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New York Times dropped a bomb on sexual harassment claims of Charlotte Bennett that shocked all of us
Bill Barr   (02-28-2021)
The pervert is never happy about the monogamous marriage! They want more and they always betray!
Joe Harris   (02-28-2021)
Playing a “strip poker game” during a business plane ride? Wow! It is really sick!
Andrew Lin   (02-28-2021)
Nice game! Dude! U are the man ! 😂 hahahahaha
Merriah L Carries   (02-28-2021)
A Democratic Style game! Hahahahaha 😛
Tony Bears   (03-01-2021)
Disgusting 🤮
Terry Cohen   (03-01-2021)
Shocked? Yes i am but two victims are still not fair treated for justice and truth! We need an independent investigation for these claims! Do not just let it go just like a yesterday news once more!
Terry Cohen   (03-01-2021)
Show your Respect to the women, please!
Bob Patricks   (03-11-2021)
We have six women as victims now! Need more ?

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