Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.

― Winston S. Churchill

# 1
Media & News

Breaking News and Risk Alerts ( 05/28/2023 )

One day before the memorial date, McCarthy told reporters on Capitol Hill, 

“We still have a lot of work to do. But I believe this is an agreement in principle that’s worthy of American people. That’s historic reductions in spending, consequential reforms that will lift people out of poverty into the workforce, reign in government overreach. There are no new taxes, no new government programs. There’s a lot more within the bill. We still have more work to do tonight to finish all the writing of it.” 

Almost at same time, President Biden said to Media, 

"The agreement represents a compromise, which means not everyone gets what they want. That's the responsibility of governing. This agreement is good news for the American people, because it prevents what could have been a catastrophic default and would have led to an economic recession, retirement accounts devastated, and millions of jobs lost".


# 2
Media & News

Breaking News and Risk Alerts ( 05/23/2023 )

A full loaded railcar with 30 tons explosive chemical left Cheyenne, Wyoming, on April 12, and was found to be empty at a rail stop in the Mojave Desert two weeks later!

The company, Dyno Nobel, reported the incident in May 10 to the federal National Response Center(NRC) and it shocked the entire nation! 

The incident was still under investigation and obviously this mistake is a big threat to the public’s safety! Hopefully such incident should be prevented from happening in the future! 


# 3
Safty & Security Alerts

Internet technology ( 05/22/2023 )

By our examination and analysis, the apple’s message is not secure in privacy! Your privacy could be leaked to third parties on Messages App. Be aware! 

Do not sent ant sensitive info throughout Messages! If you received a critical banking alert , you should contact your bank by phone and you should not pay attention to any links on the Message Alert!  

By examination, 99% of these messages are phishing messages! 


# 4
Home & Garden

Bobbie Copeland ( 05/16/2023 )

Tool that you need for roof repair is a flat pry bar.

1. Insert a flat pry bar under and above the damaged shingle to break the seal.

2. Insert a flat pry bar to two shingles that are above the damaged shingle and loose the seals and take the nails out . See video for more details. 

3. After you take the all relevant nails out , you will be able to take the damaged shingle out. You can find these nails under the first shingle that is covering the damaged shingle and second shingle above. 

4. Slide the new shingle or tab in place, secure it under the shingle above with at a minimum 1” roofing nail.

5. Once the damaged shingle is replaced, lift the tab up and apply a small amount of roof cement of silicone to help adhere the shingle.


# 5
Human Rights

W Observation Org (US) ( 05/13/2023 )

(Washington)—The Congressional-Executive Commission on China (CECC) today released a staff report detailing the role Hong Kong judges play in establishing a de facto parallel legal system where basic procedural rights such as trial by jury and presumption of innocence are routinely violated.

The report, entitled “One City, Two Legal Systems: Hong Kong Judges’ Role in Rights Violations under the National Security Law,” makes the case that the United States government should consider imposing sanctions on judges presiding over national security cases for their role in weakening Hong Kong’s once venerated rule of law and independent judiciary and arbitrarily jailing over a thousand political prisoners. Sanctions authorities are available to the Biden Administration through the Hong Kong Autonomy Act and the Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act.

The report was issued in tandem with a hearing held by the CECC entitled “One City, Two Legal Systems: Political Prisoners and the Erosion of the Rule of Law in Hong Kong.” 


# 6
Sports & Hobbies

Observation Org(Human Rights) ( 04/13/2023 )

Last year, the Women's Tennis Association  (WTA) suspended its end-of-year events in China due to the sexual assault allegations made by former player Peng Shuai! WTA insisted that it would not return to China until there was a open fair investigation and it had proof of Peng's safety. However, WTA has not held its ground for long and this year it was unexpected kneeling down to the hegemony of CCP and shocked the sports world! 

Yesterday, WTA announced that it will resume tournaments in China this year even if none of the invitations have been carried out by the Chinese government. Also, it ignores all human rights abuses and genocide of CCP!

Thoughts: what is meaning of sports to man kinds? It is to show the strongest human strength in physique! Has any athlete been thinking about what is the strongest human strength in humanity? It is justice! Human rights abuses and genocides are not justice at all! 


# 7
Politics & Government

W Observation Org (UK & Europe ) ( 04/13/2023 )

A video posted on social media that showed up a man in green fatigues wearing a yellow armband that is donned by Ukrainian fighters.He is heard screeching before another man in camouflage uses a knife to decapitate him. This video now is causing a big shock to the world! 

