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Many “Thanks” to super biased Media, you guys won nothing but stupidity!
Bob Patricks   (11-15-2020)
Haha 😂! it is stupid!
Andrew Smith   (11-15-2020)
Hahahahaha 😛 😂
Jimmy Browny   (11-15-2020)
A super Sarcasm and derision ! 😂
Bill Carson   (11-15-2020)
Communism and Socialism are the combination of bias, stupidity and corruption! 😂 😂. Totally agree with you!
US observation Org   (11-25-2020)
Good Sarcasm!
Anne Dows   (11-25-2020)
😂 hahahahaha! Socialist CNN and WP are the most stupid and biased media in the country!
Dave L Washington   (11-25-2020)
Thanks to media and Democrats, this country is heading to the left evil socialism.
Anna Lawson   (11-25-2020)
Hahahahaha 😛. Stupid media are influenced by the overseas communists! They hired many leftists!
Ken Shea   (11-25-2020)
It is more than a stupidity. It is evil. We need to stand up for this!
John Green   (11-25-2020)
They are as stupid as the sleepy joke Biden who is cpp’s puppet!
Tonny Edison   (11-25-2020)
lol 😆
Peter Lee Sirlink   (11-25-2020)
I can smell that the communists are coming soon!
Kevin Lee   (11-25-2020)
Biden is a real communist and he was pretending to be like a Democrat!
Sussie Wojcicki   (11-27-2020)
We have a lot of “Trump haters” out there! They do not care the justice and rules but they just hate Trump! They think whatever Trump did are wrong! That is stupid!
John Adler   (11-27-2020)
Keep your eyes on Biden and Democrats! Guys!

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