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Discussion: A Witch Hunt on Trump

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Susan Wojcicki
Linsey Graham called the Trump-Russia probe, "one of the most incompetent and corrupt investigations in the history of the FBI and DOJ." 

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Susan Wojcicki
Democrat like AOC, she is full of hates! I am wondering does she get a boyfriend? Or married? 

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Terry Cohen
They were covering the truths before the election! Why do you release it now? It is not useful any more ! 

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Proud American
Two things now we know: 

 1. Now, we know why they hate Trump who is not a politician because he disclosed the hidden shelter of corrupt Washington politicians!

 2. Now, we know that they do not really care about BLM and they care only theirselves and their party’s businesses ! They just used BLM as a political tool to destroy Trump! The Blacks are being fooled by them one more time with a political HOPE that will never be fulfilled!  

Defunding police department is nothing , no more than a BS!

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