It is never too late to be what you might have been.

― George Eliot

# 1
Media & News

Freedom Breaking News Alert ( 04/17/2021 )

More than 900 million doses of coronavirus vaccines have been contributed in 165 countries worldwide.

Last week, CDC is investigating the blood clotting issue that is relating to two companies’s vaccines. AZ and J&J vaccines which are using DNA technology are now in safty concerns that they may cause blood clotting problem.

The vaccines are developed by Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna which are using mRNA, are not affected by the blood clotting issue.

# 2
IT & Computer

Internet technology ( 03/26/2021 )

Download and install the iCloud app on your Windows PC. 

1. Launch the application and sign in your iCloud account. You may need to enter an authorization code on your iPhone to log in if you have turned on two-factor authentication. 

2. Right click on iCloud icon on your windows bar that is located on the bottom of your screen. Choose "Open iCloud Settings" button. It will show you a popup screen for your settings. See image below. 

3. Tick the checkbox next to "Bookmarks" and then click the "Options" button. It will show you a small popup screen again. See image below.

5. Select one of the browsers  - Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer. Click OK. The app will auto import the iPhone bookmarks to your browser in PC right after that. 

6. Last step, click "Apply" button on the bottom of the popup screen. That is it. Now, Open your select browser, you will see your iPhone bookmarks on your browser's bookmarks.

7. If you could not see it then you should check your firewall setting and check the connection that could be blocked. 


# 3
Media & News

Freedom Breaking News Alert ( 03/23/2021 )

(Colorado) Around 3:00 pm on Monday, a shooting attack was reported at the King Soopers market in Boulder Colorado where is about 30 miles (50km) away from the state capital of Denver. 

It was confirmed that ten of victims including a cop were shot by a suspect whose name is Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa, 21 years old. This is likely a Muslim’s name. The suspect was finally arrested by local police after exchanging gunfire. 

Here is the name list of the victims: 
Denny Stong, 20
Neven Stanisic, 23
Rikki Olds, 25
Tralona Bartkowiak, 49
Suzanne Fountain, 59
Teri Leiker, 51
Eric Talley, 51
Kevin Mahoney, 61
Lynn Murray, 62
Jody Waters, 65

It is believed that the suspect was using a new purchased semi-automatic rifle (AR-15 style) for the attack according to court filings. Until now Police have not confirmed a motive of this shooting. 


# 4
Media & News

International observation org ( 03/23/2021 )

European Union, UK, US and Canada have imposed sanctions on officials of CCP over human rights abuses against the Uighur minority group but nothing is very serious!  As expected, those sanctions are not going to work! Why?

CCP of China has got used to this kind of insignificant  sanctions that has been posted by western countries and they know how to deal with it in politics. Eventually, when time passes by, China still takes advantage from the western world! Nothing has been changed in human rights and freedom at all! 

The last sanction was implemented by western countries in 1989 right after the Tiananmen Square crackdown but ironically several years later all western countries left those sanctions up for the economic reasons. The western enterprises were eager to do the business with Chinese and they also were targeting the entrance of China’s market so they redirected the politicians to a destination where they wanted to go! 

Today, the western politicians have carried out another sanction but who will believe that it is going to work? Maybe, it is just another funny show for the communists to watch and they are probably laughing at us now!

History repeats itself! But, People(politicians and enterprises) never learn any lessons from the history! 

If we really want them to follow our game rules, we need to take the sanctions seriously and enforce it completely this time! We need to let them feel the pain of sanctions and economic decoupling. Otherwise, CCP will never change! 



# 5

Sussan Beckett ( 03/19/2021 )

During an Interviewing with Vanity Fair, Sharon Stone claimed that she was told to sleep with a co-star to build chemistry. But, she did not release the producer’s name! 

My suggestion to her is that she should really point out who the person is and let everyone be aware of it. Her message will be helpful to others in future for sure! 

There are only four producers are listed on IMDB: William S. Beasley, Louis D'Esposito, Mario Kassar and Alan Marshall.

This dude is one of them and he is really sick and disgusting 🤮! He never knows how to respect a woman! 


# 6
Politics & Government

Andrew Lin ( 03/16/2021 )

The prurient politicians like Mr Cuomo and Biden allow so called “transgender” people (a few of them could be  perverts, who knows? ) entering the female restrooms that concerns all of our parents who have little kids! 

