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The Network is a trusted platform where eveyone are able to exchange and share their information with others.
(Last Updated on 3/12/2019)

Free Member Registration - Two Steps
  • It will take almost five minutes to complete this registration.
  • Step 1: You need a reachable email for this registration. Our Password Change, Account Activation and Friend Connection are all required a valid email for communication. (Do not waste time on trying a fake email, it will never work.)
  • When you are ready, go to [Free Registration] page, fill in all required info and click "Sign Up" button. Then, the program will send you an activation LINK to your email box. Please check your email box. Note: Sometimes, the email may go to your JUNK folder if you are using MS Outlook and Gmail. Please double check! Anyway, thanks to their "Good Job", even if we never send anyone a junk email !
  • Step 2: Sign on your email box. When you find our email, you need to click the green button

    Activate Free Member Account
    to complete your registration. After click, you will be redirected back to our website. In here, the registration is completed!

  • All Accounts are free forever including the Job and Biz/Org Account that you may need it later.
  • We will NEVER share your email to third party and will NEVER send the adverting materials to your personal email. Your privacy is our promise. We do not want the Info Abusement. See Privacy Policy here.

Primary Member Account
  • Your registered account is the Primary Member Account that is used for social network purpose. This account is the only account that requires email and password for verification. You can add Job and Biz/Org Accounts at any time when you need them. For other types of Accounts upgradation, you need the Reward Points.
  • The 'Primary Member Account' inludes personal profile, friend connection, LIKE and FOLLOW, text messages, live chat, chat room, open blogs, forums and so on. Plus, it can be linking to local Job Network and Biz/Org Network which provide local news, safety alerts, events, jobs, promotions, business info and so on.
    Note: Those addtional functions are only sitting on their own titled pages, you will see them only when you click on them. It will not bother you nor affact your web user experience.

    For the Job Account, it provides job application, resume and job alert. please see "Job Network" section for details.

    For the Biz/Org Account, please see "Biz/Org Network" section for details.
  • If you have a question, please submit your question on Contact Us page or you can post your question on our Forum.
  • If you forgot your password, click the "Forgot Password" Link to retrieve it back. Thank you.
  • We also put a "User Instruction" on almost every User Pages. You can click on the blue link button and it will show you how to use the page and how to get things done step by step.