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June 4th memorial website - The incident happened in 1989

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Whatever19 Gamer
If the students and their people have guns then the tragedy would not be happening! 

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Terry Anderson
I remembered this one that the mistake was made by the CCP in 1989. 

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Terrissa cooper
Bloody hell!

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Human rights obs org

The National Security Law should not be a barrier or a pullback for The People to pursue their freedom and democracy! 

Prison is not the destination of freedom but it is just a short tunnel on the way to democracy! 

Do not be afraid of prison as it is just a process to democracy. Do not be afraid of any mortal rulers as God is always standing with us! 

Freedom and democracy are the basic human rights that are the gifts from God! No one can take it away from us!

Go Hong Kong! Fight to the end! 

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