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National Security Law(NSL) issue in Communist Hong Kong

2/27/2021: 47 pro-democracy candidates for Legislative Council who anticipated the [35+ primary election] within the United Democratic Parties, were arrested today under NSL. All of the are charged with the provision of “Overthrowing the HK government “. 

1/5/2021: 50 pro-democracy activists (including at least one USA citizen) were arrested in Hong Kong under NSL! 

7/8/2020:  The CCP and the Hong Kong government just implemented the new National Security Law (NSL) in Hong Kong on July 1st! Under the new law, anyone including foreigners who are criticizing the CCP or the Hong Kong government will be treated as a threat to the security of Communist China! Offenders could be likely prosecuted without a juridical review!

Do not travel to Hong Kong and Communist Mainland China if you believe the freedom of speech and democracy! If you really need to be there, you should avoid talking anything about politics! 

Ten locals have been arrested and prosecuted by the new law!

Nearby Location(s): 1. Hong Kong Island (Hong Kong (SAR), Hong Kong (中国香港))      2. Kowloon (Hong Kong (SAR), Hong Kong (中国香港))      3. New Territories (Hong Kong (SAR), Hong Kong (中国香港))      4. The Lantau Islands (Hong Kong (SAR), Hong Kong (中国香港))     

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