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Current member of the House Intelligence Committee also a California Democrat, Swalwell, fell into a honeytrap with a chinese spy named Fang Fang
Tony Bears   (12-09-2020)
Many thanks to super corrupted Democrats, we are getting closer to Communism and socialism! Nice sleeping job to Swalwell, having s@x with a chinese spy is a “top secret “ of national security, so it should be covered up ! Very good! Instead, we should investigate the leaked information of source although it is a fact! However, As we all know that Democrats just do not like the fact and truth!
Terry Cohen   (12-09-2020)
Nice sleep , Representive Swalwell! I agree with you that the sleeping thing is a “top secret” and it should be classified! 🤣 hahahahaha 😂
Joe Harris   (12-09-2020)
He was found by sleeping with a chinese spy so now he tried all ways to cover it up! However, he is failed!
Bill Barr   (12-09-2020)
It sounds like he was impeaching President Trump when he has had a relationship with the Chinese Spy?
Bob Coleman   (12-12-2020)
Some Democ-rats are hypocrites for sure!

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