If you can't fly then run, if you can't run then walk, if you can't walk then crawl, but whatever you do you have to keep moving forward.

― Martin Luther King Jr.

# 1
Media & News

Freedom Breaking News Alert ( 10/27/2020 )

Barrett is required to take two oaths before she can execute the duties of her appointed office: the constitutional oath and the judicial oath. 

She just took the constitutional oath one hour ago in the  White House tonight.

She will take the judicial oath on Tomorrow in a private ceremony at the Supreme Court. Following that oath, she will officially become an active participant in court proceedings. 

She was confirmed to be a Supreme Court judge by vote 52:48 in senate three hours ago tonight. 

# 2
Media & News

Sussie Wojcicki ( 10/23/2020 )

In final presidential debate, President Trump is doing excellent! Former VP Biden is doing stable but lacking in self-confidence.

Trump: if you really want to help Black people then why did not you do anything in your eight years presidency and fourth years senate career? 

Trump: if you are not a corrupted politician then why do not you stop the wrong doing of your son and your brother who are using your influence to do business in Ukraine, Russia, and China?

Biden: My son and I did not get any money from oversea government! It is this man( Trump) who get money from overseas government! 

(The money is not got from overseas government but Hunter Biden get 50k/month from the Burisma that is believed he got the job because his last name is Biden!  Does it count!? ) 

Come on, man! 

# 3
Media & News

US observation Org ( 10/21/2020 )

4/17/2016, Joe Biden paid $92,198 in federal taxes in 2016. (Source: Income tax returns are posted on his campaign’s website).

11/9/2016, Donald Trump won the presidential Election.

11/16/2016, Joe Biden called the former Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko. Biden told the foreign leader that he wanted to stay “deeply engaged” in their diplomatic work as a private citizen.

1/16-17, 2017, Joe Biden's 6th trip to Ukraine that was to reinforce U.S. backing for Ukraine.

1/20/2017, Donald Trump was inaugurated as the 45th president of the United States.

2/16/2017, Trump claimed the news media were not speaking for the people, but for "special interests". Trump did not hold another formal press conference since then.

3/29/2017, CEFC shanghai was planning to acquire 20% shares of Cowen Inc.

4/14/2017, Hunter Biden finalized his divorce from Kathleen Biden after she accused him of spending money on drugs and strip clubs.

4/17/2017, Joe Biden reported a huge amount of tax return $3,742,974 in federal taxes in 2017. (Source: Income tax returns are posted on his campaign’s website). It is 40 times more than last year. Joe Biden agreed to an $8 million three-book deal with Flatiron Books and secured multiple speaking engagements as a result.

5/13/2017, Hunter Biden was hired likely as a Vice Chairman with CEFC shanghai (it is a CCP owned company and it is not a private company!). The Chairman of CEFC is Ye Jianming and the other Vice Chairman is Patrick Ho. One email sent to Biden with the subject line “Expectations,” included details of “remuneration packages” for six people involved in an unspecified business venture. It states the distribution of equity by 20% for Hunter, 20% for RW, 20% for JG, 20% for TB, 10% for Jim, and 10% held by Hunter for the "Big Guy". Neither Jim nor the “big guy” was identified further. (However, this deal was likely be terminated later on!)

10/15/2017, Hunter Biden has served as a director of the firm since it was founded. BHR Partners filings show that he officially became a shareholder of BHR, holding 10% equity stake through a company he owns called Skaneateles LLC, after his father’s term as vice president ended. The chief executive is a Beijing investment banker named Jonathan Li. It looks like the time does matter.

10/31/2017, Bohai Harvest RST invest $460 million in Megvii ( Face++ ).

11/24/2017, Cowen and CEFC China Announce Mutual Agreement to Withdraw from Filing with the CFIUS. The deal is cancelled.

3/14/2018, Patrick Ho (Ho Chiping) has been found guilty of bribing to African officials and money laundering and was jailed for three years.

5/15/2018, CEFC China has been defaulted by Chinese Government/CCP.

8/?/2018, Lunden Roberts gave birth to Hunter Biden's child.

4/?/2019, A Delaware computer shop received three broken Macbook laptops. It is believed that they are belonged to Hunter Biden.

4/?/2019, Hunter Biden resigned his position in Burisma after he knew that Giuliani was investigating his oversea business. However, he claimed that his resignation was to avoid the conflict of his father’s president election. 

