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I do not agree some people said that the election frauds are unfounded because Trump has lost every single court case

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Dave Davision
Have they investigated it yet before they make a conclusion? 

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Andrew Lin
The dead lock is not unlocked yet!

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Sussan Beckett
We are going to break this deadlock tomorrow!  We make the history, not history makes us. 

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Bob Taylor
Both Trump and Pence are weak leaders! We need a more strong leader to drain the swamp! 

Fight for truth and freedom! 

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Bob Taylor
Do whatever you want, but just do not let “China Biden” be our president! He is bribed by the CCP! 

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US observation Org
You still need “physical evidences” before you go to the court for election lawsuit even if it is a political matter, or it could be a criminal case. The problem is that to collect the physical evidences you need to carry out a criminal investigation by FBI but the FBI does not want to proceed it! - it is hard to define an election mistake as a criminal act. 

Even if the FBI want to step in, the local legislators may not easily provide the ballots and devices for investigation because they are private properties belonging to the local governments! Handing out personal privacy could be a legal challenge!  Without a solid evidence of a criminal activity, local legislators have rights to reject the investigation and cooperation. The problem here is that, it is very difficult to identify an election fraud as a criminal offense - they can say it is a human error! 

As a result, FBI may or may not be able to proceed an investigation and the local legislators may not be willing to provide you an access to their ballots and devices! 

Nothing you can do in that case! Court has to reject the hearing with an undefined reason “ No convincible evidences” ! 

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