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Media war between Western Countries and Communist China
Tony Bears   (02-12-2021)
Communists are abusing human rights with all the time! I just do not understand that why our politicians are still tolerating their evil behaviors without any actions for decades! Shameful!
Terry Cohen   (02-13-2021)
Finally, British proves that they still have balls!
Bill Barr   (02-13-2021)
Finally, they stand up!
Human rights obs org   (02-13-2021)
If it can not be avoided then we have to face it now on.
Andrew Pelters   (02-18-2021)
Standing with UK
Susan Wojcicki   (02-28-2021)
Go! 🇬🇧
Terrissa cooper   (03-11-2021)
CCP bites!

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