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Rep. Scott Perry: CCP is a traditional criminal organization on house bill - H.R. 8491 (116th)
Terry Cohen   (03-01-2021)
CCP is 100% a criminal organization for sure and it is against the humanity and god’s will!
Tony Bears   (03-01-2021)
How many criminal things they have done during last 70 years? It must be millions of criminal cases and millions people were killed ! Why does No One care about it and gets CCP accountable for what they did? It is because the CCP is lying to us. It is shameful for international community to tolerate such criminal activities for many years!
Andrew Lin   (03-10-2021)
CCP is a criminal party! Worse than that!
Merriah L Carries   (03-10-2021)
It is a Nazi party!
Joe Harris   (03-10-2021)
Chairman Mao is a manslaughter! Does anyone know that?
Bill Barr   (03-10-2021)
Do we still remember the June 4th incident that was happened 30 years ago in Beijing? All evidences show us that the CCP is a criminal party!
Stefan SZE   (03-12-2021)
It is a fact that CCP has a long history of human rights abuse. But, for decades CCP neither gets any punishments for its power abuses, nor takes any responsibilities for its wrong behaviors! It is time for the world to deliver a clear message to the CCP that the honeymoon is over. It is time for them to face the reality and to follow the game rules. A party obeying none of the lawful disciplines is a criminal organization! An international game must have rules.

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