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Russian government announced the new vaccine for covid19 that is just a nonsense
Terry Cohen   (08-11-2020)
It sounds like a political move rather than a medical resolution! Please do not put your daughter in risk! A bad vaccine kills!
Andrew Lin   (08-11-2020)
I do not believe that his daughter got shot already! Are you sure she is your daughter!? Dude! Hahahahaha lol
Sussie Wojcicki   (08-11-2020)
Nothing is real in Russia! The daughter is not real either! Hahahahaha
Bill Carson   (08-11-2020)
I am kind of concerning of his daughter now! :)
Will Carter   (08-11-2020)
Russians made a joke on covid19.
Bobbie Copeland   (09-21-2020)
Do not believe it!
Sussie Wojcicki   (10-13-2020)
They have the so called “vaccine” but their infected cases are skyrocketing up! What a fake vaccine!
Tom Anderson   (10-18-2020)
As you said, it is a nonsense! Look at the total number of their infected cases!

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