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Sleeping with the Chinese spy is a “top secret” and it should be classified?

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Any one of Democrats who is involved in the corruption is a top secret too! 

It should be covered up by Democratic Party! Very nice!

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A super corrupted politician who is from Democratic Party should be fired! 

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Democrats are like to “sleep” with communists and corruptions! 

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Having sex with a chinese spy is a “top secret” for James Bond (Mr Swalwell) ! This is really understandable! 😂 hahahahaha 

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The current Georgia governor Republican Brian Kemp, who assumed office on January 14, 2019, also has a long relationship with CCP! 

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This dude must be removed from the panel! 

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Hahahahaha 😂 ! Nice subject! 

“Sleeping with the chinese spy is a “top secret” and it should be classified”

😂 ! No! It never is a top secret! 

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Sleeping with the foreign spy (or having a relationship with foreign spy) is not a secret but it is a true corruption! 

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Nancy Pelosi said she did not concern too much about this young man's complicated background. What the heck? - It is a national security matter. What does she care about - her investments?  

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