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OpenGL is faster than DirectX
Sussie Brady   (10-17-2020)
Oh, yes. Valve made the CS1.6 with OpenGL first and then they developed the DX games like CS - Source and CS-Go but many people just hate their speed and reaction. The CS1.6 was coded 20 years ago but today a lot of people still like to play it. It proves that the OpenGL game is the best!
Whatever19 Gamer   (10-17-2020)
That is true. I only play CS 1.6 because it is following my speed and reaction. However, when I am playing games like CS-source and CS-go and some other shooting games, I feel slightly lag and delay! anyway, slightly lag is a big deal to me on shooting game.
Tom Anderson   (10-18-2020)
Microsoft doesn’t like OpenGL! So.....that is the end of story!
Terrissa cooper   (10-18-2020)
Microsoft killed the OpenGL!
John Adler   (10-18-2020)
True! I agree.

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