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Illegal immigrant issue: United States of America is not a CHARITY but it is a country!
Bill Barr   (03-16-2021)
They do not care the USA is a country or not because they are socialists and communists!
Andrew Lin   (03-16-2021)
They send their kids to USA and we the taxpayers have to feed for their kids? What the heck is that working? Can i send you guys my kids too! Hahahaha 😂
Andrew Lin   (03-16-2021)
If their have family members in USA who can support them, then why they could not send those kids money for supporting? Those kids do not need to come here!
Merriah L Carries   (03-16-2021)
They just want to immigrate to USA with no costs and most of them are not real refugees! Silly Democrats love them because they hope those illegal immigrants will become their voters! However, those illegal immigrants likely cause a lot of social problems in future! If we let this continue, then one day USA will become a third world country just like those countries in South America! - with no laws and orders! You do not expect the illegal immigrants will obey the laws!
Andrew Lin   (03-16-2021)
If they can do illegal thing once then they can do illegal thing twice! You do not expect an illegal immigrants who breaks the law will follow the law!
Terry Cohen   (03-17-2021)
They try to turn USA into a charity like socialist country!
Tony Bears   (03-17-2021)
Believe me, Pelosi, AOC , Biden and Democratic Party will never pay for the expenses that are used for supporting the illegal immigrants! 😂 hahahahaha! When they spend taxpayers’ money, they will not hesitate for one second! 😂 hahaha!
Anne Dows   (03-18-2021)
Border Wall works i guess!

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