4/25/2019, Joe Biden announced his candidacy for president.

9/?/2019, Delaware computer repair shop owner handed over the documents and images to the FBI after he learned of the concerning contents on a damaged Mac-book laptop. 

10/9/2019, Megvii's Face++ technology being used for human rights abuses against Uyghurs in Xinjiang, it was sanctioned by the U.S. Government, and placed on the United States Bureau of Industry and Security blacklist.

10/15/2019, On his ABC news interview, Hunter Biden reiterated that he never discussed his foreign business dealings with his father, and made it clear he has no interest in becoming a political football as congressional Democrats haul witnesses in for depositions as part of their impeachment proceedings. However, he confessed that he would never be sitting in Burisma if he has not got a last name as Biden.

12/18/2019, The House of Representatives approved articles of impeachment on charges of abuse of power and obstruction of Congress. FBI did not provide any helps to the hearing of justice even if they held a secret hard disk in September that may have something related to the investigation.

2/5/2020, The Senate acquitted Trump of these charges on February 5, 2020.

3/09/2020, An agreed settlement released from Independence County Circuit Court,  said Hunter Biden had agreed to a deal with Lunden Alexis Roberts, who mothered Hunter Biden's child in August 2018. The settlement prevents Hunter Biden from having to turn over financial information to the court or discussing his finances under oath. Roberts is a 2014 graduate of Arkansas State University and met Hunter Biden in Washington, D.C.

3/11/2020, WHO officially declares that the covid19 is on pandemic status. 

10/15/2020, New York Post reported a smoking-gun email found in a Macbook that reveals a detail on how Hunter Biden introduced Ukrainian businessman to VP dad in May 2014. This disclosure was shocking the whole world! 
However, none of the conservative media reported this news. Its silence caused a controversy to the public. 


1. New York Post, https://nypost.com/2020/10/15/emails-reveal-how-hunter-biden-tried-to-cash-in-big-with-chinese-firm/
2. WSJ, https://www.wsj.com/articles/what-we-know-about-hunter-bidens-dealings-in-china-11570181403
3. https://www.businessinsider.com/hunter-biden-agrees-pay-child-support-mother-of-lovechild-roberts-2020-1
4. New York Post, https://nypost.com/2020/09/16/biden-hits-trump-administration-in-leaked-call-with-poroshenko/


# 4
Media & News

US observation Org ( 10/20/2020 )

The Delaware man, Joe Biden has been working in senator office for about 35 years before he becomes a vice president. He always has a positive image in front of public. However, everything has been changed since he became the V.P. since 2009. He had net worth less than 30k when he was V.P. in his first term but in late 2014 he became a millionaire. This dated document releases the evolution of Biden's family own enterprise.

1/5/1973, Joe Biden entered Senate and took seat on banking committee.

4/18/1977, Bother James Biden operated [Seasons Change Night Club] with help from unusually generous bank loans from Philadelphia Bank about three years ago. He and the bank sold the club together with unclear title and unpaid off loan to a man named Cardile in 1977. In a bankruptcy case, the loan issue was exposed to the public. 

1/1/1979, Communist China and the United States established formal diplomatic relations.

1/28/1979, Deng Xiaoping visited US.

8/7/1979, Biden's first trip to China, he was with the first delegation of congressional leaders to visit China after normalization. He also met Vice Premier Deng Xiaoping in 8/7/1979 (This date is not verified).

9/25/2006, James and Hunter Biden acquired Paradigm Global Advisors LLC.

08/07/2008, Joe Biden became Obama's vice-presidential running mate. Joe's sister Valerie Biden Owens becomes his campaign manager again as she did for his senatorial campaign before. Valerie serves as Executive Vice President of Joe Slade White and Company, a highly influential media consulting firm in the United States. In the past election cycle,  the company had an 87% winning record for the company’s clients.

11/04/2008, Obama and Biden won the presidential election.

1/20/2009, Biden became the VP after his oath. He becomes the second most powerful man in the world. Since then, all problems come from here. Where there it holds the power, where there it comes with corruptions possibly. At this time, he has net worth less than 30k!!!

2/17/2009, Paradigm Global Advisors LLC was charged by SEC with an $8 billion fraud. The company was controlled by convicted Ponzi schemer Allen Stanford.