Stupid politicians made stupid laws and execution orders! They never think about the consequences! They pleasure the little tiny group of LGBTQ but they let our young kids be in big dangerous! 


# 7
Politics & Government

Joe Harris ( 03/16/2021 )

United States of America is not a CHARITY but it is a country which is running and supporting by our taxpayers’s money! No one should use the money without our permission to support foreigners’ kids who are entering USA illegally! 

 This is called a fairness and it is nothing to do with the humanity as we know that this is not a perfect world! If you really want to show your humanities, then you should support them and feed them with your own expenses as well as their education and medical care! 

 So, have you guys supported them with a penny yet? Pelosi, AOC , Biden, Democratic Party and so on. If not yet, then you guys are just political hypocrites! 

 To be fairly and legally, all dreamers and illegal immigrants must go back to the place where they come from! If you want to be an American citizen then you must come here with a legal document! No exceptions! 

If you are a real refugee then you must prove it with evidences! 


# 8
IT & Computer

Internet technology ( 03/14/2021 )

GameDVR and Broadcast User Service is a Windows 10 Service. 

This service is used for Game Recordings and Live Broadcasts and Xbox is sharing this function too. This service exists in Windows 10 all versions. There’s no harm to leaving this process running. However, It still use system resources around 130MB even if you are not doing recording. 

To disable Game DVR, go to All Settings > Gaming > Game DVR. Ensure the “Record in the background while I’m playing a game” option here is set to “Off”.  

# 9
Media & News

International observation org ( 03/12/2021 )

The Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine contains an artificial double stranded DNA that can be injected into our nucleus of cells. The artificial DNA is stored with the coronavirus’s genetic info for building some special spike protein. These spike proteins could attach to the coronavirus’ surfaces and in that way they can lead T- cell to recognize and identify the intruder viruses! 

The theory of DNA vaccine is different from the mRNA vaccines that are developed by Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna, which store the instructions in single-stranded RNA. It does not interrupt the nucleus of the cells and it only gives out the instructions to mRNA within the cell so in that way it causes less confusion and damage to our body. However, these artificial mRNA will not last too long so we need two injections! The most important thing is that it is likely SAFE!  

Now, the issue is the DNA vaccine is likely causing a blood clotting issue in some cases! The problem should be re-examined immediately before it is too late! 

Several countries like Thailand, Norway and Denmark have temporarily stopped the injection plan of the vaccine. More information are required before we can proceed this vaccine! Be aware! 

Also, the traditional way of vaccine that is developed by Communist China could be likely too violent to our body. If you are over 65 years old , please do not take it! It is very risky. A traditional vaccine like the “ live-attenuated vaccine” is a living weakened version of the coronavirus  that is used to inject into your body and expectantly it causes an immune response of your body system to the virus. However, the dose of vaccine for different person is a challenge! That is why it takes so long for development. Usually it takes several years! The worse thing is that this kind of old “line attenuated vaccine” may not effective to the new variances! 


# 10
Media & News

Human rights obs org ( 03/06/2021 )

2/27/2021: Prosecutions to Uighur in Xinjiang are continuing - Genocide was unseemly implemented on aspect of political policies and regulations as well as on the dilution of the density of uighur’s population by moving millions immigrants from East Mainland to Xinjiang. 

Meanwhile, in Hong Kong, CCP is continuing on suppressing the pro-democracy candidates for the legislative council election. About 47 candidates are arrested this week and all of them have been charged with the new regulations of NSL that was approved by the CCP unilaterally! 

The Legislative Process for a new law in Communist China is just a JOKE that CCP can make a law by itself without the approval of the majority people as it has no Elected Representatives who are representing the people!

Note: The chinese National People’s Congress (NPC) is a big lie in Chinese History and even in mankind’s history that the members of NPC are either communists or the puppets of CCP! They do not represent the people but they are representing the CCP! Do not forget a fact that Communist China is a dictatorial political system combined with the communism ! The power of CCP’s leader is unrestricted! Theoretically, CCP can involve in any criminal activities with no accountabilities in law!  The leader of CCP is above the LAW in China! 


# 11
Politics & Government

Human rights obs org ( 03/01/2021 )

(Note: H.R. 8491 (116th) is a bill in the United States Congress.)

The CCP leaders allowed a local outbreak of coronavirus to develop into a global pandemic by silencing Chinese doctors, destroying testing samples, and withholding critical medical information from the international community that is causing millions lives lost in the world ! 

