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Biased mainstream media said the 1/6 protest is a riot but why did not they say the same thing to BLM ‘s protest?
Andrew Lin   (01-07-2021)
Why when they BLM were burning peoples property, smashing windows and assaulting' innocent bystanders it was called "mostly peaceful protesting" but what happened today is labeled a riot?
Merriah L Carries   (01-07-2021)
It is called the biased media!
Merriah L Carries   (01-07-2021)
“Who says a protest has to be peaceful?”- Fredo From CNN
Andrew Lin   (01-07-2021)
What happened in Seattle wasn't a riot. It was "the summer of love"
Bobbie Copeland   (01-07-2021)
Double standard!
Bob Taylor   (01-07-2021)
Whatever BlM did is right! Whatever the true patriots ( Trump supporters) did is wrong! This is what they believed
Bob Taylor   (01-07-2021)
We the people!
Joe Harris   (01-08-2021)
Someone said; “We the people own that place!” Yes! But, politicians like Nancy Pelosi has different views! We the DC politicians own that place so whoever (including the fellow Americans) try to get in the building to express their concerns, you will get shot - by Real Bullets without forewarning! God create us equally, but in reality we are classed by political power! The politicians’ lives are more expensive/valuable than us ! Now we know the truth that has just been paid by the cost of blood! Did not you see that? Patriots!
Sussie Wojcicki   (01-13-2021)
“The rules are simple: they lie to us, we know they're lying, they know we know they're lying, but they keep lying to us, and we keep pretending to believe them.” - Elena Gorokhova,

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