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Biden’s administration allows illegal immigrants breaking our law and order and let them walk in without a document!

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Joe Harris
That is why we call them hypocritical morons! On one hand they are talking about the law and order; on the other hand they encourage the illegal immigrants to cross the border of USA! 

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Bill Barr
Biden’s administration put illegal immigrant kids first , and let thousands Local Americans be homeless! 

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Joe Harris
No one can just illegally walk in our country, declaring themselves as “dreamers”, hoping we can give them a pardon! 

No politicians should allow those illegal immigrants to stay in our country because we have law and order in this country! Everyone needs to follow the law and no one is above the law! 

If we allow the illegal activities of immigrants to be continued, then more people will come to our border for good! This will destroy our legal system and justice - nobody will believe the law and order anymore in USA! 

Be very careful! 

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Andrew Lin
Law and order is for the Americans to follow;  The illegal immigrants do not need to follow the law and order.

But, they need to follow the Democratic Party ‘s lead and become its voters one day! This is all they need to follow!

This is all the selfish corrupt Democrats care about! 

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Merriah L Carries
Big guys of Democratic Party care about “10% “ more than this country! 

When the law is useful to them, they will bring it out and talk about it; when the law is useless to them, they just ignore it , bypass it or throw it to trash can. 

Sometimes, they even interpret the law on their own way!



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Proud American
VP Harris said , “ do not come to our border, you will be returned!”.  I was wondering that how many of them have been returned? 

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