8/1/2009, By the summer of 2009, Hunter Biden and Chris Heinz.(grandson of Senator John Heinz of Pennsylvania and stepson of Senator John Kerry) found the Rosemont Seneca Partners company. One of its main mission is working as a Washington based lobbyist organization to directly lobby their fathers who are the most powerful men in Capitol Hill. 

7/20/2009 - 7/22/2009, This is Biden's first visit to Ukraine when the U.S. was looking to isolate Moscow. His first job was to reassure President Viktor Yanukovych that Ukraine would remain a friend.

9/?/2010, Paradigm Global Advisors LLC filed Chapter 11 bankruptcy. (Correct Date?)

11/?/2010, James Biden has been hired as the executive vice president of Hill International.

3/30/2011, Paradigm Global Advisors LLC was terminated. Millions capitals are missing. The final resolution remains unknown!

5/?/2011, Just six months later, Hill International won one of its biggest contracts ever, a $1.5 billion deal to build at least 100,000 affordable homes in Iraq.

8/21/2011, Joe Biden has tea with Chinese Vice President Xi Jinping at a traditional tea ceremony in Dujiangyan, China. He appraised CCP has made many poor people rich during last thirty years.

8/21/2011, Biden visited Sichuan University and gave an address to the students.

2/17/2012, Xi Jinping and Joe Biden met again in Los Angeles. Xi called Joe "an old friend". They met at least eight times during last 18 months. (Joe Biden could be a perfect fit for the puppet role of the Communist China regime, through him it extends its power to US!)

11/6/2012, Obama and Biden won their second term presidential election.

3/15/2013, Xi Jinping was assigned as the new leader of Communist China.

5/28/2013, Rosemont Seneca Thornton is an investment firm co-founded by Hunter Biden in Wilmington, Del.

6/15/2013, Hunter Biden was given a drug test that shown up positive for cocaine.

12/5/2013, Due to the tension of the dispute of Air Defense Identification Zone, Joe Biden visited China after a trip to Japan. China's creation of an Air Defense Identification Zone that covers disputed islands (Diaoyu/Senkaku), as well as a submerged rock that both China and South Korea claim. In the mean while, Hunter Biden was accompanying with his father on the trip. We are not sure what is his business in the diplomatic trip and what is he doing there?

12/5/2013, Biden meeting with Jonathan Li in Beijing was not on his “official schedule.” Hunter Biden admitted he arranged the meeting for Li, who ran a Chinese private-equity fund.

12/16/2013, Bohai Harvest ltd was established in Shanghai. A total amount of 1.5 billion fund has been finalized by Bank of China! Two parties are involving in this business: Chinese Bohai Industrial Investment Fund and Harvest Fund Management, and U.S. Thornton Group LLC and Rosemont Seneca Partners. Thornton Group is an investment advisory firm founded by Michael Lin and James Bulger, son of former Massachusetts state Senate President William Bulger. Rosemont Seneca LLC is an investment advisory firm, founded by Devon Archer, Christopher Heinz, and Hunter Biden. The US companies are helping the Chinese Companies investing in USA. But, the problem is that they may or may not know that those companies are CCP owned state companies. This is the beginning of the all troubles.

2/1/2014, Hunter Biden was discharged from the Navy Reserve after a positive test for cocaine.

(2/14/2014, The mayor of Moscow, Yuri Luzhkov's former wife Baturina, wired $3.5 million to a Rosemont Seneca Thornton LLC bank account for a "Consultancy Agreement". This news is unproved to be true! However, Yuri Luzhkov was fired in 2010 by then-Russian president Dmitry Medvedev over corruption allegations.)

2/22/2014, Ukraine’s parliament has impeached President Viktor Yanukovych and called for elections on May 25. Yanukovych fled the capital to Russia and denounced a coup in Kiev. Russia was threatening to cut off the energy and natural gas supply to Ukraine.

4/13/2014, Hunter Biden suddenly became a director in energy company Burisma. He got paid by 50k/month for several years. This is one of controversial factors of the [Smoke-Gun gate] scandal.

4/22/2014,Biden visited Ukraine again to meet embassy staff, and deliver promises of economic, energy, and governance assistance to the troubled country.

6/6/2014, Biden led a U.S. delegation to the inauguration of Petro Poroshenko as president and promised $48 million in U.S. aid to help with economic and constitutional reforms.

11/22/2014, Biden was condemning the continuing of Russian aggression to Crimea. At mean while, the new Ukrainian government was investigating the corruption within the Burisma.

