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Communist PRC’s sensation did not target any officials from the Trump administration
Tony Bears   (08-11-2020)
Most Communists Leaders are evil and silly! They do not care what is right or wrong , but they just are targeting on those people who they hate!
Bill Carson   (08-11-2020)
They are always confused on justice! Hahahahaha ! There is no such a Justice Thing in China! They only have Mother CCP which represents everything including justice and order! lol
Bobbie Copeland   (08-11-2020)
Jim toomey said , “ what the heck, am I too famous to China?” ! Hahahahaha. He is my senator.
Andrew Lin   (08-16-2020)
The communists are confused about what they are doing as their leaders are always not knowing what they are doing! For example, the culture revolution!
Bobbie Copeland   (09-21-2020)
CCP is a joke!
John Adler   (10-18-2020)
They have no balls but they do have big mouths!

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