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Pakistani rights activist, Karima Baloch found dead in Toronto Canada
Terry Cohen   (12-22-2020)
Look at what Vladimir Putin did to the Russian dissidents , look at what Jongen Kim did to his brother, and CCP did to its members. You know what was going on there! People are not stupid!
Tony Bears   (12-22-2020)
Trudeau is a joke! We already said that long time ago!
Tony Bears   (12-22-2020)
God is watching you! We are watching you too!
Andrew Pelters   (12-23-2020)
Evils are always there and you would not know when they are coming out!
Bobbie Copeland   (01-02-2021)
Bloody murders!
Whatever19 Gamer   (01-02-2021)
Wow! There are always some crazy people in This world who are doing something evil!

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