it was reported over 2,800 confirmed monkeypox cases in 44 states, DC and Puerto Rico! Globally, there are over 16,500 cases reported in 74 countries.

With monkey pox, we have three ongoing public health emergencies: polio, covid19 and monkey pox!

1. Polio began in 2014!

2. Covid-19 began in 2020.

3. Monkey pox began in 2022.

We also have four expired pandemic declarations: H1N1, Ebola I, Ebola II, and Zika!

1. H1N1 is from 2009 to 2010.

2. Ebola I is from 2014 to 2016.
3. Ebola II is from 2019 to 2020.

4. Zika virus in 2016.


# 24
Human Rights

Human rights obs org ( 07/16/2022 )

On 28 September 2018, the Saudi dissident Jamal Khashoggi who is a journalist of Washington Post, was tortured to death in Saudi Consulate Turkey by 18 intelligence agents whom were sent by the Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman, the son of King Salman and Saudi Arabia's de facto ruler. The incident is involving on violation in freedom of speech, abuse of Human Rights and the abuse of ruler’s power! 

The justice of the incident: Four months later, the Riyadh Criminal Court commuted the death sentences handed to five of the defendants to 20 years in prison. The three others were given sentences of between seven and 10 years. The prosecution said the verdicts were final and that the criminal trial was now closed. But, the main criminals behind the scene are remaining intact and invulnerable! The main problem is the Crown Prince is above the law! 

Abu Ghraib prison Incident: During the early stages of the Iraq War, members of the United States Army and the CIA committed a series of human rights violations and war crimes against detainees in the Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq, including physical abuse and the death of Manadel al-Jamadi.

The justice of the Abu Ghraib incident: The United States Department of Defense removed 17 soldiers and officers from duty. Eleven soldiers were charged with dereliction of duty, maltreatment, aggravated assault and battery. Between May 2004 and April 2006, these soldiers were court-martialed, convicted, sentenced to military prison, and dishonorably discharged from service. Two soldiers, found to have perpetrated many of the worst offenses at the prison. 

# 25
General Life & Law

Accounting and finance advice ( 07/14/2022 )

When you are shopping on Ebay website in USA, you may buy a product from oversea sellers. What is the problem? 1. it takes a long time to receive the product. 2. It is very hard to return the unsatisfied product to some oversea sellers. 3. It is hard to get a refund! 

Customers should always check the seller's shipping location before they put an order. If you buy a product from overseas sellers, then you must know that you are taking a big risk. 

It has a message next to the product like like below:
Shipping:FREE SpeedPAK Standard | See detailsfor shipping international shipment of items may be subject to customs processing and additional charges.Located in: China, China


# 26
Politics & Government

News and Alerts ( 07/12/2022 )

(7/8/2022, 5:00 p.m. Japan time) The Japanese government announced that former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe was assassinated! He died at the age of 67. The event shocked the world!

This year is the election year for the Japanese Senate, and this election is likely to affect the direction of the normalization of the Japanese military! If the hawkish candidates are successfully elected. Japan is likely to have its own national army soon!

Mr. Abe is an important figure at this historical turning point. He has always advocated that Japan should have its own military. This can counteract the bullying of totalitarian countries such as Russia and China! Does it become the reason for his assassination? No answers so far. 

Does Japanese public opinion support the normalization of the military? For further observation! However, killing people because of different political stances is a very stupid act! Quite possibly the opposite!

Let's wait and see! Please keep watching.

# 27
Politics & Government

US observation Org ( 07/08/2022 )

Five months ago, Caleb Max, a Loudoun County businessman, an anti communist conservatives/liberals, announced his candidacy for Republican nomination contest. In June 2nd, Although he lost his contest, he would continue to his idea till the day comes - to be elected as a congressman. 

Max’s grandpa is the former U.S. Rep. Frank Wolf, a Republican who held the 10th district seat for 34 years. As a Generation Z, Max said he was experiencing two recessions and one Afghanistan war and they reshape his views on this world. It time for him to stay out and to serve  this country. 

From his observations in the past, He suggested that we should do something before the war before it is too late! Now, he will be focusing on the invasion war of Russia, the potential invasion war of Communist China, and the human rights! 

Mr. Max also expressed his concerns on the Genocide in Xinjiang, the expansion of dictatorship and autocracy of CCP and the influence of Confucius institutions in USA! 


# 28
Business & Economy

US observation Org ( 07/07/2022 )

In 2013, CCP owned enterprise named Shuanghui Group, WH Group purchased Smithfield Foods(SF) for $4.72 billion. It was the largest Chinese Communist company acquisition of an American company as the acquisition is including 146,000 acres of land - One of the largest overseas owners of American farmland.

On August 3, 2018, a federal jury awarded six North Carolina residents $470 million in damages against Murphy-Brown LLC which is a subsidiary of SF. The verdict included $75 million each in punitive damages, plus $3–5 million in compensatory damages for loss of enjoyment in their properties. 

In 2022, Smithfield Foods will pay restaurants and caterers $42 million to settle a lawsuit that accused the giant meat producer of conspiring to inflate pork prices!

SF works with Hormel, Tyson Foods, Seaboard Foods and Triumph Foods, and the Agri Stats database company to control the pork price and control their supplies. They use the shared confidential information that includes price, capacity and demand so they can have a non competitive unified price in American market. It makes the market less competitive! 

As a result, the U.S. Departments of Justice and Agriculture also created a website earlier this year to make it easier for farmers and ranchers to report any concerns about anticompetitive behavior in the industry.


# 29
Politics & Government

US observation Org ( 07/05/2022 )

On Friday, three Chinese state owned airlines ( they are all owned by CCP) ordered almost 300 Airbus jets from Airbus company of France. 

This deal is an intimation of intentional revenge that China will be able to punish America by making a big deal with the competitors of American companies during the trade war between Washington and Beijing. 

As a purpose, Communist China tried to use Airbus deal to sow discord between France and America! 

Both France and America could be fall into China’s trap if both countries do not work together to make an agreement or a consistent policy on selling airplanes to Communist China - selling them with consideration of human rights or selling them without conditions! 

It will be a hypocrite if we criticize China for human rights abuse and dictatorship but at same time we are still doing business with them! 


# 30
Human Rights

Human rights obs org ( 07/01/2022 )

On the ceremony of 25th  anniversary of Hong Kong handover, Chairman Xi made the remarks in a speech in Hong Kong. Xi said the “true  democracy” started in Hong Kong when China took control of the city from Britain.

But, the fact is that CCP’s regime has cracked down on all forms of dissent! They have detained protesters, journalists, pro-democracy politicians and activists, and shut down all independent newspapers.  

The new National Security Law has forced to pass by the National People’s Congress (which is fully controlled by CCP without election) and it was immediately adopted by the Hong Kong government in 2020. 

Since then, Hong Kong lost its autonomy and freedom and become a region ruled by man, not ruled by law! 

Hong Kong is dead! 


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