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President Trump will nominate a woman to refill the vacant judge position of Supreme Court next week
Terry Cohen   (09-21-2020)
I did not see any problem with nominating a successor of Ginsburg before General election! It is lawful! Go ahead , do it! Please. Two months waiting is too long for Supreme Court.
Andrew Lin   (09-21-2020)
The position of Supreme Court is a public property. It is not anyone’s personal heritage or Inheritance! Ginsburg does not have rights to put her will on something that does not belong to her!
Bobbie Copeland   (09-21-2020)
Mr. Biden, Can you explain the connections between your son and the CCP? Does it look like “power abuse”!? Your son is using the influence of your power to take an advantage of relationships for his business in China!
Tony Bears   (09-25-2020)
Go ahead . Do it! :)
Tom Anderson   (10-18-2020)
Good move!
Terry Anderson   (10-18-2020)
It is okay for me! I am for!
John Adler   (10-18-2020)
Oops! Democrats will not like it!

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