If you can't fly then run, if you can't run then walk, if you can't walk then crawl, but whatever you do you have to keep moving forward.

― Martin Luther King Jr.

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Accounting and finance advice ( 10/19/2021 )

Bitcoin is not an investment but it is a highly risky gambling! It has no values that can be validated!!! Be aware! 

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Media & News

News and Alerts ( 10/15/2021 )

Sir David Amess, 69, a Conservative MP , who represented Southend West in Essex, was deadly stabbed at Belfairs Methodist Church in Leigh-on-Sea.

The incident was happening during his trip  to east Coast where he was meeting members of the public in his constituency.

This is the second sitting MP to be killed in such circumstances in five years, following the death of Labour MP Jo Cox in 2016 as she attended a constituency surgery.

Opinion: It is a serious alert to democracy and constitution in UK!  

# 3

International observation org ( 10/06/2021 )

In early 2021, scientists from the University of Tokyo announced they had directly observed a key reaction of cells of birds that is sensing the direction of Earth's poles.  

Importantly, this observation may apply to humans and all other creatures! Using a tailor-made microscope sensitive to faint flashes of light, the team watched a culture of human cells containing a special light-sensitive material respond dynamically to changes in a magnetic field.

Opinion: This is a breakthrough discovery on cell’s reaction to magnetic fields! That is impressive! This could be a key factor for cancer treatment in future. 

# 4

Human rights obs org ( 10/01/2021 )

A new research shows that outdoor activities help mental health, improves sleep and lowers lifetime risk of depression.

Our points: Everyone should go outside at least once a week! Walking is the best exercise to our bodies! 


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Media & News

US observation Org ( 10/01/2021 )

A Democratic state senator was accused of paying for personal expenses using federal grant money that is reserved for her health care institute. The fund is around $2.2 million from the Health Resources and Services Administration.

Ms Robinson was accused of using the money to pay for her wedding, honeymoon, subsequent divorce fees, a Jeep for her daughter, home renovations and an investment in a snow cone company run by her children.

Our opinion: That is insane for a politician! So embarrassing! 

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Media & News

US observation Org ( 09/12/2021 )

20th Anniversary!

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Media & News

News and Alerts ( 09/11/2021 )

On Sept. 1, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) regime posted its own law on open sea that requires certain foreign vessels, including nuclear-powered ships, submarines and ships carrying dangerous substances, to notify Chinese authorities before entering areas claimed by China, such as the South China Sea.

The purpose of this “aggressive illegal law” is to force other governments to recognize its sovereignty on these inhabited reefs! This move of PLA posts a potential threat to USS as so to the world! Be prepared! It could cause a possible conflict in that area! 

However, this China’s law will not hinder U.S. military activities in the region, according to Pentagon spokespeople, who said Sept 1. that the Navy would sail wherever international law allows.

Carl Vinson spokeswoman Lt. Cmdr. Miranda Williams told Stars and Stripes on Tuesday that our navy has flown, sailed, and operated throughout the Indo-Pacific region in accordance with international law for more than 75 years and will continue to do so.”


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Media & News

US observation Org ( 09/09/2021 )

China is at a crucial moment in its political and economic evolution. The political growl that is trying to become a dominant roar is being met with unexpected economic obstacles. As China aspires to become a global superpower, it’s fascinating that it is facing the very test it presumed the Western world would fail: money or principles.

Deng Xiaoping, China’s leader from 1978 to 1989, recognized as the “Architect of Modern China,” once told his nation to “hide your capabilities, and bide your time.” Current Chinese President Xi Jinping is boldly declaring, through policy and rhetoric, the time for hiding and biding is over.

Under Xi, China’s Machiavellian approach to international relations is now fully transparent. The chimera of diplomacy and overtures to do business fail to disguise raw ambition and a brash grasp for power and influence.

China cannot continue to tout our economic ties when technology is shamelessly stolen, copyrights are ignored, Hong Kong is subdued, Uyghurs are persecuted, and Taiwan is threatened. Nor can we ignore the way that Xi seeks to reshape China itself, as entrepreneurs are silenced, companies come under greater government control, and technology and big data are unleashed for Orwellian social control. 

“The Art of War” by Sun Tzu posits that understanding one’s adversary is fundamental to a victorious strategy. China’s understanding of the West in general, and the United States specifically, is arrogant, hedonistic and money loving. It presumes that Western countries will sacrifice principles in pursuit of profits. The paradigm of the greedy Westerner has served China well since Tiananmen Square, but recent experience with Australia suggests that China may have misjudged.  

