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Trump’s Lawyer EXPOSES Dems For Playing Manipulated Video of Capitol Riot
Tommy Fairbank   (02-18-2021)
Well said
Andrew Pelters   (02-18-2021)
😂 hahaha! I can imagine that how embarrassing at the moment to Democrats in senate!
Andrew Pelters   (02-18-2021)
Democrats presented fake and manipulated videos to senators- is it a crime? 😂 hahaha
Tony Bears   (02-27-2021)
They are house representatives and they lied to seniors! Why nobody took them accountable? 😱
Susan Wojcicki   (02-28-2021)
They lied to senators and were trying to mislead the senators to think that Trump is guilty.
Terrissa cooper   (03-11-2021)
What a drama! 😂 hahahahaha

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