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Conversation between two presidents
Tommy Fairbank   (01-29-2021)
Hahahahaha 😂. I like this joke! 👍
Andrew Pelters   (01-29-2021)
If you do not share 10% with him, he will disclose all your corruption evidences! 😂
Sussie Wojcicki   (02-01-2021)
10% for the Big Guy! 😂 hahahahaha 😂
Terry Cohen   (02-12-2021)
Do not forget 10% for the big guy!
Bill Barr   (02-13-2021)
Trump: I am a billionaire before i become a president of USA. Biden: I will be a billionaire after I become a president of USA! We the people: What the heck! Where does Biden get the money from?

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