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Obama says the country is more divided than four years ago!
Terry Cohen   (11-25-2020)
Those mainstream media are disrespectful to our president Trump! They are manipulating the willingnesses of people’s votes!
Bob Patricks   (11-25-2020)
Communists tried to overthrow this country !
Anne Dows   (11-25-2020)
Communists Democrats are dividing the country!
Kevin Lee   (11-25-2020)
Ok. Obama. You actually could do better to prevent the corruption of Biden’s family! But you did not do it! Now, please shut up! You have no credits anymore!
Andrew Lin   (11-27-2020)
His daughter is not even qualified for Harvard university but you know that she is the daughter of the president! So....
John Adler   (11-27-2020)
It is because Obama made so many mistakes when he was in the office!

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