The European Union’s top diplomat, Josep Borrell made a statement that he was deeply shocked by the video, “All perpetrators and accomplices of war crimes must be held to account,” Slovak Prime Minister Eduard Heger said the video showed Russia had “no legal or human limits in evil doing.”

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky was responding to the video, “There is something that no one in the world can ignore: how easily these beasts kill!”


# 8
Politics & Government

W Observation Org (US) ( 04/13/2023 )

A former Obama administration staffer Mike McCormick, told "Fox & Friends First" yesterday that FBI has been ignoring his disclosure on the "kickback scheme" of Joe Biden (former vice president) despite his willingness to testify under oath before the federal grand jury hearing Hunter’s case. 

He complained to media, "If David Weiss and FBI can't have me in front of his grand jury explaining what I know as a witness, that's a fraudulent grand jury, It's a fraudulent use of the American judicial system to cover for Barack Obama and Joe Biden's crimes in office."

He worked as stenographer for the White House for 15 years so he could have chance to access some sources that could link to the malfeasance of White House officials. For example, he believed that Jake Sullivan may be a conspirator of Hunter’s business! 

Mr McCormick insisted that he could be a witness of  President Biden‘s malfeasance on a "kickback scheme" that is connecting to his son Hunter's overseas business dealings while he was vice president.

Our thoughts: why can not he be a witness? Why not let grant jury decides whether he is telling the truth or not? 


# 9
Politics & Government

W Observation Org (US) ( 04/13/2023 )

On Tuesday, former President Trump was criticizing French President Macron and president Biden on an interview with Fox News, “ You got this crazy world is blowing up and the United States has absolutely no say. And Macron, who's a friend of mine, is over with China kissing Xi’s ass!"

In order to get the final agreement of 120 airbus order by China, French president Macron made a controversial statement during his visit to China. He told Politico Media that his country was not willing to get in the crisis of Taiwan straight which is not belonging to his interests and agenda! 

"We, Europeans, must wake up. Our priority is not others' agendas in all regions of the world," Macron said in the interview.

Comment: Macron sounds like an undercover communist who is not standing up for democracy and freedom! 


# 10
Business & Economy

W Observation Org (US) ( 03/24/2023 )

Yesterday, TikTok boss Shou Zi Chew appeared himself on a hearing that was held by the House! The congress representatives wanted to know how this social media company distanced itself from its parent company Bytedance that is fully controlled by CCP! However, Mr. Chew had not comforted our concerns in the hearing! He tried to avoid almost all major questions on national security and data privacy! 

We must keep in mind for a fact that technically none of the companies in Communist China is private that means all companies in communist China can be controlled/manipulated by the CCP government if it wants to! 

A lot of people do not know that almost all big companies in China have been forced to set up a small bureau/office of Communist Party by CCP in their companies and the purpose of the bureau is to monitor their management boards and to give a direct order to the the companies! The worst thing is that Chinese government uses these companies to influence the western world and to do its propaganda to our young kids that is a big risk of brainwashing! 

The communist Chinese government (PRC) is not a free government like ours or like the democratic Taiwanese government(ROC). It has a very different [universal value] than us! They are a country its leader(ruler) has an absolute power over all people and all entities and such political power is above the law and everything! In China the ruler’s words are the laws! In such a dictatorial political system, TikTok will not be an exception in China! 

Using TikTok means you give up your security and privacy! It also means you are supporting the Chinese government on human rights abuse, genocide to Uighur, suppression on freedom and democracy, suppression on freedom of speech, objection on law and order, irresponsibility and injustice! We can not invest our money and hope in such things! 

Tolerance of crime and injustice is tantamount to complicity!


# 11
IT & Computer & AI

Susan Wojcicki ( 03/18/2023 )

The product's name sometime could be confusing. You may see some retailers put Intel LGA-1700 socket motherboard as FCLGA-1700! Actually, They are the same!  The LGA-1700 is the same as FCLGA-1700 (Flip Chip Land Grid Array), No different! 

# 12
Human Rights

Breaking News and Risk Alerts ( 03/17/2023 )

For the accountability of Mr Putin and his senior officer who are the decision makers of the invasion to Ukraine that is causing tens of thousands of young war victims, the International Criminal Court (ICC) just issued arrest warrants today for both of them who were accused of war crimes!  