An article in Foreign Affairs magazine by former U.S. deputy national security advisor Matt Pottinger states the following: “CCP leaders gambled that Australian businesses, suffering from a targeted trade embargo, would lobby their government to make political concessions to Beijing. But the Australian people—business leaders and exporters included—understood that accepting China’s ultimatum would mean submitting to a dangerous new order. Australian businesses absorbed the losses, weathered the embargo, and found new markets. Australians decided that their sovereignty was more important than lobster sales—no doubt confounding those in Beijing who had assumed that Canberra would put Australia’s economic interests ahead of its foundational values.

”While pressuring our allies abroad, at home, Xi and his cohorts are seeking to reshape the Chinese economy and society into a techno-authoritarian state-run marketplace. Regulatory measures range across wide swaths of private sector and personal activity. The state now tells companies how to write their algorithms, cracks down on social media accounts that post financial information, specifies how many hours of video game time children get, and applies opaque national security regulations to matters of commerce and technology.

Hong Kong is constitutionally described as “one country, two systems.” In July 2020, China imposed a “national security law” that effectively returned Hong Kong, a global center of commerce with one of the most important stock markets, to “one system.” The assumption that world market participants would continue to conduct the same volume of business through a newly restricted, more opaque Hong Kong is affecting economic growth and the national income. Jack Ma, founder of online behemoth Alibaba, has been forced from the public eye with his charismatic voice silenced. Alibaba’s shares that traded as high as $319.32 on Oct. 27, 2020, closed at $170 last week, and the technical chart remains negative. Here’s the rub: China’s reach for power and domination is being met with economic costs. It seems ironic that the world may now learn if China will pursue its principles or its money. Years ago, Sister Irene Kraus, a Roman Catholic nun in charge of a large hospital system, said, “No margin, no mission.” This gospel for health-care managers across the country is good advice for government leaders, too. Democratic strategist James Carville once told U.S. voters, “It’s the economy, stupid.”

In sum, it’s difficult to govern effectively without an economy able to support the populace, maintain domestic tranquility, and respectability on the world stage. How long can we continue to see China as a tranquil and respectable business partner?

If Beijing eases sufficiently such that it can reinvigorate economic activity, world markets will benefit. Still, the long-term course set by Xi is clear. No matter the outcome of the current test for China, the United States and other world powers can never forget Beijing’s ambition to reshape the world.

Already, American politicians are responding to this challenge, as both the Trump and Biden administrations have been tough on China, while Congress invests in U.S. R&D and ponders proposals addressing investment in China and its influence in U.S. corporate boardrooms. Still, Beijing will pressure our private sector leaders in fields like technology, finance, and entertainment as it seeks to decouple and reshape global economics and institutions for its ends. Ours is a nation founded on principles, as well as the strength of our friendship and trade with allies and partners. Let’s understand the magnitude of this threat and be vigilant in preserving, protecting, and defending our principles, values, and treasure.

Michael K. Farr is a CNBC contributor and president and CEO of Farr, Miller & Washington.
Dan Mahaffee is the senior vice president and director of policy at the Center for the Study of the Presidency and Congress in Washington.

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Media & News

News and Alerts ( 09/05/2021 )

A study by the University of Hong Kong found that the average antibody level of people recovering from the Wuhan virus was 80 to 160. The average antibody level for one shot of Pfizer was 49. Two shots create an antibody level which is 269 -  it means two needles can be immune! This number 269 ​​is much higher than 80 and 160!

The antibody level of one shot of CCP China Sinovac and Guoyao vaccine is 7 and the antibody level of two shots is 27 that does not achieve the effectiveness  of immunity! In Simply words , it is invalid! Comparing the antibodies of the two shots of Pfizer vaccine, it is 9 times more than Chinese Vaccines !

According to the results, it is confirmed that for the human body to effectively suppress the virus and prevent its spread, the vaccine's antibody must be at least 80 to qualify! Obviously, Sinovac Variance is far from meeting this requirement.

According to this standard value, it is obvious that the Chinese vaccine is not qualified. This also explains why the epidemics of the 6 countries that have used the vaccines of China have not been effectively contained! those traditional vaccines can only be used to reduce mortality and severe illness! Strictly speaking, they are not vaccines. They can only be regarded as medicines to relieve the condition.

Therefore, if a country wants to "group immunization" for the whole people, at least half of the population must get the MRNA vaccine! So don't waste money on China’s  vaccines, use money on real vaccines.

