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How To Make a Friend Connection?
  • Step 1. Go to [Profile Search] page. Input a person's last name and first name then search. You can either input first name or last name. Repeating the same process until you find the right person.

    Step 2. Each user on the search result list will have user's Profile Link and User Photo. Look through each page to find the person who you want to connect to.

    Step 3. When you decide to connect a person, you need to click on the "Connection Request" button. The blue "Connection Request" button is located on the top right corner of [User Profile] page. Click on it. That's it. Your work is done.

    Step 4. When the person receives your request, he/she can choose to accept it or reject it. If the person accepts it, then you guys are connected. Otherwise, it is not.
  • If you could not find your friends on our community network, that means your friend is not a member yet. In that case, you may want to invite her/him to join our network. The invitation tool is located on [invite_friends.aspx] Page. You can find it on same place on the [Connection] directory.
  • During the Connection Approval time, you can see the request status on the [Pending Request] page. It will also show a "Pending" status on the friend's profile page when you open it.
  • After you guys are connected, you are ready to talk to each other. You will get 20 "Rewards Points" for the connections - see "Rewards Points" section for details.
  • If you already signed in, click here - Search Friends And Make A Connection

  • You will be able to send a reminding message to your friend if you have been waiting for so long.

How To Accept a Friend's Connection Request
  • There are two ways to accept friend's connection request.
  • First way can be done on our website. All requests will be shown up on the [Friend Request] page. You just need to click on the "Accept Connection" button to accept the request. That's all. An notification message will be auto sent to your friend when a request is being accepted.

  • The second way is to be done on the email. When a friend requests a connection to you, a request message will be sent to your email box. You need to click the "Accept Connection" button to accept the request on the email.

Friend Connection Removal
  • Friend removal function is located on the [Friend List] page.
  • When you remove a friend, the friend connection will be broken. You guys will not be able to see each other on the website after that. You will not be able to send or receive the removed friend's message neither.

Friend As a Family Member
  • Your friend can be one of your family member. You can mark a friend as a family member on [Friend Edit] page.
  • After you have taged it, the visibility of that friend will be auto changed to "family" group. It has a higher visibility than friend group.