 The warrants are linked to Russia’s forced deportation of children from Russian-occupied areas of Ukraine. It marks the first time a leader of a country with a permanent seat on the United Nations Security Council has ever been called for trial before the court, 

The ICC was established in 2002 in The Hague after 60 nations ratified its governing charter, known as the Rome Statute for the 1998 diplomatic conference that drafted it. 

After ICC issued an arrest warrant for Putin, the 60 nations police forces would be able to arrest him when he was abroad in these countries! That is the significant move for responsibility of war criminals! 

Opinion: Every one must be accountable for what they did to a war crime, no matter who or where, a president of a country or a civilian of any nationality, power people or a regular Joe! One commits in a common crime;  one must take his responsibility for what he did! 


# 13
IT & Computer & AI

Internet technology ( 03/17/2023 )

11 US Chip Manufacturers are still making chips and components in the USA:

1. Intel’s processors are made in the US.

2. Supermicro makes pc motherboards in USA! 

3. Micron produces DRAM and NAND flash memory at two locations in the US.

4.. Corning factory in Harrodsburg, KY, produces the screens of almost all high-end mobile phones.

5. Ericsson’s Smart Factory in Lewisville, TX, is building 5G base stations for US wireless carriers.

6. GlobalFoundries makes chips and wafers in upstate NY and VT for AMD, the automotive industry, and others.

7. OFS makes giant spools of fiber-optic cable for internet connections.

8. PNY, based in Parsippany, NJ, assembles flash drives.

9. Skyworks corp and  Qorvo corp are supplying some RF chips to Apple’s iPhones.

10. TI makes a range of chips at its plant in Richardson, TX.

Others like below are foreign companies but they move their production lines to USA:

1. MSI (Taiwan) may be a Taiwanese company, but it brought production to the US so it could be nimble when responding to American consumers’ needs. 

2. Samsung (South Korea)has been making chips in Austin, TX for more than 20 years.

3. TSM (Taiwan) has moved some part of its production line to Arizona. 

Comments and thoughts :  When all the manufacturing is in Asia, what if those switches go off?" asks Greg Slater, Intel VP and Senior Director of Global and Regulatory Affairs. I think we should really think about this question before it is too late! 


# 14
IT & Computer & AI

Internet technology ( 03/17/2023 )

In terms of quality of pc motherboard and the supporting service, the supermicro is the best in USA! Their boards are little bit expensive but every dollar we spent is worthy! 

Most non USA made boards are poor on their quality and are often falling into the security holes! But, the product that is made in USA , we feel much comfortable and secure! If one care about security, privacy and quality, you should like the motherboard from Supermicro Corp!

We recommend it! The best!


# 15
Science & Reserch

W Observation Org (US) ( 03/16/2023 )

According to a shocked image that was released by Lockheed Martine Corp yesterday on Twitter, it looks like they have developed the prototype of six-generation stealth jet yet. If it is real, then it will be the replacement of F-22 for sure. Congratulations to LMC. 



# 16
Business & Economy

Investment and Finance Advice ( 03/14/2023 )

In 2021, more than 16 percent of Signature Bank's deposits came from the Crypto Currencies.

In 2023 February, the figure had risen to 30 percent. The cryptocurrency enthusiasts boosted the bank's stock from $75 to $375 a share within a year and this bubble strategy proved the highest risk momentum to this "crypto bank"! When the "cryptocurrency bubble" was broken in 2023, the bank has lost billions of dollars on its investment. 


Some economists and prominent investors have expressed the view that the entire cryptocurrency market constitutes a speculative bubble. Adherents of this view include Berkshire Hathaway board member Warren Buffett and several laureates of the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences, central bankers, and investors.


# 17
Business & Economy

Investment and Finance Advice ( 03/13/2023 )

 Two reasons are causing the failure!

First, [The SPD Silicon Valley Bank in China] provides funds to Hangzhou-based loan guarantee company and some spam Chinese startup companies in China. When Chinese housing market was collapsed in 2021-2023, loan guarantee company lost billions of dollars on toxic real estate assets. The lost was indirectly transferring to the SVB USA. 

Second, since 2015, SVB is the only U.S. financial institution investing with Virtual Currency Startups (Cryptocurrency Companies), when crypto currency was collapsing in 2022-2023, it cuts all hopes and rescue means to SVB. as a result, it failed in 2023. 

The below is the development timetable.

