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Over 100k people are gathering on Freedom Plaza for rally today
Bob Patricks   (11-15-2020)
Justice must be done!
Andrew Smith   (11-15-2020)
Rally for justice and freedom! We want a fair election!
Bill Carson   (11-15-2020)
Go! People! Do not let communist manipulate the nation!
John Green   (11-25-2020)
Go ahead! Do a Good job!
Anna Lawson   (11-25-2020)
We need more people to stand out and fight for justice and freedom! We do not want the communists to manage this country!
Dave L Washington   (11-25-2020)
Good rally. I was there!
Chris P. Windsor   (11-25-2020)
At least, we are not like BLM who were looting and burning!
Amanda Mannly   (11-25-2020)
Good job . guys 👍
Tonny Edison   (11-25-2020)
Peter Lee Sirlink   (11-25-2020)
Kevin Lee   (11-25-2020)
🙏! It sounds successful! The super stupid left mainstream media said that those protesters are very dangerous rightists! What the biased pigs! Have they looted yet? You media are the most dangerous people!

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