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造成今天这种骑虎难下的局面,公司有责任,政府责任更大。审计监督部门根本没有做好管理工作。或者公司的背景太复杂 - 官商勾结!许多公司的背后有地方官员的投资利益。


2021年8月,就8个月,已经有32 万家大大小小的企业公司倒闭。原因是原材料价格暴涨,滞销严重,资金周转困难。

2020年4月, 大数据分析显示,中国有46万家公司倒闭,其中包括26万家从事出口的企业。  占总数的一半。全国的负债人数已经达到7.8亿,逾期率高达42%,也就是说全国至少3亿人负债已逾期,被宣布的不诚实执法人员的数量已经达到570万,相当于每250个中国人中就有一个是老赖。

In September 2021, at least 250 large real estate companies in mainland China were closed down! Large, medium and small companies in all walks of life are more or less insolvent, and the capital chain is broken. According to observations, these phenomena are three feet of freezing, not a day's cold.

It is a common phenomenon for mainland enterprises to rely on borrowing to survive. It looks very good on the balance sheet, but in fact it is [gold and jade outside, ruined inside]. Many companies have a bubble in their accounting data. In addition to unintentional human error, it is more about deliberate fraud by accountants.

Most of these companies' splendid operating data have not been strictly supervised and verified by the government. Or these local government audit department personnel were bribed by the company, and they opened one eye and closed the other to the data provided by the company! Let go indiscriminately, just pass by. This phenomenon has accumulated for many years and has become terminally ill. It's only a matter of time before the bubble bursts. But time has dragged on until now.

As a result of today's difficult situation, the company has the responsibility, and the government is even more responsible. The audit and supervision department did not do a good job of management at all. Or the company's background is too complicated - official business collusion! Many companies have investment interests of local officials behind them.

Still, the bubble pops, and it's better than continuing to procrastinate. Bad businesses are about letting them fail. The natural elimination of enterprises is a normal law. There is still another problem. The company went bankrupt, but the bank's state-owned loan was deceived by these people and ran away!

In August 2021, just 8 months, 320,000 large and small enterprises have already closed down. The reason is that the price of raw materials has skyrocketed, the slow sales are serious, and the capital turnover is difficult.

In April 2020, big data analysis showed that 460,000 companies in China were closed down, including 260,000 companies engaged in exports. half of the total. The number of debtors in the country has reached 780 million, and the overdue rate is as high as 42%, which means that at least 300 million people in the country have overdue debts, and the number of dishonest law enforcement officers who have been declared has reached 5.7 million, which is equivalent to "one per every 250 Chinese people is Lao Lai (people who is not able to pay the debt) ".

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