2012, SVB partnered with Shanghai Pudong Development Bank (SPDB)to create a separate Shanghai-based bank, SPD Silicon Valley Bank, to lend to local technology startups. The new bank owned 50–50 by the two companies, received approval from Chinese bank regulators to operate in renminbi (RMB), making it one of a handful of American-owned banks permitted to do so. SVB also managed two local yuan-denominated funds for Shanghai's Yangpu District government and invested in a Hangzhou-based loan guarantee company. (The Chinese housing market was collapsing in 2022!)  

2015, the bank stated that it served 65% of all U.S. startups. Its new offerings at the time included syndicated loans and foreign currency management, and it stood out as the only U.S. financial institution working with Virtual Currency Startups. SVB was the finance partner during the launch of Stripe's Atlas platform in February 2016 to help startups register as U.S. corporations. (The cryptocurrency market was collapsing in 2022!)  

2021/06/01, Mounir Gad, a former senior vice president and director at the bank, plead guilty to two counts of securities fraud for violating insider trading laws in 2015 and 2016. 

2023/2/1, Mounir Gad was sentenced to 15 months in prison for falsifying letters of support during sentencing for the previous case.

2023, It was taken over by the US government! It is likely going to CH11!!!


# 18
Health & Medicine

W Observation Org (US) ( 03/13/2023 )

The Poliovirus can lead to fatigue, muscle weakness and joint pain decades after infection. 

The Chickenpox Virus can return decades later as shingles. 

So, what are the long term effects of Covid19 Virus?

No ideas for now! The scientists have not had enough time to make a conclusion on the matter! 


# 19
Business & Economy

Investment and Finance Advice ( 03/13/2023 )

The top 13 banks heavily invested on crypto currencies! They are vulnerable to waves of volatility! Risk is alerted for investors. 

1. Standard Chartered (UK) - $380 million and 6 investments at the bank include blockchain network Ripple, whose XRP token has a capitalization of around $48 billion, according to, making it the sixth-largest cryptocurrency by market value. It's also an investor in Cobalt, a trading technology provider based in the UK.

2. BNY Mellon (US) - $321 million and 5 investments. One of them is Fireblocks that allows financial institutions to issue, move and store cryptocurrencies. Banks have been investing the most in the area of crypto custody, or services under which companies look after their clients' digital assets for a fee.

3. Citibank (US) - $279 million and 14 investments. The fourth-largest bank in the US has invested in SETL, whose ledger technology is used to move cash and other assets. 

4. UBS (SWISS) - $266 million and 5 investments The Swiss banking heavyweight's lineup includes Axoni, whose technology is used to modernize infrastructure in capital markets. 

5. BNP Paribas (FR) - $236 million and 9 investments. The French financial group was working with Digital Asset to develop real-time trade and settlement applications using smart contracts based on the DAML programming language. 

6. Morgan Stanley (US) - $234 million with 3 investments. One of its investments is NYDIG, a crypto custody firm and the bitcoin subsidiary of Stone Ridge.

7. JP Morgan Chase (US) - $206 million and 8 investments on ConsenSys, an Ethereum software company, has received backing from the largest bank in the US. 

8. Goldman Sachs (US) - $204 million and 8 investments on Coin Metrics, a provider of blockchain data to institutional clients. 

9. MUFG (US) - $185 million and 6 investments on Japan's Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group has invested in Coinbase, the US cryptocurrency exchange that went public in April, and in Bitflyer, a Tokyo-based cryptocurrency exchange. 

10. ING (US)  - $170 million and 6 investments on the Dutch multinational has backed HQLAx, a blockchain liquidity management platform. It has filed a chapter 11 bankruptcy during 2008 economic crisis. 

11. BBVA (Turkish) - $167 million and 5 investments on the Spanish lender's list includes Covault, whose technology is used to store, share and verify identities. 

12. Nomura (Japan) - $146 million and 5 investments on the Quantstamp, a blockchain security firm, is one of the companies the Japanese bank is backing.  

13. Barclays (UK) - $12 million and 22 investments 


# 20
Human Rights

Observation Org(Human Rights) ( 03/13/2023 )

1. Evangelicals Protestants

They believe that Jesus came to save humanity.

They believe that the Bible is inerrant. It was without error in all of its claims about the nature of the world and the nature of God.

They emphasized that the only way to salvation is through belief in Jesus Christ.

They believe that individuals must accept salvation for themselves. They must become converted. Sometimes that's referred to as a born-again experience, sometimes a little different language. 

2. Mainline Protestants

They have a more modernist theology. They would read the Bible and historical documents which has God's word in them.

