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Global infected cases approaching 20 millions. Situation is almost out of control!
Tony Bears   (08-11-2020)
It is too fast! We are running out of time.
Bill Carson   (08-11-2020)
Two weeks five millions! It sounds like Dow Index !
Bobbie Copeland   (08-11-2020)
Wow, rocket speed!
Will Carter   (08-11-2020)
No worries! We still have 4 billion people not infected! Long way to go! Hahahahaha
Andrew Lin   (08-16-2020)
Now, the only hope is the vaccine but it will not be ready until it is proved to be safe!
Andrew Lin   (09-03-2020)
I am afraid that the virus is going to live with us forever!
Andrew Pelters   (09-10-2020)
We will have a worse situation in the following months when it is approaching to winter! Be prepared!
Tony Bears   (09-25-2020)
Second wave is coming! Be aware! Wearing your mask! Please!
Sussie Wojcicki   (10-13-2020)
Actually, It is never under control!

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