4/?/2015, Hunter Biden invited Ukrainian businessman Vadym Pozharskyi to meet his VP dad in White House. It is believed that two persons have been met and the detail of conversation is unknown. 

5/30/2015, Beau Biden, who was Delaware's attorney general and had his sights set on the governor's office, died from brain cancer. 

9/9/2015, BHR joined forces with AVIC Auto acquired Henniges Automotive Holdings, Inc., a leading supplier of highly engineered sealing and anti-vibration systems for the global automotive market. The problem is that AVIC is a CCP owned company which is totally not a private company as it states. That deal was subject to review by the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS), and last month Senate Finance Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley raised concern about the CFIUS process, citing potential conflicts of interest. Henniges is a duo-use manufacturer which produces both military and civilian use automotive. However, it was still approved by Obama administration.

12/7/2015, During his fifth trip to Ukraine, Biden admittedly pressured Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko to get rid of Prosecutor Viktor Shokin who was investigating the corruption of the company Burisma, by threatening to withhold 1 billion US loan guarantee during a trip to Kiev. It sounds very strange to media. 

12/28/2015, The Obama government declared that there was no interest conflict between firing of Shokin and the Hunter Biden's working company.

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6. abc news, https://abcnews.go.com/Politics/exclusive-hiding-plain-sight-hunter-biden-defends-foreign/story?id=66275416
7. white house archives, https://obamawhitehouse.archives.gov/issues/foreign-policy/asia-trip-2013


# 5
Media & News

International observation org ( 10/19/2020 )

Time (7/72014): [There is no legal barrier to prohibit Hunter Biden from working with a company that can be impacted by the policy decisions of his father, and the White House has maintained that the Vice President has not been influenced by his son’s employment. “The Vice President does not endorse any particular company and has no involvement with this company,” said his spokeswoman Kendra Barkoff.

But Hunter Biden’s new job, along with the association with Burisma of other politically-connected businessmen, has raised concerns among some Ukraine watchers. “It’s unhelpful when we are trying to get across to the Ukrainians to clean up corruption and special deals for special folks,” said Ed Chow, a senior fellow at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, a U.S. think tank. “It maybe sends the wrong message that Westerners are just hypocritical.”]

Washington Post(7/22/2019): Yoshiko M. Herrera, a professor of political science at the University of Wisconsin at Madison who is an expert in Russia and Eurasian policy, said in an interview that Hunter Biden’s service with Burisma is a serious issue.

“I think there is a conflict of interest even if it doesn’t break any laws,” she said. “It’s a big deal. It’s the vice president, who is the point person of the Obama administration’s policy on Ukraine, and his son is suddenly hired to be a director on the board of Ukraine’s largest private gas producer.”

Our opinions: if there is no legal barrier to prohibit Hunter Biden from the working company that can be influenced by his father, then why do you(Joe Biden) allow him to work there? Joe, you are not a minor and you are his father! If your kid does something wrong, it is your responsibility to correct him! You definitely know his job conflicting with your role as VP! But, you ignored all the warnings and still decided to go ahead with it! As a senior senator for 40 years and a VP of USA, you can not say you do not know what you are doing! You deserve what you did! Now, you pay for your mistakes! Good luck! Dude. 

1. Time, 7/7/2014, https://time.com/2964493/ukraine-joe-biden-son-hunter-burisma/ 

2. Washington Post, 7/22/2019. www.washingtonpost.com/politics/as-vice-president-biden-said-ukraine-should-increase-gas-production-then-his-son-got-a-job-with-a-ukrainian-gas-company/2019/07/21/f599f42c-86dd-11e9-98c1-e945ae5db8fb_story.html%3foutputType=amp


# 6
IT & Computer

Internet technology ( 10/18/2020 )

Computer hardware and software can go wrong sometimes! When your router software is failed or an application in your iPhone is failed. Your iPhone LTE could be still On even if the WiFi is connected!

Two ways to fix this issue. First way, turn off your router power and turn it back on again. It may fix your problem. 

Second way, check your iPhone firewall if you have a firewall installed. Make sure your firewall does not block the WiFi connection. 

Double check your VPN, make sure it is On. If it is Off then you are likely not connected to WiFi! 