Mainline Protestants tend to believe that Jesus is the way to salvation. But many mainline Protestants would believe that perhaps there are other ways to salvation as well. People in other religious traditions, even outside of Christianity, may have access to God's grace and to salvation as well, on their own terms, and through their own means.

Mainline Protestants are much less concerned with personal conversion.

Mainline Protestants are somewhat less concerned with proselytizing than evangelicals. They believe in sharing their beliefs with others, but not for the purposes of conversion necessarily. The idea of spreading the word in the mainline tradition is much broader than simply preaching the good news. It also involves economic development. It involves personal assistance, charity, a whole number of other activities.


# 21
IT & Computer & AI

WUSIT LLC ( 03/07/2023 )

New release v4.6.2 was out last week. Have Fun Guys! 

# 22
IT & Computer & AI

Internet technology ( 03/07/2023 )

In Outlook mail, when we create a rule for redirecting the incoming message to a customized folder, we run the rule and it runs slowly like a turtle. Also, in "Sent Items" folder, it takes a significant amount of time to send out an email. Why does it take so long? Bad service!

# 23
Citizen Society & Culture

Terry Cohen ( 02/21/2023 )

Ash Wednesday, in the Protestant Christian church, the first day of Lent, occurring 40 days before Easter. Ash Wednesday is a solemn reminder of human mortality and the need for reconciliation with God and marks the beginning of the penitential Lenten season. It is commonly observed with ashes and fasting.

Why it is calculated with 40 days? In the 7th century, 4 days were added before the first Sunday in Lent in order to establish 40 fasting days, in imitation of Jesus Christ’s fast in the desert.It was the practice in Rome for penitents and grievous sinners to begin their period of public penance on the first day of Lent in preparation for their restoration to the sacrament of the Eucharist.


# 24
Business & Economy

W Observation Org (US) ( 02/21/2023 )

On Feb. 16, 2023, The Securities and Exchange Commission today charged Singapore-based Terraform Labs PTE Ltd and Do Hyeong Kwon with orchestrating a multi-billion dollar crypto asset securities fraud involving an algorithmic stablecoin and other crypto asset securities.

According to the SEC’s complaint, from April 2018 until the scheme’s collapse in May 2022, Terraform and Kwon raised billions of dollars from investors by offering and selling an inter-connected suite of crypto asset securities, many in unregistered transactions. 

These included “mAssets,” security-based swaps designed to pay returns by mirroring the price of stocks of US companies, and Terra USD (UST), a crypto asset security referred to as an “algorithmic stablecoin” that supposedly maintained its peg to the U.S. dollar by being interchangeable for another of the defendants’ crypto asset securities, LUNA. 

See details on SEC website link :


# 25
Politics & Government

W Observation Org (US) ( 02/21/2023 )

Speaking to the New York Post on Monday, Santos admitted that he was "embellishing" his résumé! Santos admitted that he didn't graduate from Baruch, commenting:

 "I didn't graduate from any institution of higher learning. I'm embarrassed and sorry for having embellished my résumé."

On Wednesday, federal prosecutors in New York have begun investigating Santos' finances and his background !

This man who fool the public will be likely charged in the future! 


# 26
Food & Drink

Anne Dows ( 02/19/2023 )

1. Aprons - a protective or decorative garment worn over the front of one's clothes and tied at the back.
2. Bread basket 
3. Bowls
4. Tea pot 
5. Measuring cups
6. Baking tray
7. Timer
8. Spice containers 
9. Cutting boards 
10. Grater - a device having a surface covered with holes edged by slightly raised cutting edges, used for grating cheese and other foods.
11. Plates
12. Oven Gloves 
13. Chopsticks 
14. Measuring spoons
15. Rolling Pin
16. Whisk - for mixing eggs! 
17. Wooden spoon
18. Steak hammer
19. Spatula - for flying eggs and vegetables 
20. Mesh skimmer - to get rid of meshes 
21. Cleaver - powerful cutting tool
22. Ladle - it is used for soups 
23. Kichen knife
24. Kichen shears - cutting vegetables and meats 
25. Cutlery 
26. Corkscrew - to open the Champagne bottle ! 
27. Pot
28. Flying pan
29. Pressure Cooker 
30. Rice cooker
31. Casserole Dishes 


# 27
Business & Economy

Investment and Finance Advice ( 02/06/2023 )

1. Anesthesiologist
Projected Jobs:400
Median Salary:$208,000
Education Needed:Doctorate

2.Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon
Projected Jobs:300
Median Salary:$208,000
Education Needed:Doctorate

