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Many bridges and dams in mainland China have construction deficits and poor quality issues, avoid t

The Three Gorges Dam in Hubei province is observed recently that its tremendous straight line body has been twisted by hydraulic force into a “S” shape. Our evaluation report shows that it is likely to be collapsed sooner or later and the disaster will be turned into a reality just a matter of time.  Avoid traveling to that area!

The Humen Bridge in Guandong China was reported that it appeared an obvious vibration phenomenon during this week and it is believed that it was constructed under a poor quality control. The vibration implies an early sign of collapse of the bridge! Avoid traveling to the bridge!

From the observation of evidences, we are believing that many constructions like bridges and dams have structural  defeat issues in Mainland China. Be aware! 

Nearby Location(s): 1. Guangzhou (Guangdong, China, Mainland(中国大陆))      2. Humen (Guangdong, China, Mainland(中国大陆))      3. Yichang (Hubei, China, Mainland(中国大陆))      4. Wuhan (Hubei, China, Mainland(中国大陆))     

Risky and life threatening situation under 20% chance
Risky and life threatening situation between 20%-40% chance
Risky and life threatening situation between 40%-60% chance
Risky and life threatening situation over 60% chance

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