# 7
IT & Computer

Internet technology ( 10/17/2020 )

Recently, we are comparing the OpenGL with DirectX in several shooting games, the result shows us that OpenGL is obviously faster and smoother than DirectX. Why do not MS develop OpenGL for 3D graphic? eg. The Counter Strike 1.6 with OpenGL engine is faster and smoother than DX 3d CS- Source and CS-GO. The DX has much rich graphics and detailed textures than OpenGL but this is not the reason it becomes slow on user experience. OpenGL is such a beauty in 3d engine world. We just do not understand why companies stop developing the OpenGL.

# 8
Media & News

Freedom Breaking News Alert ( 10/15/2020 )

Joe Biden has always claimed that he never spoke to his son about his overseas business and deals! However, a smoking-gun email found in a Macbook reveals a detail on how Hunter Biden introduced Ukrainian businessman to VP dad in May 2014. This disclosure was reported by New York Post today! 

A Delaware computer repairman received three broken Apple Macbook laptops in 2019. But, no one picked them up after 90 days so it auto became the property of store by the agreement! The shop owner found some emails and files in the hard disk later on and he believed they are criminal related materials so he sent the hard disk to FBI. But, at same time, for personal security consideration, he made two copies for backup use. After several months, he did not hear anything back from FBI so he decided to send one copy to former New York mayor Giuliani. The other copy was sent to New York Post. 

In one of the emails that was sent from Vadym Pozharskyi, an adviser to the board of Burisma, to hunter, it reads, “Dear Hunter, thank you for inviting me to DC and giving an opportunity to meet your father and spent some time together. It’s really an honor and pleasure...” The email was dated on April, 2015.

Eight months later, during a trip to Kiev on 12/7/2015, after VP Biden met Mr Pozharski, he admittedly pressured Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko to get rid of Prosecutor Viktor Shokin who was investigating the corruption of the company, by threatening to withhold one billion US loan guarantee. 

It proves that VP Joe Biden has been lying to Americans about his involvement in his son’s businesses in Ukraine and also likely in China! This release will have serious impact on Presidential Election!  


# 9
Media & News

US observation Org ( 10/13/2020 )

He was hugging Hilary Clinton for at least 20 seconds and did not let her go. This is kind of creepy. 


# 10
IT & Computer

Internet technology ( 10/12/2020 )

If you have an old Zone Alarm firewall installed in your Win10 which is older than [158.125.18466], you may have a problem to uninstall it or stop its services, since your windows10 environment could be changed due to the latest updates.

If you encounter this situation, the quickest solution is that you download a new version Zone Alarm firewall and reinstall it and then do the uninstallation. In that way, it will completely clear out all Zone Alarm files.

# 11
Politics & Government

US observation Org ( 10/08/2020 )

1. What has Biden done to protect American Manufacturing and industry during last 40 years? None. 

2. Foreign policy is never like relationships! Lady, do you know what you are talking about? You have no ideas on foreign policy at all! Eg. The Totalitarian CCP regime is not our friend! It will never be because we have different values! The CCP must be accountable for what they do! No exceptions! Honey! CCP must stop talking advantage from us!

3. Regarding foreign policy, Trump betrayed a friend? Who?

4. At least Trump has tried very hard to bring back the manufacturing to America! He is doing well on creating jobs and developing economy until CCP virus comes out this year! It is not totally his fault. Every country is affected by CCP virus , not just US! 

5. Hunter Biden is deeply involving on the corrupted businesses in Communist China and overseas! Everyone knows it! You can not say his businesses have nothing to do with his father!  It does matter us! 


# 12
IT & Computer

Internet technology ( 10/07/2020 )

The following three firewalls are free to use, however they are not perfect without cons/issues. 

Comodo firewall issues: It has too many unwanted third party software and ADV. Windows 10 is considering the file [Win32/FusionCore.C] and [Win32/PiriformBundler] as security issues during the installation so you have to manually run it by yourself. If you do not mind the free ADV then you can choose this one.

Zone Alarm firewall issues: It consumes too many RAM memories (~1GB). At least 6 service threads are running on the background that slows down the network connection and PC performance, specially when you are using your PC for Realtime gaming. If you have an old version Zone Alarm firewall and you want to remove it and install a new one. You may not able to uninstall it or remove those services. If you have an uninstallation issue, you should download a new version and install it and then remove it. In that way, it will completely clear out all Zone Alarm files. If the speed is not your concerns then this is a good choice because it has rich figures and controls. 

