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China(PRC) threatens that it will occlude US consulate in Chengdu soon
Terry Cohen   (07-24-2020)
PRC must be accountable for what they did! Justice must be done!
Sussie Wojcicki   (07-24-2020)
Yeah, Pempeo is the man with balls!
Andrew Lin   (07-24-2020)
Dare you close all US consulates! ? Do not be chicken! The conflict is inevitable! The China (PRC) that is led by CCP is going to its own way! It is an imperial way!
Andrew Lin   (07-24-2020)
War game time!
Bob Coleman   (07-24-2020)
Go, USA! We have enough cheat by Communist China!
US observation Org   (07-27-2020)
Richard Nixon is a criminal! He has made two big mistakes: Watergate scandal and the foreign policy with Communist China!
Andrew Lin   (07-27-2020)
Richard Haass is likely bribed by CCP! He and his family must be invested! They must be related to a business with China CCP!

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