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Opinion: Pelosi is a supporter of BLM that is accountable for burning down America in last summer

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They are kneeling down in Capitol Hill building !  It looks like a drama! 

😂 hahahahaha 

When a black thief was shot down by a white cop that is called a racist! But, when a white thief was shot down by a black cop that is called normal! 

Is it a double standard?


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The discrimination will be existed as long as we have living beings in the world! It is called a human nature! The regulations will help a little bit but the most important thing is the education! 

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Pelosi is 80 years old! You can imagine what you will be sounded like in her age! 😂 hahahahaha 

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What a drama queen! Let see what will be her next play! 


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Democrat AOC is even worse! She is full of hates! 

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Ok, Pelosi, let talk about responsibility and accountability! Who must be accountable for the BLM riots? You and your Democratic Party! Why ? It is because you and Democratic Party were inciting it! Everyone knows it! 

If any representatives and senators respect our constitution, you must stand out and impeach Pelosi and any Democrats who are supporting the BLM! Did you see the picture of Pelosi who was kneeling down in the Capitol like BlM did? That is a proof of support! 

Also, one civilian got shot in capitol building where you are In Charge, she was shot in the WH! It is you the head of Capitol politicians who gave order to the cops to shoot The People! It is your accountability but you tried to avoid this by finding a scapegoat Trump! 

 Very Shameful Swamp Creatures!

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For me it is just a drama! 

You do not need to kneel down for justice! You need to tell the BLM that everyone must follow the law and order! 

If you break the law and refuse/revolt the arrest order, you may get shot! 

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When violent mobs destroyed public property Pelosi said, ‘People will do what they do.'”

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