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Potential war alert: Taiwan strait crisis

On 6/16/2022, Communist China (PRC) launched its third aircraft carrier named “Fujian” from Shanghai's Jiangnan Shipyard. The new ship “may” come with a new combat systems - an electromagnetic catapult assisted launch system! 

From the meaning of its name, it is believed that the CCP of PRC will have an ambition to use their new developed weapons to invade The Republic of China Taiwan. 

the ship is China's first domestically designed and built catapult aircraft carrier, the question is who has been helping them with these advanced ship building technology and where they got these equipments? The answer is the greedy western capitalists! 

Those enterprises are never deeply considering the consequences and responsibilities when they sold these technologies and equipments to Communist China PRC! 

Now, the consequences becomes reality of war - be prepared for the conflict! Dictatorial Communist China will invade democratic Taiwan within 15-20 years! 

Taiwan must prepare now and be ready for the conflict! 

Nearby Location(s): 1. Beijing (Beijing, China, Mainland(中国大陆))      2. Changle长乐 (Fujian, China, Mainland(中国大陆))      3. Fuzhou福州 (Fujian, China, Mainland(中国大陆))      4. PingtanXian平潭县 (Fujian, China, Mainland(中国大陆))      5. Xiamen厦门市 (Fujian, China, Mainland(中国大陆))      6. Keelung (Keelung, Taiwan,ROC(中华民国台湾))      7. Taipei (Taipei, Taiwan,ROC(中华民国台湾))     

Risky and life threatening situation under 20% chance
Risky and life threatening situation between 20%-40% chance
Risky and life threatening situation between 40%-60% chance
Risky and life threatening situation over 60% chance

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