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President and First Lady tested positive to covid19 on Friday morning
Andrew Lin   (10-03-2020)
Hope they will recover soon. God bless!
Sussie Wojcicki   (10-03-2020)
They will be fine! I trust them. We are with you! God bless America!
Bobbie Copeland   (10-03-2020)
Mask! Please. Blessing.
Will Carter   (10-03-2020)
Trump will not be beaten by the tiny virus! Trust me! They will be fine!
Bill Carson   (10-03-2020)
Blessing! Recovering soon.
Andrew Lin   (10-13-2020)
They are good now!
Tom Anderson   (10-18-2020)
John Adler   (10-18-2020)
They are fine now!

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