Tinywall firewall issue: The TinyWall-v3-Installer.msi is not recognized by window defender as a secure application so you have to manually run it by yourself. Windows10 will not autorun to install this firewall. Do not install TinyWall over a remote connection, or you will risk locking yourself out until TinyWall gets properly configured. You need to manually add the allowed applications to the firewall by yourself, otherwise they will never connect to the internet. By default it blocks everything that it is not predefined on its whitelist, it has no a physical blocklist. If you want a simple firewall that has no impact on your system performance and it works with Windows Firewall side-by-side, then this is your choice. 


# 13
IT & Computer

Stefan SZE ( 10/05/2020 )

When I open a web base Editor, the "flashing mouse click indicator" is disappeared on the textbox. MS Edge browser always has some tiny little issues here and there. It looks like it is never fully tested before new release. They are developing a new version but the new coding is always impacting the old existing codes. Those developments are very weak on internet frontend script language handlings. They have difficulty to handle JavaScript and interface. 


# 14
IT & Computer

Internet technology ( 10/05/2020 )

Version 1507, Threshold 1, was released on 07/29/2015.

Version 1511, Threshold 2,  was released on 11/29/2015.

Version 1607, Redstone 1, is also called [Anniversary Update], that was released on 8/2/2016. 

Version 1703, Redstone 2, is also called [Creator Update], was released on 04/05/2017. 

Version 1709,  Redstone 3, was released on 10/17/2017. 

Version 1803, Redstone 4, was released on 04/30/2018.

Version 1809, Redstone 5, was released on 11/13/2018. 

Version 1903, 19H1, was released on 05/21/2019. 

Version 1909, 19H2, was released on 11/12/2019. 

Version 2004, 20H1, was released on 05/27/2020. 

Version 20H2, 20H2, is not released yet. 


# 15
Media & News

Freedom Breaking News Alert ( 10/02/2020 )

The White House physician, Sean P. Conley, told media that they are both well at this time, and they plan to remain in the White House home during their convalescence.

# 16
Media & News

Human rights obs org ( 09/25/2020 )

Joshua was charged with attending an illegal demonstration in 2019 and wearing a face mask during the protest.  

However, we believe that this is a crackdown on the democracy and freedom in Hong Kong by the communist government SAR. 

Two weeks ago(9/6), pro-democracy activist Tam Tak-Chi was arrested at home for uttering “seditious words". 

Nearly 300 protesters were arrested in Hong Kong since China imposed a national security law in June.

# 17
Media & News

Freedom Breaking News Alert ( 09/21/2020 )

Ruth Bader Ginsburg, a liberal and feminist supporter, died on Friday at age 87. President Trump has said that he will nominate a woman to replace her position next week. This is a normal procedure and it is lawful. 

However, Mr Biden has urged Senate Republicans to delay a confirmation vote. He said that the replacement of the position before General Election is a power abuse. 

But, we do not think it is a power abuse! There is no such an evidence to prove it. The current President does have rights to nominate a new judge to the Supreme Court at anytime before the General Election. 


# 18
IT & Computer

Internet technology ( 09/15/2020 )

A study shows us that a person is using a keyboard's size over 15 inches for years, he/she likely could get a long term health issue like scoliosis and spine pain. When we are using a standard size keyboard(~22 inches), our right shoulder will be always lower than our left shoulder because the space between mouse and the keys is too wide to make a balance to our shoulder. It causes a mussel disorder (or mussel adaption) when it is keeping at same tension for days and months. To avoid this health issue, we should use a keyboard size under 15 inch. It provides a suitable and comfortable space for our arms.

# 19
IT & Computer

Internet technology ( 09/12/2020 )

Issue 1: if you add a wrong bank account number for auto payment and you will not be able to correct it later on. The bank account number and routing number are gray out on [EDIT] page.

Issue 2: If you want to add a new payment with same bank account number and different routing number then it rejects you. It does not make sense at all. 

Issue 3: To remove the old bank account, you have to remove auto payment first. But, the dead lock is the auto payment is not allowed to be removed by the user so the old bank account can not be removed neither. 

The whole payment process sucks. The payment business rules are all running into a dead lock. They are conflicting with each other.

What is a bad web design with nonfunctioning web flow/process. Verizon website is the good example. 

# 20

Sussie Wojcicki ( 09/10/2020 )

According to our observation and analysis, the situation of covid19 in USA will be getting worse than now! A lot of people are not warring masks in enclosed places and did not pay attention to the seriousness of outbreak! The reason could be that they are tired of distancing. The restaurants, pubs, bars , buses, trains and airports are the main sources of virus infections. 

