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Lawyer Powell suggested President Trump to trigger the Execution Order of “foreign interference on election”
Terry Cohen   (12-14-2020)
Great! Go ahead and do it! We need to know the truth! If the investigation cone out no evidence of foreign interference on the election then we will apologize to Biden! But now, an investigation must be implemented !
Tony Bears   (12-14-2020)
I am for!
Joe Harris   (12-14-2020)
Yes, please do it for the American people who are seeking for justice and truth!
Bill Barr   (12-14-2020)
Yes! I am with you! President.
Andrew Lin   (12-15-2020)
If that is a way to find out the truth then we can go ahead and do it right!
Sussie Wojcicki   (12-16-2020)
Try any way that works!

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