They (the cpp members) are kidnapping and slaving about 1.3 billions chinese in mainland China and force everyone to recognize their regime as a legal government even though it is not approved or voted by the majority of chinese people! They do not allow chinese to vote for president and congress! They forbid freedom of speech and abused basic Human Rights to chinese. They illegally jail anyone at any time without a reason by following their own rules and private procedures. 

They are engaging the activities of genocide to uighur people in Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia and Tibet. They destroyed thousands temples and churches in China. They put millions dissenters in Concentration Camps for re-education and brainwashing. 

They erase chinese traditional culture like the local languages and dialects in inner Mongolia, Sichuan, Fujian, Guangdong and Tibet. Their final goal is to replace all other chinese languages with Mandarin.

They cheated on UK to return Hong Kong to China but they broke the Agreement later on and took away all political rights from Hong Kong people. 

CCP members are secretly abusing human rights in Hong Kong and China and are hiding the truths from the western countries. They implemented National Security Law in Hong Kong and offenders could be prosecuted without a juridical review!

They suppress all civilian organizations like Falun Gong org, religion groups, human rights watching organization, private media, other political parties, private schools and worker unions. 

They threatened The Republic of China (Taiwan) and invaded territories of India, Japan, Vietnam, Burma, Philippines and Malaysia. 

They sent underground communists to every big countries over the world and they penetrate into all global enterprises, universities and organizations. They set up media in all these countries and promote their ideas and propaganda on chinese model of communism and socialism. 

As a conclusion, CCP is a criminal organization! 


# 12
Politics & Government

Human rights obs org ( 02/28/2021 )

"There can be nothing more abominable than religion." 

"Atheism is a natural and inseparable part of Marxism, of the theory and practice of scientific socialism. Our program necessarily includes the propaganda of atheism." 

"The goal of socialism is communism."

"Give us the child for eight years and it will be a Bolshevik forever." 

"Give me just one generation of youth, and I'll transform the whole world."

"Give me your four year olds, and in a generation I will build a socialist state."

"We can and must write in a language which sows among the masses hate, revulsion, and scorn toward those who disagree with us."

"Truth is the most precious thing. That's why we should ration(manipulate) it."

"One man with a gun can control 100 without one."

"It is necessary - secretly and urgently to prepare the terror." 

"As an ultimate objective, "peace" simply means communist world control."

"The press should be not only a collective propagandist and a collective agitator, but also a collective organizer of the masses."

"Why should freedom of speech and freedom of press be allowed? Why should a government which is doing what it believes to be right allow itself to be criticized? My communist government would not allow opposition by “lethal weapons” like the ideas because Ideas are much more fatal things than guns. Why should any man be allowed to buy a printing press and disseminate pernicious opinions calculated to embarrass the government?"

"Free speech is a bourgeois/capitalist prejudice." 

"People always have been and they always will be stupid victims of deceit and self-deception in politics."

"The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves." 

"The way to crush the bourgeoisie is to grind them between the millstones of taxation and inflation." 

"The establishment of a central bank is 90% of communizing a nation." 

"We are not shooting enough professors." 

"There are no morals in politics; there is only expedience. A scoundrel may be of use to us just because he is a scoundrel." 

"It is, of course, much easier to shout, abuse, and than to attempt to relate, to explain." 

"One of the basic conditions for the victory of socialism is the arming of the workers Communist and the disarming of the bourgeoisie the middle class." 


# 13
Media & News

Joe Harris ( 02/28/2021 )

On Saturday, The New York Times dropped a huge bomb on the sexual harassment claims by Charlotte Bennett, a former executive assistant in the Cuomo’s administration.  It reported that Cuomo asked her questions about her sex life, whether she was monogamous in her relationships and if she ever had sex with older men.

The other victim was Lindsey Boylan, a former deputy secretary for economic development, told Medium that the governor touched her on her lower back, arms and legs. He was kissing her on the lips during a one-on-one briefing, and was suggesting that they "play strip poker" during a plane ride.

What a stupid pervert the dude is! This is really disgusting 🤮! 

# 14

UK observation Org ( 02/27/2021 )

Hundreds huge boulders were dropped into the the sea near Brighton by Greenpeace this week. This is to stop fishing boats from trawling the sea bed and destroying the sea ecosystem. 

The action is part of campaign to tighten restrictions on the most destructive forms of fishing in protected areas of UK waters.  

Recent years, some domestic and foreign fishing boats are overfishing in UK water so the natural resources are exhausted by the those illegal activities and abuses ! It has to be addressed and stopped. 