If mRNA vaccines are really unavailable, it is also possible to buy China’s vaccines  to reduce the epidemic. But don't expect  too much for it as we know that it is not effective. 


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Media & News

US observation Org ( 08/30/2021 )

Supreme Court agrees that the decision of termination of the MPP failed to address the affections and impacts which are including the possible resurgence of illegal immigration, the cost to the states and other factors. 

Judge Matthew Kacsmaryk, agreed with the states which support the MPP and entered a permanent injunction forcing Biden to reimplement the MPP. 

In effect, it ordered the new administration to return, for now, to the previous administration’s immigration rules that it is requiring asylum seekers to wait in Mexico during the the hearing.


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Media & News

US observation Org ( 08/30/2021 )

The supreme court’s statement states that the Centers for Disease Control (cdc) and Prevention had exceeded its authority.

On the court order, it said, “The C.D.C. has imposed a nationwide moratorium on evictions in reliance on a decades-old statute that authorizes it to implement measures like fumigation and pest extermination. It strains credulity to believe that this statute grants the C.D.C. the sweeping authority that it asserts.”

Our observation: The moratorium of eviction may benefit some people who really need it but it was abused by many tenants and it saddled the landlords with billions of dollars in debt.

Further down, the moratorium hurts the recovering of economy and creates too many financial confusions and arguments.


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Media & News

US observation Org ( 08/17/2021 )

“So what's happened? Afghanistan political leaders gave up and fled the country. The Afghan military gave up, sometimes without trying to fight," Biden said.

"How many more generations of America's daughters and sons would you have me send to fight Afghans - Afghanistan’s civil war, when Afghan troops will not? How many more lives - American lives - is it worth? How many endless rows of headstones at Arlington National Cemetery?" Biden asked.

Our analysis: right! USA is a world police, not a world babysitter! If they don’t fight for freedom themselves then no one can help them! 

# 13

Accounting and finance advice ( 08/05/2021 )

There are two types of transfer online: type 1. bank-to-bank transfers between your own accounts. You can do a deposit or a debit. 

 Type 2. transfer money to someone else’s bank account. You can only do a deposit! 

The critical security for first type transfer is that, you’ll have to prove that the other account is yours, usually by providing two small amounts of transferred money between the two banks. The second type will never need it! 

If someone asks you to provide two small amounts of money of transfer then you must be alerted! You should never give these two small amounts of money to anyone because this verification process is specific for your own account transfer ONLY! 

If you give these two amounts of transfer to someone else then you may lose your money because your account is linking to the account of scammers. They can transfer your money from your bank to their banks!

For instance, you tenant may ask you for your bank account number for rent deposit but they should never ask you to provide two amounts of money transfer!


# 14
Media & News

US observation Org ( 08/05/2021 )

A probe was commissioned by State Attorney General (AG) found that Cuomo used his power to intimidate and sexually harass 11 young female employees in their 20s and 30s. 

The report wad published yesterday and Democrats demanded Cuomo to be resigned! However, Andrew Cuomo still again denied his wrongdoing.

One of NY state representatives said that they will begin an impeachment proceeding if Cuomo refuses to step down. 

The question are how could the complainants of Andrew Cuomo ‘s wrongdoings not be submitted to AG and Ethics and Conducts Bureau for years? - Has anyone paid attention to this matter before? If it was submitted to them then what is the conclusion? 

Who are helping him covering up all these craps before and after the scandal is revealed? What is the role of his brother in this matter ? 


# 15
Home & Garden

Terry Cohen ( 07/19/2021 )

Worx cordless mowers WG775, WG782 and WG783 are using same type of battery! It a 24 volt LEAD-ACID LAWN MOWER BATTERY (50020108). Model info: wa3216 24v 5.0ah. 

This kind of product has an issue that it is hard to buy the battery! However, you can look for a replacement battery in [Batteries Plus Bulbs] local store! Or. If you can not get the battery after all , you can do a DIY to replace the batter. It is cheaper! See the video below. 


It can be replaced by two OEM Razor E100 E125 E150 Crazy Cart, Power Rider 360 Electric Scooter Battery 12V 5AH - 2 Pack High Performance and Rechargeable Beiter DC Power. 

# 16
Home & Garden

Bob Coleman ( 07/12/2021 )

1. https://www.finehomebuilding.com/project-guides/roofing/installing-step-flashing

2. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=DOneZN1W0gw

# 17
Media & News

US observation Org ( 07/05/2021 )

From 1776 to the present day, July 4th has been celebrated as the birth of American independence. It has been a federal holiday in the United States since 1941. 

