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What I learnt from Trump!?
Merriah L Carries   (01-26-2021)
Former president Trump showed them how to be a helpful politician!
Terry Cohen   (01-26-2021)
I learnt something too from Trump- if you do not have “balls“ and righteousness , do not be a politician!
Dave Davision   (01-26-2021)
Be like a man! Speak out the “erection” right like the Schumer did! 😂 hahahahaha
Terrissa cooper   (01-28-2021)
He does not want to be political correct all the time!
Andrew Pelters   (01-29-2021)
They are afraid of Trump’s “erection” ! Hahahahaha 😂 😛
Bill Barr   (02-13-2021)
Democratic Party is now likely a communist party!

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