# 15
Media & News

Freedom Breaking News Alert ( 02/22/2021 )

USA becomes the first country to reach half-a-million COVID deaths – on Tuesday. 

In the D-Day Normandy landings during World War II, the war between US and the Germany took away the lives of about 405,000 U.S. service members.

The good news is our vaccines work essentially well for both new variants and the old virus. 

# 16
Politics & Government

International observation org ( 02/15/2021 )

During BLM’s riot in last summer, Kamara actually bailed out several rioters according to the report that was released by senator Graham. 

"Referring to the fact , the Harris supported a fund has bailed out protesters in the summer of 2020. She was actually involving in the bail out of the rioters and one of the rioters went back to the streets and broke somebody's head," Graham added. "So we've opened Pandora's Box here and I'm sad for the country?"

As a conclusion, Kamala Harris is very possible to be implemented for the next in senate! The solid evidence can be presented to the impeachment trial! The further action is just a matter of time.


# 18
Politics & Government

US observation Org ( 02/14/2021 )

Trump’s Lawyer David Schoen just EXPOSED the Democrats for playing manipulated video of the Capitol Riot during the impeachment trial. WATCH Trump lawyer flip the script and play video of Dems while they sit in shameful silence:



# 19
Media & News

Human rights obs org ( 02/14/2021 )

(DC) On 1/20, during an interview phone call, Deputy Press Secretary TJ Ducklo was threatening Politico journalist Tara Palmeri that he would destroy her and ruin her reputation if the story about his relationship with Alexi McCammond was published.

“You was jealous that someone wanted to f***' my girlfriend instead of you!” , shouted by Mr Ducklo over the phone interview. 

Later on, this “nice” conversation was released by Vanity Fair. On Friday,  Psaki told the media, “With the approval of the White House Chief of Staff, he has been placed on a one week-suspension without pay. In addition, when he returns, he will no longer be assigned to work with any reporters at Politico”. 

That’s it? Wow! What a solution it is! You guys are really unbelievable! 

# 20
Media & News

Freedom Breaking News Alert ( 02/13/2021 )

With vote ratio 57:43, Former president Trump acquitted in 2nd impeachment trial. Unfortunately, seven Republicans vote FOR! 

They are Sen. Mitt Romney, R-Utah, Richard Burr of North Carolina, Bill Cassidy of Louisiana, Susan Collins of Maine, Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, Ben Sasse of Nebraska, and Pat Toomey of Pennsylvania.

The impeachment is officially ended today! That is it. No more arguments! Let us move on as we have many critical issues needed to discuss! By the way, congratulation to Trump! 

# 21
Politics & Government

Joe Harris ( 02/13/2021 )

Trump’s legal team addressed a statement in senate as below.  

“Moreover, many Democrat politicians endorsed and encouraged the riots that destroyed vast swaths of American cities last summer,” Michael van der Veen added. “When violent left-wing anarchists conducted a sustained assault on a federal courthouse in Portland, Oregon, Speaker Pelosi did not call it an insurrection. Instead, she called the federal law enforcement officers protecting the building storm troopers. When violent mobs destroyed public property she said, ‘People will do what they do.'”

Good point ! Dude. Hahahahaha 😂 

# 22
Politics & Government

Human rights obs org ( 02/13/2021 )

These are really good points by Ms. Li: 
1. Those enterprises of western countries are hypocritical! They said they were concerning about the global climate change but they Irresponsibly moved their polluted industries to third world countries where the governments have less regulations and laws for environmental protection. As a result, the global pollutions are getting even worse than before.

2. The Democratic Party is gradually becoming like the CCP in recent years! Ms Pelosi is a good example and Biden is the second. 

3. Why do we only allow to say BLM ? Why couldn’t we say “all lives matter”? This phenomenon is kind of like the classes division in China under communist administration. When only one class life matters then this class will destroy the lives of other classes! In china case, It caused a disaster as thousands of landlords were killed in Chinese “Land Reform” movement! 

4. The western countries are trying to change the Communist China by globalization and they want China to join them but the result comes out like that the clean water is mixing with the muddy water and then they both become waste water! 

5.The western young people never experienced their lives under the rule of communists and socialists so they do not know how horrible the communism and socialism are!


# 23
Media & News

UK observation Org ( 02/12/2021 )

(2/4/2021,England) In the UK, broadcasting laws say licensees must have control over their service and its editorial policies. 