# 18
Media & News

US observation Org ( 06/30/2021 )

Total number of 135,000 test votes were left in a computer system and added to the tally by accident. This is not the first time that the New York City Board of Elections(NY-CBE). 

In 2020 general election, Almost 100,000 Brooklyn voters might receive absentee ballots with someone else’s name on them, meaning their votes would not be counted, according to officials. 

In 2014 and 2015, Vox’s Ella Nilsen reported that the BOE purged more than 200,000 voters from rolls in Brooklyn. The reason is over 100,000 voters who had failed to vote or update their forms since 2008, which is illegal under state and federal law.

# 19

Accounting and finance advice ( 06/29/2021 )

1. Bitcoin has no real value! It has a value only when somebody are willing to pay a price for it. In that case, it is like an antique. It has not had a fixed value. But in real world an antique has a value because you can see it. It is a real artwork and has the ability to decorate a space that it occupies. Bitcoin doesn’t have these functions.

2. It does not have a stability on price by any governments. Without stability, a currency does not work. Fiat money is managed by the government. Its central bank can go into the international monetary markets to perform “market operations", which is to buy or sell their national currencies in order to keep them stable. Bitcoin’s volatility makes it a terrible currency. If you know that you could lose up to 50% of investment after you purchase the bitcoins then you will not think the bitcoin is a good investment! 

3. Bitcoin is an enemy of national currency. Will any country cancel its currency and just use bitcoin, which no one can control? The answer is no because this would be fatal to their monetary systems! Also, Bitcoin will be less attractive when fiat money becomes fully digital.

4. No government will take its responsibility for the trading of Bitcoin! There is no regulations for Bitcoin!. Anything happens in Bitcoin trading that is not regulated by law! The consumer’s rights are not protected! 

5. Investing in bitcoin is not like the investment in technology company. Bitcoin is not like a startup. You bought a tech company stock you will get return when the company grows up! But, Bitcoin is a currency and it is not a technology company! 

6. It has a software security issue. The Bitcoin is created by a software! But, none of a software is perfect in this world! It must have a bug or a flaunt somewhere. If a hacker finds the security hole then the entire Bitcoin technology will be in a disaster because investors will lose all their money within a second!


# 20

News and Alerts ( 06/28/2021 )

The Delta Variance Virus wave will be reaching to North America within one month or it might have been already reached! 

Please do not think you get vaccinated and you will be Fine  to the new variance! It is not a 100% guarantee to the resistance! You will still have 30 % chance be infected by the D virus even if you got two mRNA vaccines! 

Stay safe! Be alerted! The D virus is not a joke! 

# 21
Media & News

International observation org ( 06/28/2021 )

The propaganda of Communist China just restarted again right after the Biden’s administration asking for investigation on the BSL4 lab in Wuhan. 

This time they presented an Australian researcher who has been working both on the Singapore Lab and the WUHAN lab to the second time interview with a CCP friendly media Bloomberg on this Sunday. 

In the interview, Anderson said the lab's functions and activities were more “routine” than how they have been portrayed in the media. She reportedly made daily visits to the research center for a period in late 2019 and was socializing with researchers.

“We went to lunches and dinners together, we saw each other outside of the lab," she told Bloomberg.

“no one I knew at the Wuhan institute was ill towards the end of 2019.” She addressed.

However, the following points are the concerns of us.
1. What is her relationship with CCP and the workers in Wuhan Lab?

2. Is she still an employee there? 

3. Has her research funded by any sources of CCP?

4. If she was not sure whether other people who she does not know or meet were healthy or not , then what is the purpose of the interview? She does not prove anything!

5. Why did Wuhan lab refuse an onsite investigation with WHO? Why did they refuse to cooperate with American investigators?

6. Where are those daily activity logs in Wuhan Lab?

Before we figure out those questions, the suspect of Wuhan Lab will not go away in the foreseeable future!


# 22
Media & News

News and Alerts ( 06/25/2021 )

159 people are still missing on deadly building collapse in Surfside, Florida. The number of missing people is much more than previous estimation! 

# 23
Media & News

News and Alerts ( 06/24/2021 )

(Surfside, Florida. 06/24/2021 ) 

Miami-Dade County Mayor Daniella Levine Cava told media that 102 people have been accounted for in the building collapse and still at least 99 people are still unaccounted for as search and rescue efforts continue.