3. Obstetrician and Gynecologist 
Projected Jobs:400
Median Salary:$208,000
Education Needed:Doctorate

4. Surgeon
Projected Jobs:2,000
Median Salary:$208,000
Education Needed:Doctorate

Projected Jobs:300
Median Salary:$208,000
Education Needed:Doctorate

6. Physician
Projected Jobs:19,400
Median Salary:$208,000
Education Needed:Doctorate

7. Psychiatrist
Projected Jobs:2,400
Median Salary:$208,000
Education Needed:Doctorate

8. Nurse Anesthetist
Projected Jobs:5,300
Median Salary:$195,610
Education Needed:Master's

9. Pediatrician
Projected Jobs:400
Median Salary:$170,480
Education Needed:Doctorate

10. Pilot
Projected Jobs:7,700
Median Salary:$134,630

11. Dentist
Projected Jobs:7,700
Median Salary:$160,370
Education Needed:Doctorate

12. IT Manager
Projected Jobs:82,400
Median Salary:$159,010
Education Needed:Bachelor's

13. Podiatrist
Projected Jobs:200
Median Salary:$145,840
Education Needed:Doctorate

14. Financial Manager
Projected Jobs:123,100
Median Salary:$131,710
Education Needed:Bachelor's

15. Marketing Manager
Projected Jobs:31,700
Median Salary:$135,030
Education Needed:Bachelor's

16. Lawyer
Projected Jobs:80,200
Median Salary:$127,990
Education Needed:Doctorate

17. Petroleum Engineer
Projected Jobs:1,900
Median Salary:$130,850
Education Needed:Bachelor's

18. Prosthodontist
Projected Jobs:0
Median Salary:$100,950
Education Needed:Doctorate

19. Sales Manager
Projected Jobs:23,800
Median Salary:$127,490
Education Needed:Bachelor's

20. Pharmacist
Projected Jobs:7,700
Median Salary:$128,570
Education Needed:Doctorate

21. Optometrist
Projected Jobs:4,000
Median Salary:$124,300
Education Needed:Doctorate

22. Actuary
Projected Jobs:5,900
Median Salary:$105,900
Education Needed:Bachelor's

23. Software Developer
Projected Jobs:370,600
Median Salary$120,730:
Education Needed:Bachelor'

24. Computer Network Architect
Projected Jobs:7,500
Median Salary:$120,520
Education Needed:Bachelor's

25. Political Scientist
Projected Jobs:400
Median Salary:$122,510
Education Needed:Master's

Source: US News!


# 28
Politics & Government

Breaking News and Risk Alerts ( 02/04/2023 )

US Secretary of State, Antony Blinken, has said that China's spy balloon over the US territory was an unacceptable and irresponsible behavior! His trip to Beijing has been cancelled or postponed due to this offensive spy incident. 

China foreign ministry officials expressed a regret to US earlier. They insisted that the weather airship was accidentally blown astray into American airspace by strong winds! However, their statement is not convincing. 

There are some advantages to using balloons for surveillance than a satellite. The spy balloons can be fitted with modern technology like spy cameras and radar sensors, and it is less expensive and easier to deploy.  The balloon's slower speed also allows it to loiter over the target area for longer periods of time.

According to a former military official, the US military can block any data collection or transmissions from that device bellow the balloon. It probably have already been remotely disabled by the defendant.

However, the US and China tie is sinking to the lowest level in the bottom! 


# 29
Business & Economy

Breaking News and Risk Alerts ( 01/31/2023 )

The Office of the United States Trade Representative (USTR) today released the findings of its 2022 Review of Notorious Markets for Counterfeiting and Piracy (the Notorious Markets List).  

The Notorious Markets List highlights online and physical markets that reportedly engage in or facilitate substantial trademark counterfeiting or copyright piracy. 

Ambassador Katherine Tai appealed to public, “The widespread trade in counterfeit and pirated goods harms the economic security of American workers and undermines our work to craft equitable and inclusive trade policy,”  

Ambassador Katherine Ta urged to public, “The Notorious Markets List is an important tool that urges the private sector and our trading partners to take action against these harmful practices.” 

Comment: Please avoid doing business with them and be aware of those companies on the list. You may be deceived by those distributors with counterfeit products or you may indirectly violate the domestic laws and regulations on your own risks! 

The link of the companies that are involved in counterfeit products! 


# 30
Science & Reserch

Terry Cohen ( 01/28/2023 )

This video from a you-tuber who presents some confusing science toys is really interesting and amazing!


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