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New way of corruption
Terry Cohen   (01-14-2021)
Good point! 👍
International observation org   (01-15-2021)
He was using his influence as VP to help his son on getting rich by receiving bribery from CCP through the share of his business!
Joe Harris   (01-16-2021)
Need a new law!
Sussie Wojcicki   (01-16-2021)
Stefan SZE   (01-17-2021)
Wow! Do not we have a regulation for politicians who are retired? If no, then we should have one for them! This sounds unacceptable to me!
Tony Bears   (01-21-2021)
Need a term limit maybe! Also, For now they only have “Ethics Regulations” but we need a law for this!
Proud American   (01-22-2021)
Term limit! Yes.
Dave Davision   (01-22-2021)
This problem must be fixed as soon as possible !

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