The cause of the collapse wasn't immediately known. The building was undergoing roof work and construction, but it's not known whether this was a factor in the collapse.

(06/25/2021) 159 people are still missing! It is guessed by some experts who are studying land sinking that the land sinking is the cause of the collapsing. However, it is still too early to confirm that it is the root cause of collapse! 


# 24
Media & News

International observation org ( 06/19/2021 )

A former NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen has said, "Our freedom is at stake, so democracies must stop deluding themselves about the real challenge posed by CCP's actions!"

The NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg has observed: "Communist China does not share our values. It persecutes ethnic and religious minorities, such as the Uyghurs, suppresses human rights in Hong Kong, and it is using new and advanced technology to monitor and control its own people, creating state surveillance without precedent."

"Our NATO Treaty states determine to safeguard the freedom, common heritage and civilization of their peoples, founded on the principles of democracy, individual liberty and the rule of law."


# 25

International observation org ( 06/16/2021 )

The coolant water which is used to control the inner temperature of the reactor must be highly pressurized to remain liquid at high temperatures. This requires high strength piping and a heavy pressure vessel and hence increases construction costs. 

1. The higher pressure can increase the consequences of a loss-of-coolant accident. The reactor pressure vesselis manufactured from ductile steel but the neutron flux from the reactor will cause the steel to become less ductile with in five years. Eventually the ductility of the steel will reach limits and the pressure vessel must be repaired or replaced. 

2. High pressure components such as reactor coolant pumps, pressurizer, steam generators increases the complexity of a PWR power plant.

3. The high temperature water coolant with boric aciddissolved in it is corrosive to carbon steel; this can cause radioactive corrosion products to circulate in the primary coolant loop. This not only limits the lifetime of the reactor, but the systems that filter out the corrosion products and adjust the boric acid concentration add significantly to the overall cost of the reactor and to radiation exposure. 

4. Pressurized water reactors annually emit several hundred curies of tritium to the environment as part of normal operation.


# 26

Accounting and finance advice ( 06/11/2021 )

For both 2020 and 2021, the annual Gift-Tax Exclusion is $15,000 per donor, per recipient. A giver can give anyone else - such as a relative, friend or even a stranger—up to $15,000 in assets a year, free of federal gift taxes.

Meaning in plain English? It means you need to report it on the gift section of your tax return form with the gift amount over 15k. If the gift amount is lower than 15k, you do not need to report it because it is within the amount of Gift-Tax Exclusion! 

# 27

US observation Org ( 06/11/2021 )

It is registered by Haster Law Offices, a debt collector that is NOT a legitimate company.  They pose as debt collectors but have no legal ownership of the debts they are collecting.  DO NOT GIVE THEM ANY MONEY!!! 

It is a spam call! 

Reference link: https://800notes.com/Phone.aspx/1-800-606-6841

# 28
Media & News

Human rights obs org ( 06/10/2021 )

(Hong Kong) On 6/9, a group Hong Kong students shined eleven light tubes showing “Faith” and “Free HK” on the mountain Lion Rock at 2nd anniversary of the “anti extradition law” movement.

They remind us that we must have faith on their fight for freedom and democracy! The victory will be finally belonged to Hong Kong people! Never give up! 


# 29
Media & News

Human rights obs org ( 06/10/2021 )

(Budapest,Hungry) Four street signs at the site of Fudan university’s campus in Budapest are now renamed to Free Hong Kong Road, Uyghur Martyrs’ Road, Dalai Lama Road, and Bishop Xie Shiguang Road( jailed Chinese Catholic priest).


# 30
Media & News

Human rights obs org ( 06/05/2021 )

In 1989, on 3 to 4 June, CCP troops were ordered by Lipeng the prime minister to clear up the area of Tiananmen Square. On the region of Muxidi, the troops were opening fire, crushing and arresting protesters to regain control of the city when they were blocked by students. 

It is believed that thousands people were killed in the incident! For some reason, many of them have never been identified by the authority!

Since then, this massacre was buried completely in the history of the communist China! No one is allowed to talk about it! None of the new generations knows this part of history! All its relevant information have been erased by CCP on all chinese media!  

In 2017, newly released UK documents revealed that a diplomatic cable from then British Ambassador to China, Sir Alan Donald, had said that 10,000 had died.

In 2021, on the anniversary of the murderous Tiananmen Square crackdown, Microsoft's Bing search engine suddenly won't return any images if you search for "tank man," the iconic photo. 

We know that the CCP is using its power to influence overseas businesses and companies! Be aware! 


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