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57:43 - Trump acquitted in 2nd impeachment.
Terry Cohen   (02-13-2021)
Sigh! We can move forward now!
Tony Bears   (02-13-2021)
Pelosi, can you just be calm and relax little bit! ? You need a holiday. Madam. You have been causing some confusions so far.
Bill Barr   (02-14-2021)
McConnell said he voted NO to impeachment but he was thinking that Trump was responsible for the riot in morale !
Bill Barr   (02-14-2021)
Finally we can move on.
Joe Harris   (02-14-2021)
This pandemic crisis is causing too many problems to us already - the voting process of president election is one of them!
Andrew Lin   (02-14-2021)
The game is finished ✅. I bet that mr Schumer must be really enjoyable to this “eruption against USA”! Hahahahaha 😂 hahahahaha
Merriah L Carries   (02-14-2021)
They had it enough so it is time for other games!
Tommy Fairbank   (02-18-2021)
Waste time and money for nothing meaningful
Andrew Pelters   (02-18-2021)
They like him badly! Without him, their political lives are meaningless! 🤣 😂 hahaha
Tony Bears   (02-27-2021)

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