Be prepared! We will likely have a rough bumping ride! 

# 21

Sussie Wojcicki ( 09/04/2020 )

A study shows us that it is a significant difference between sleeping with cleaning teeth and sleeping without cleaning teeth! 

People who brushed teeth before their bedtime are likely having more healthier teeth! Be aware! 

# 22
IT & Computer

Internet technology ( 09/04/2020 )

It could be that the router is doing an auto update or it runs into something wrong! You need to restart it or unplug your router from outlet when this is happening. 

Sometimes, your cellphone could just have done an auto update too so you may need to restart your phone. Same method applies to all other electric devices. For example, if you update iPhone from 13.6.1 to 13.7 then you may need a restart or the iPhone will restart itself. 


# 23
Politics & Government

International observation org ( 09/03/2020 )

Novichok's existence was unproven until chemist Dr Vil Mirzayanov published its formula in “State Secrets” book in the 1990s. It was developed by the evil Soviet Union in the 1970s and 1980s and it is a fourth-generation chemical weapons! 

Since then, it has been used in several occasions for political purpose. The most recent case is happening in 2018; Russian ex-spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia were attacked in the city of Salisbury, UK.

Two years later, it comes another case. The political leader, Alexei Navalny, has been proved by Germany doctors yesterday in Berlin that he was poisoned with a Novichok nerve agent. He was falling unconscious during a flight journey from Siberia to Moscow. 

Again, like last incident, the news was shocking the whole world undoubtedly. It is such a coward’s behavior that is shameful to be a solution of political matters! It is believed that it will not be the last one and it is time for us to pay attention to the matter!  

Justice must be done! Tolerance of evil behavior is equivalent to a criminal/evil accomplice! The whole world must be in action now! 


# 24
IT & Computer

Internet technology ( 09/02/2020 )

Obviously, it does not provide any protections to users! They simply release any users info to others! That is the end of story! 

Good luck!

# 25

Finance Watching Org ( 08/24/2020 )

Today, S&P 500 and NASDAQ are hitting record highs regardless the covid-19 pandemic, record high unemployment rate and the weak economic situation. Is the stock market sustainable? We will find out soon.

# 26

Finance Watching Org ( 08/16/2020 )

Four months ago, a report was disclosed by Wolfpack Research that accused iQiyi of committing fraud in its IPO that dates back to 1/1/2018 and continuing to do so till today. The IQIYI company has overstated its revenue and user numbers up to 44% and 60% respectively.

The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) had opened an investigation into its fraud allegation in this week! The company stock price has immediately tanked 11% after SEC’s announcement! 

The company’s majority stock holder is Chinese Internet Searching Engine company Baidu that holds 60% stocks of IQIYI! 

It is believed that IQiyi and Luckin Coffee will not be the last scandal of PRC companies that are listed in American Stock Markets. 

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Finance Watching Org ( 08/14/2020 )

Scott Kennedy of the Center for strategy and international studies said, it is almost at the end of summer, but PRC still lagged behind the agreed purchasing amounts of US goods and services! In the worst case, PRC may never catch up the purchase under the phase one trade deal!

This situation will add extra pressures to the election of Trump administration that it is only 2 more months away from now! As we know, the communist China has a very bad credit history on fulfillment of agreements. 

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Freedom Breaking News Alert ( 08/11/2020 )

The infected rate took 38 days to go from 5 millions to 10 millions but It took 24 days to go from 10 millions to 15 millions! 700k people are dead!   

The hidden true rate is believed to be much higher than what we currently know. By our estimation, it could be at 25 millions by today or even over 50 millions! 

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General Life and Style

Andrew Lin ( 08/11/2020 )

Communist PRC’s sensation did not target any officials from the Trump administration, instead they posted a sensation on the senators! What a confusion! They do not even know the difference between government officials and the senators! Hahahahaha. LMAO.

Those morons in China are likely brainwashed by the CCP so most times they do not even know what they are doing! They just follow their leaders and they assume that their leaders are always right! 


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Politics & Government

International observation org ( 08/11/2020 )

Protests have continued for a third consecutive night in capital despite the resignation of Lebanon’s government!

Prime Minister Hassan Diab addressed that the August 7th blast was a result of the endemic corruption but he denied his responsibility in the incident. 

However, the protesters are not accepting the excuses of the government and they are demanding for the truth and the responsibility. 

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