However, Star China Media Limited (SCML), which owns the licence,  doesn't have day-to-day control over the channel China Global Television Network (CGTN) . 

The regulator said it was unable to transfer the licence to that company because it is "ultimately controlled by the Chinese Communist Party, which is not permitted under UK broadcasting law".

In revenge, China banned BBC news as a return.

(2/12/2021, Beijing) China has banned BBC World News from broadcasting in the country, its television and radio regulator announced on Thursday. 

China has criticised the BBC for its reporting on coronavirus and the persecution of ethnic minority Uighurs.

Observation: The investigation of influence of Chinese Communist Party’s propaganda, shows us that those CCP’s overseas media are trying to brainwash/misleading the western world specially targeting to new generation by promoting the advantages of socialism and communism.

Recent years the western countries like UK and USA were aware such a trend so now they were standing up for defending Democracy and Freedom. This is a war of our core value which is a war without gunpowder and it is very different from any war we had before. 


# 24
Politics & Government

US observation Org ( 02/12/2021 )

A report from times magazine released on2/4/2021, states that the election process was manipulated by bipartisan politicians.

There was a conspiracy unfolding behind the scenes, one that both curtailed the protests and coordinated the resistance from CEOs. 

Both surprises were the result of an informal alliance between left-wing activists and business titans.

The below is the link to the whole report:

# 25
Media & News

US observation Org ( 02/08/2021 )

He is the former president and CEO of extreme left wing medium NBCUniversal and also served as an executive in residence at Columbia Business School. 

In November 2012, Zucker was picked to take over as the president of CNN Worldwide in January 2013 after Jim Walton's tenure.

Under his management, CNN becomes the most dangerous left medium in USA that was likely encouraging the riots of BLM in last summer. 


# 26
Media & News

Freedom Breaking News Alert ( 01/29/2021 )

(South Carolina) On Thursday, Health authorities of South Carolina announced that they have identified two people who were infected with a covid19 variant B1351 that was first detected in South Africa and now it is here in USA . 

The two adults haven’t traveled to South Africa and aren’t connected to one another, so the variant is believed that it is potentially circulating in the community.

Be aware! 

# 27
Media & News

Freedom Breaking News Alert ( 01/29/2021 )

The lawyer of “QAnon Shaman" announced that his client was willing to testify in former President Trump's upcoming impeachment trial. 

The "QAnonShaman" who stormed the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6 ,  wearing a horned bearskin headdress, face paint and no shirt, will be willing to testify in former President Trump's upcoming impeachment trial.

It is believed that it is a trap for former president Trump that this person was assigned to fabricate against him. 

# 28
IT & Computer

Internet technology ( 01/28/2021 )

First, do not throw anything away yet. You need to check two things before you make a right decision. 

1. If you got a dead battery that has been used for several years and there is nothing wrong with your device, then you just need to replace your battery instead of recycling the whole device. How to do it?

Open its front cover ,  pull the batteries out, and go to your local electronics shop/home alarm store (like Battery Plus Bulbs store) and get new sealed “lead acid” batteries for the ups/psu. Just make sure to match the voltage and physical dimensions. Most time , the staff will replace for you. 

Most UPS batteries die after about 4 years. Replacing the batteries in a $250 UPS costs about $30 per each!

2. If your batter is less then four years and your ups/psu device can not be turned on, then you may need to recycle it. Double check with local store or replace the old battery to make sure it is the device failure ! 

To recycle it, you need to take out the battery and give it to the local battery store like “ battery plus bulbs” or Staples. Those stores only take battery and they will not take the case! However, the plastic case can be thrown into the recycling bin. 


# 29

US observation Org ( 01/28/2021 )

MSNBC is a pay television cable channel that is owned by the NBCUniversal News Group which is a division of NBCUniversal. It provides news coverage as well as its own biased reporting and extremely left political commentary on current events.

More unfortunately, the NBCUviversal is a subsidiary of Comcast based in Philadelphia that is rated as one of the worst companies in USA by The Consumerist in 2010 and 2014.

Critics also point out a lack of competition in the vast majority of Comcast's service area and it leverages paid peering agreements to unfairly influence end-user connection speeds. As a result, It has raised an antitrust concern.

# 30

Human rights obs org ( 01/27/2021 )

Trump: I want To See Biden In Prison 

Biden: why does trump think I would share 10% with you ? No way!

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